Although my Soviet force is quite workable now and gives me a few options for future games there are still a few things I want to add, just so I can do some BIG battles! Here is what is left from the stuff I bought:

There’s enough BMP-2s with and without ATGW to do the other two battalions I need to do a Mechanised Rifle Regiment, and enough BMP-1s do do another full MRR – I just need to paint a lot of infantry! The T-72s, 152mm, and MLRS at top right are not really nice models and seem smaller than the others of similar type I have so I will likely let them go along with the 4 ZSUs you can see. There’s a nice little selection of BRDM and MT-LB based AT and AA weapons which will get done, as well as three more BM21s. And a company of PT-76s.

I’ve also got a few T-80s I intend to do just for a little oomph!

The only slight concern I have is that I was going for a mid-late 1980s force and the T-72s are non-ERA and I’m not sure where I can fit the T-62s in to that?

Either way, I should have quite a hefty Soviet force by the end of it…

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