Another Slight Diversion – Zombie!

Ok. Something a little different but at least it’s a return to the 18th Century! While negotiating the sale of some Polly Oliver figures I was pointed to the Traitor to the Crown trilogy by CC Finlay, consisting of The Patriot Witch, A Spell for the Revolution, and The Demon Redcoat and he described them as witches and wizards in the AWI. Reading the blurb also mentioned a zombie and the whole thing piqued my interest. I’ve done a little research on available zombie figures but most seem to be either sword and sorcery fantasy types or modern. I wanted 18th Century ones so someone suggested a conversion and paintjob so I thought I’d try one out. I think the original figure is a Freikorps mule handler so I tried to make the whip look a bit like a bone, made the trousers look a bit ragged and added a bit of entrails to the outstretched hand. I’m not happy with the skin tone, it came out a little too purple but it’ll do. Anyway, who’s to say what is the correct skin tone for a zombie!

Anyway, some pics as he confronts some of England’s finest!

And watching the whole proceedings with that ‘feed me’ look similar to that of the zombie, is our cat, Shebee!

I’m not sure where the whole zombie thing is going. I did have plans for a whole ‘Colonial’ type imagination so I may spice it up a bit with a whole ‘dark’ underlying theme. We shall see…

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Ad triarios redisse

The triarii of my second legion finally take to the field! Finished these last night.

And as the battle draws to a close the triarii await the final attack…

These form the final battle group of my second legion:

Under the command of the consul for that year:

I had done the vexillum of the hastati and principes green to keep them colour coordinated but I think red looks better so I will be redoing the others.

I now have two good size legions for my MRRs for FoG and although at some point I plan to do the Allied legions as well, that may be a way down the track.

Now for some more Spanish…

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One year old today!

It was one year ago today that I kicked off this blog. It wasn’t my first – I’d been using blogger to catalogue some of my ASL games in my ASL Stuff and Nonsense blog – but it was the start of my proper return to figure gaming. I won’t reiterate the background again here (you can look at the earlier posts) but I would like to review things a little bit.

The blog started as AWI Stuff and Nonsense as the AWI was the focus of my interest then. I found some great sites and blogs with similar interests (exemplified by Giles’s Tarleton’s Quarter) and several forums (WD3, General de Brigade, TMP) that gave me access to a much wider community of gamers who have entertained and inspired me over the year.

I even started a few visits to my local club (Tyneside Wargames) although in the last year I’ve only managed two 15mm AWI games, a 28mm WW2 skirmish, a 15mm SYW game and one game of Field of Glory! The vagaries of family life with two kids under four does rather limit my time! But getting back to the Club has been a great experience and I’ve enjoyed every game I’ve played. The generosity of Richard (for a huge French SYW army) and Ian (for my Ancient Spanish and our weekly meetings at work to keep me ‘keen’) have been a great help in keeping me going when real life makes hobbies seem of too little import to bother with. And I’ve enjoyed putting together the website and blog for them which I hope brings in new blood to the Club.

But the biggest change has been that shift from a purely AWI focus to broader fields (of battle). My current focus on 15mm Punic War is the continuation of a long interest (my last return to gaming in the early 90’s was with 15mm Punic armies and DBM); and I will slowly get round to rebasing the SYW French and maybe beginning an Imagi-Nation with designs in the New World to bring them into conflict with my ‘AWI’ armies! WW2 has been a slower burner. I have a few 28mm painted and a few more to do but I’ve always felt that if I want to game WW2 I really only need ASL! However my erstwhile (and neglected) ASL opponent Neil has just bought a 20mm Stalingrad ruined building and some Russians so I may acquire some Germans and paint those for him!

And ASL has taken a severe back seat for reasons mentioned in other posts but I WILL return to it soon and hope to make the Heroes Tournament in Blackpool next Spring (time, work, wife and kids permitting!)

I’m really looking forward to the next year’s gaming, to making the odd show and putting faces to some of the – occasionally worrying 🙂 – online personalities I’ve encountered. And hopefully, as family life settles a little (i.e. we all get more sleep!) to getting more games in, both at the club and I hope at home as I now have a little space to set up a 6’x4′ table in my attic – though there is talk of moving house so that may all change!

And I hope this blog continues to grow and that people continue to visit and comment on my endeavours. It makes it all a little more worthwhile!

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Border Reiver – 5th September – AAR

So, with cash in hand I entered the Arena, Newcastle for this year’s Border Reiver Wargames Show. I’ve missed the last couple, mainly due to kid type duties but was keen to go this year. And for me it was a good show. The lighting level in the Arena was, as usual, bloody awful and with my failing eyesight it made close investigation of anything hard work. But there seemed to be more traders this year and more representation from local clubs.

Tyneside Wargames Club were running a large 10mm Malburian game. I only have a couple of pics from my not brilliant phone but they give a good idea of the games scale and look. Hopefully the Club Blog will have a fuller write-up soon.

From South Shields, the Shot and Shell Gamers ran an impressive Bloodbowl game with an excellent arena. The club meet on Sundays but it’s unlikely I’ll have a free day to make it over for a visit. There is also a very active club in Blythe. Local suppliers Under the Bed Enterprises and Gateshead Gaming were also present.

The Bring and Buy was a little disappointing, maybe the eBay effect again, but there were a few bargains to be had. There were 4 boxes of 15mm AWI at £50 a box (c.130 figs in a box) which I was very tempted by but I have a good few AWI as is and there were Old Glory which I felt would not fit in well with the predominantly Essex, Freikorps and Polly Oliver I have. Also the painting style was not a good fit. So I resisted and someone else got a bargain!

So what did I buy? Lots of odds and ends really…

three Ospreys. Cannae, Romes Enemies: Gauls, The Hun, Scourge of the West.
a copy of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy with stuff on Numantia and Saguntum
the latest Ancient Warfare with lots of good Punic War content. Very impressed.

figures: very restrained here. Just a single battle pack from Lancashire Games of their Republican Roman Legion. However, Pete from the Club had bought down a bag of 15mm Early Byzantine Cavalry he’d sculpted a while back and cast a few for me.

terrain: a couple of unpainted TSS field castings as an alternative to making all my own from scratch, and some Silfor grass tufts. These latter were from Mutineer Miniatures from West Lothian who also do some rather nice terrain pieces. I’m planning on getting some of their river sections as they offered to match them for color with my own terrain. Their website is still being fully populated, but they were friendly, helpful and I shall be putting some business their way. The tufts I’m hoping will add to my marsh terrain and maybe make a few figure bases a little more interesting.

So not that much really, but then I am planning on going to Derby next month so will need to preserve a little cash for that!

And finally…there is a boardgames club meets just down the road from me every fortnight. They seem to mostly play Euro games but there are a few with more historical interests. My regular (but not for a year or more!) ASL opponent Neil has been going down with his new opponent and playing ASL there. Today, the club had a few tables and games running and Neil and Andy were playing a Valor of the Guards Stalingrad scenario. Neil had brought down relics from his recent trip to Stalingrad (including his rat!).

Although he keeps winding me up about my apparent abandonment of ASL and move to figure gaming he did buy a 20mm ruined Stalingrad building and 5 packs of 20mm Russians! I’ll have him figure gaming yet!

So that was my show. I’d hoped to meet up with a couple of guys from the WD3 forum but it didn’t work out. All in all a good day and I look forward to next year!

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Have just realised that at some point recently I must have changed the settings on the blog and it prevented comments being made. This also applied to the Tyneside Wargames Club blog I set up which is rather annoying! I think I’ve fixed it now…

I was surprised that no one had commented at all recently 🙂


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