2010 Painting Master Plan!

The ‘On the workbench 2009’ has now been replaced with the 2010 Painting Master Plan! Now, given that we’re almost at the end of January and I haven’t even picked up a brush yet it may be extremely optimistic! As you can tell the theme for 2010 is 6mm. The Justinian Byzantines will hopefully get finished and there likely be a few left over to paint up as Sassanians and Huns to oppose them although I’m not putting them on the list!

The big project is the 6mm Corps for Grande Armee. There is a plan to run an 1815 campaign at the Tyneside Wargames Club and having had a few great games of Grande Armee last year I’ve decided to put together Bulow’s IV Korps. I pretty well have all the figures and reference material sorted so it’s just a matter of finding time to paint the buggers!

And the final big project is again influenced by Sam Mustafa and that is a small army for use with his new Lasalle rules. I’ve always fancied an 1806 Prussian army. They seemed to get such a stomping at the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt that I just see them as a challenge! I keep steeling myself to read the thread on the reasons for the Prussian collapse over on TMP but haven’t quite had the courage yet! I’ve gone for a Saxon Allied brigade as well just for a bit of variety. I’m still doing the research on this so will be attempting to tie in the Lasalle brigades with actual units so they have a proper identity.

I also have Phil over at Firezone Studios painting a few 1806 French for me – just a few units to give me some opponents as I think Stephen at the club is looking at a Lasalle army as well.

With both the Lasalle armies I will be using 40x20mm bases and I have a plan to be able to slot these in to the centre of 60x60mm bases to allow me to use the figures for Grande Armee as well. I have some sample bases from WarBases but am waiting on some other parts and some additional figures before I base some samples up (French) to test the theory. Infantry and cavalry should work fine but artillery may be a problem as the Grande Armee bases are 30x60mm long and thin and I intended basing the Lasalle artillery on 40mm frontage. We shall see…

So that’s the plan. The diagram to the right will gradually see more square turn red as units/bases are completed. Honest…

So is there going to be anything else? I’d like to do a couple of 15mm AWI units, especially once the new Peter Pig range comes out. And some more zombies and maybe werewolves! And I have a strange hankering to look at Future War Commander but that may be a bad idea! 🙂

And I shall be returning to ASL (Advanced Squad Leader). More on this in a future post, although I may just resurrect my ASL Stuff and Nonsense blog and keep the miniatures and boardgames separate.

The next post will have some pictures!


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2009 Totals

Albeit a little late for a 2009 summary, here is the list from the On The Workbench panel which sits in the right hand column. It’s not particularly nicely formatted as I’d been working on using some HTML tables and they don’t look right for the full blog width.

15mm AWI

Infantry 18 Cavalry 1
Infantry 0 Cavalry 2
Dogs 1 Markers 40
Zombies 3 Characters 12

To this can be added the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Magic characters.

2 Fields
1 Woods
3 Rough Ground/Marsh
4 Cedar Trees

and the purchase of a lot of river sections from Mutineer Miniatures and a good few more trees as well!

Corvus Belli – 15mm Spanish and Numidians
From Ian – 15mm Ancient Spanish
Assorted Essex Punic related

16 15mm Velites
32 15mm Principes
8 Carthaginian Elephant crews
12 Spanish Scutarii command
4 Spanish LH
16 Triarii
16 Celtiberians

Apply Wash and/or Re-Base
32 Iberian Caetrati
72 Scutarii
32 Celtiberians
12 Spanish Light Horse
12 Spanish Cavalry

Other Stuff
Apply Wash and Re-Base
2 battalions Reichsarmee
1 unit Creutzer
4 28mm WW2 German

There were other odds and ends as well, the main being the move to 6mm for which three bases were completed for my Justinian Byzantines. And 6mm is to be the theme for 2010 of which more anon!

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Life, Liberty… Cast of Characters

In the comments of the original post there was a request for what figures were used for the main characters. So here’s a run down…

Proctor Brown – the hero. 15mm Essex INA8 AWI Militia
Deborah Emerson – the heroine. A witch. Freikorp C18th Mollies
Magdalene – an old witch. Xyston Womenfolk, Children and Youths
Rev. Emerson – Freikorp militia command
Ezra – Freikorp pack mule team and driver
Cecily – Freikorp C18th Mollies
Old Nance – the head bad witch. Splintered Light Miniatures. Zombies with spears. Spear head removed.
Ned – Nance’s henchman. Lancashire games AWI militia. Would love to provide a link but their website sucks…
The Hessian – a mysterious and powerful member of the Covenant. The coach is apparently from Essex SYWE10. I’ve yet to find a ‘dismounted’ figure for him.
Zombie 1 – the Freikorps mule driver with suitable amendments and paintjob!
Zombies 2 and 3 – Splintered Light Miniatures – unarmed zombies.

More to follow on this theme when I find some werewolf figures!


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