Jun 092010

Most of what I picked up is painted OK and can be used as is once re-based but a few batches are either just a single coat of paint, and some are gloss. The BMP-2s, although matte, are very basic and a little dark compared to the rest.

This is a first attempt at touching them up. I’m still undecided if they’re too dark, or whether it might be better to strip them and start again.

May just do enough for a company anyway… 🙂

  4 Responses to “CWC – and a bit more!”

  1. The dry-brushing looks good to me. I'd use them like that.

  2. For help identifying microarmour have a look at http://www.microarmormayhem.com/


  3. Nice work. I am putting some FWC 6mm together and it is handy to have a basing reference.

  4. Paul, yes that's a good site. Used it a lot to ID the models I have. And obviously to order more of the interesting stuff! 🙂

    I shall be dabbling with FWC soon myself…

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