CWC rebasing continues…

Here are some pictures of the ongoing rebasing of my Cold War Commander Soviets. All the models are pretty well as I got them – bit of drybrushing and touching up here and there – and the three figures on the CO base are Irregular and painted by me. Still have a good few to base though – some Support Weapons, sniper, recce etc. but getting there…

Here is the lot as they stand:

The HQ stand for the T-72 battalion:

The BTR equipped Mechanised Rifle Battalion:

Close up of the infantry sections:

The SA-9 platoon:

I wanted to do something interesting for the CO stand so I upped the base size to 60x60mm and with a few bits from Irregular made up the following:

So there you have them. I quite like basing! :). US and Belgians to follow and then more Russians!

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Just a little update…

Cold War Commander
I’m still cracking on with the Cold War Commander stuff. I’ve acquired a nice litle US battlegroup which I may or may not re-base. It needs infantry adding so they are on order from Heroic and Ros. I ordered some Russian from them last week and the service was VERY rapid. I put the order in for the US infantry late last night and have just paid the invoice they sent! Expect them on Monday 🙂
I’ve based up the first of the Russian infantry. There was just enough in the the figures I bought to make up nine bases. I’ve based up nine BTR-80s and an HQ to go with them. I should really do BMPs but the paintjobs on these need a lot of work whereas the BTRs are good to go. Just need some Recce and FAO and FAC and I should have a usuable little force. May need more tanks to face the M1s though!
Belgians – I have the extra IFVs I needs – despite finding 10 amongst the spare boxes! – so these will be up next.
I’ve decided to go for 1988 as a basis. I’ve found some good army lists for the year on Micro Armor Mayhem and as I quite like the idea of the England Prevails 1988 English Civil War I may as well tie it all in. The tanks will roll in to Newcastle yet!
Punic Wars
Still haven’t started rebasing the armies I bought at Newark. I did take delivery of some more Carthaginian Veteran spears, some command stands for them and some cavalry from Barry Hill in the Philipines. They came very well packaged and I can now do two BGs of 8 African spear and the same for Veterans. There’s a few odds and ends left over but these will go on the command stands..
I now have the bases to do the Militia I bought at Newark but need to find the time. Once I have the basic CWC stuff in place I’ll move back to these. I do have someone in the States interested in getting in to AWI and if he chooses 15mm I may be able to help him out with some figures if the postage isn’t prohibitive.
6mm Nap
All on hold while I deal with the above diversions!
My attic is a mess at the moment. Lots of figures, painted and unpainted scattered everywhere along with a load of other rubbish. I also have all the stuff I’m selling on for someone. I’ve started sorting this and there are some nice bits there. It’s just getting it all listed. There are a few bits that just won’t sell but I intend to put anything left on the Bring and Buy at the Arena show in September. There were a few almost finished 20mm Vietnam figures and some scenery. I’ve touched up the figures, applied a wash and based them and I think they will now get a good price – I hope!
Anyay, that’s where I’m at. Pics of CWC stuff hopefully next week…

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Durham Wargames Show 12th June 2010

Managed a pass today to attend this nice little show in Durham. Lawrence (and wife) kindly gave Ian and myself a lift. The show seemed smaller this year – there was nothing happening upstairs – bit it was nice and friendly. ACW demo game by Tyneside Wargames Club in a side room, a nice 20mm Ethiopian modern game using Cold War Commander, Old Glory 10mm game, Pony Wars and a 28mm ACW game were all nicely presented with chance to chat.

Useful range of traders and enabled me to look at the Irregular 6mm modern stuff. A few nice pieces but I wasn’t overly impressed. Picked up an Osprey book on the M1 Abrams for £2 on the Bring and Buy. This was small but well organised with some nice stuff there.

Picked up a small pack of Mig-23s in 1/600 from Tumbling Dice and may use these to represent my air assets for CWC. Will try and see how it looks rather than using 1/300 models. Met up with Peeler and Norman D Landings from WD3 and had a nice chat over coffee and a scone.

Overall it was a nice day. Would have liked to spend more but to be honest, having just got sidetracked into Modern Micro armour I can’t really be having any more distractions!

Apologies for lack of photos. Didn’t take my camera and didn’t think to use my phone!

CWC Update: have finished basing my first T-72 battalion and HQ and soon should have enough for a game. Have also bought a small US battlegroup via the CWC Forums which should arrive this week. Just enough to get a game going. Really looking forward to trying the rules out. Soon… 🙂

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CWC – and a bit more!

Most of what I picked up is painted OK and can be used as is once re-based but a few batches are either just a single coat of paint, and some are gloss. The BMP-2s, although matte, are very basic and a little dark compared to the rest.

This is a first attempt at touching them up. I’m still undecided if they’re too dark, or whether it might be better to strip them and start again.

May just do enough for a company anyway… 🙂

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More Cold War Commander…

I’ve done a little sorting of the Russians and NATO troops I bought recently. Thanks to some sterling support from the chaps over at the CWC Forums who’ve helped ID a lot of the vehicles. So anyway, here’s start…

This is the first lot of planned basing…

There are three lots of 9 T-72s which all appear to be basically the same model plus an HQ element for each with a T-72 and a BRDM-2(?)

There are also two lots of nine T-62(?) again with an HQ element with BRDM-2

 The bottom unit is not in the bog standard Russian Green but has a camo pattern so not sure on the significance of this.

The next lot is a mixed bunch. Top left will be a CO stand with T-72, BRDM-2, a jeep type thing and the bloody huge truck with the radar on top which seems to dwarf the T-72! Then top right we have the 4x SA-13 gopher AA missile vehicles, followed by 6x BRDM-3 ATGW which I may use on some of the HQ stands as well. Below them are 6x 2S3 152mm SP guns and to their left 4x SA-9 Gaskin AA missile vehicle. Again, may use these on the odd HQ stand to free up BRDM-2s for Recce stands. The two vehicles bottom center I’m not sure on but they may be ZSU-23-4?

Moving on to some of the stuff that wasn’t in the original shots I posted to the CWC Forums. The top lot are, I think, BTR-80s. And those on the bottom, BTR-70s?

More detail on the BTR-80s…

And on the BTR-70s along with the ZSU-23-4s again?

The radar chappies at the back are…?

These are, I think BMP-1s. They just have a coat of gloss green which look bloody awful. I’m thinking of a heavy dry brush with a proper Russian Green (to match the main vehicles I have) and then a light drybrush. Either that or strip them…


Now I’d assumed these were T-72s but by a different manufacturer to the rest. But I’m not 100%.

Here’s a close up.

These are more odds and ends. Artillery at the left which I may not bother with. Then a load of BM-21s. The bottom six seem better models. Then the camo T-62s followed by some odds and ends and then the only infantry in the set which are marked Elite Airborne (on round bases) and the other strips seem to have RPGs? Infantry are something I will need for this lot so will need to figure out exactly what’s needed.

These are the last chaps. The load to the left are 2S1 122mm SP artillery, those to the front, 2S3 152mm SP artillery. The 122mm are again, gloss green, the 152mm are matte but very dark, so again may drybrush lighter.

So, there we have them. A start on organising them and a few questions. I know for CWC I’ll need infantry to go with the IFVs and no doubt a few other odds and ends, especially for Recce and observers. The HQ units will likely go on round bases when I get them. On to the basing up then!

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