Well, a flurry of posting activity today!

Final comments are on basing, which I’ve touched on below. I used to use mount board with Basetex for texturing and a Summer Grass static grass mix. I’ve since discovered the joys of MDF bases and all my basing for my Punic War armies will be done with these (eventually!). However, faced with a rapidly diminishing small pot of Basetex I’ve tried an alternative approach for the terrain pieces and for my newly acquire Ancient Spanish.

I have two bags of Woodland Scenics railway ballast, one Fine and one Medium ballast. Although I used just Fine for the terrain I’ve used a 2/3 Fine, 1/3 Medium for the Spanish. A liberal coat of PVA on the base, cover the lot and let it dry well and shake off the excess. Paint the lot with DecoArt Crafters Acrylic Dark Brown, dry brush with Valleyo Yellow Sand and then again with Pale Sand. PVA again to fix the static grass.

I think it matches the Basetex well enough, is all sourcable locally and will be cheaper than lots of Basetex!

I think that will do for today…

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