Well, after discussions re all this in the Wargames Forum at WD3 I thought I’d have a go and see what happens. I’ve got a load of random shaped MDF bases that Tony at ERM did for me and I intend to use these as various terrain bases.

So, having gone for a squarish shape I applied Polycell Polyfilla One Fill. This is easy to work with and is very light and sands nicely. After applying I tried to make 2p shaped indents in the filler but this was a pain as it kept sticking and to be honest I need a better way of doing this. Maybe sticking sandpaper to a 2p, sticking that to a dowel and twisting it to ‘drill’ the holes once dry? Anyway, after a bit of sanding we had…

A liberal application of PVA and fine ballast and painting brown gave the basic texture.

A little drybrushing and we have…

Followed by a damn good flocking! (and a few rocks and bushes)

The trees were stuck to 2p pieces and textured the same way and when applied to the base we finally have…

I’m also doing some blank 2ps and a few with rocks/scrub to turn the base into rough ground. Won’t have them done until later though. All in all I’m rather pleased.

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  1. Hi Andy. love the idea with the trees mine are usually permantly fixed which can cause some issues when moving troops through. Well done will have to try this.


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