First Game of Field of Glory

18th July 2009
Well, finally played our first game today. Despite having taken down Mid-Republican Roman and Carthaginians my opponent, Lawrence, had just bought a rather lovely Seleucid army on eBay which had arrived this morning so we decided to christen it! So, Later Seleucid v. Mid-Rep Roman it was. We just went for the Starter Armies as it was our first outing for the rules. Ian was to be rules-meister and Richard observer, commentator and Seleucid advisor.

fog1_setupTo broaden my frontage and try to counter his superiority in Cavalry and LH and the Elephants. I deployed my Triarii on either side of my central legionary mass. Latin allies to right. My Cavalry to left facing all his horse and Elephants. I pushed forward as fast as I could with my Velites driving back his skirmish line.





The Allies moved to engage his medium foot on the one flank while the one Roman Cavalry BG drove off his LH archers. They went too far forward and had to carry on to avoid a threat from the Elephants who then bore down on and charged my allied Cav.


The Allied foot in the meantime engaged his Off.Sp MF, both with Troop Commanders in the front line. I rolled VERY bad, 6 dice, 1,1,2,2,3,3. TC gave me 2 re-rolls – 1,1

Passed the Cohesion test though and lived to fight again. Held them next turn but lost another base, as did he. Then in the third turn, lost another and my general. In the centre the legions plodded on and were about to charge into the pike. On my left one Cavalry BG ended up engaging both his BGs with the LH threatening the flanks while my Allied Cav spent three turns battling the Elephants to no avail either way…

And then we ran out of time!

We’d had quite a few rule discussions on the way and had my wife not been sat in the car waiting we may have managed one turn of legion v phalanx to see if things would swing the Roman way.

Discussions were mainly…

1. LI Bow in single line of 8 facing the legions. End base faces on BG, next 2 another, next 2 another. We think they only get to throw two dice as the end base is on its own so doesn’t get one and the overlap on the other side only adds one base so they stay on 1 dice. It seemed funny that just because of how my BGs lined up 2 of the 6 bases firing were discounted?

After consulting the FoG Forums we realised that 8 base firing units should really operate in 2 ranks.

2. The battle of my allied cav v the Elephants. We only had one base each in contact and in three turns nothing really happened. It seemed strange that Cavalry were little affected by the big beasts? Maybe it was just our rolling…?

And we totally missed the Cavalry disrupted when in base width of elephants rule!

We enjoyed it anyway and will play again.

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So what do I have planned…

So what do I have planned? Well…

  • 15mm Punic War – I’ve been tempted by Field Of Glory and have dug out my Punic War armies and have been finishing off the painting of my second legion, bought some Corvus Belli Spaniards and Numidians and will be delving in to my ancients lead pile to see what else I have. Assorted pics will follow as well as game reports when I actually get round to it.
  • Nostalgia – I’m currently sorting through boxes in the attic and hope to uncover my old 25mm Medievals. A mix of Lamming and Hinchcliff with the very dubious painting of a 14-15 year old! I should also find the pictures I took at the Wargames Holiday Center back in c.1979? I think it was the first year Peter Gilder ran them but the memory fades. It’ll be interesting to see that
  • Scenery – I have a veritable forest of Bachmann trees to be based in similar style to the post below.
  • AWI – I have the minifigs I need for the Guards. I tried my normal black undercoat with Vallejo but it seems to not take very well so I’ve tried the the spray approach and that seems to take better. I’ll also be sorting through the AWI lead pile, deciding what I need and don’t need and then selling on the spares. So expect see a few Polly Oliver figures available soon(ish).

That’s the plan anyway.

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15mm Republican Romans (Punic War)

When I first got back into wargaming back in 1993 after two years travelling DBM had just taken off and I’d always had an interest in the Punic Wars so it seemed the best choice. I played a few DBM tournaments but the silly competitiveness of some players drove me away. I had just started painting my second legion when I stopped gaming again so my return to the era starts with getting them finished. The Hastati were already done as were some of the Principes so I ended up finishing the latter and doing the Velites. the Triarii are on thw workbench as we speak. I’ve tried to match the painting style I used back then, at least for this unit as they really need to all fit in.

So here’s a few pictures…

I’m also changing my basing style. You’ll see the old style at some point but I’ve just discovered MDF bases and starting with the Romans I’m going to re-base the lot!

More Punic stuff to follow when I get the chance to take the pictures!

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Crop a load of these…

And these are my first attempts at some fields…this one using a grass mat from Timecast I picked up at the York Show. I don’t really like the material, very messy. It suggests ‘fixing’ it with a spray adhesive, which I didn’t have so I thought I’d seal it with matt varnish spray. This ‘stuck’ to the surface of the grass but seems to do the job and doesn’t look too funny.

And an attempt at more varied cultivation led to this…

I think it needs more flock round the edges to define the field more and the long grass I used in the middle didn’t really work. OK for a first attempt though.

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Seeing the wood for the trees…

Well, after discussions re all this in the Wargames Forum at WD3 I thought I’d have a go and see what happens. I’ve got a load of random shaped MDF bases that Tony at ERM did for me and I intend to use these as various terrain bases.

So, having gone for a squarish shape I applied Polycell Polyfilla One Fill. This is easy to work with and is very light and sands nicely. After applying I tried to make 2p shaped indents in the filler but this was a pain as it kept sticking and to be honest I need a better way of doing this. Maybe sticking sandpaper to a 2p, sticking that to a dowel and twisting it to ‘drill’ the holes once dry? Anyway, after a bit of sanding we had…

A liberal application of PVA and fine ballast and painting brown gave the basic texture.

A little drybrushing and we have…

Followed by a damn good flocking! (and a few rocks and bushes)

The trees were stuck to 2p pieces and textured the same way and when applied to the base we finally have…

I’m also doing some blank 2ps and a few with rocks/scrub to turn the base into rough ground. Won’t have them done until later though. All in all I’m rather pleased.

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