Cry “Havoc!” And let slip the swans of war!

Just about to depart for the big WD3 ImagiNation game in Ayton. Managed to grab some quick pics of the force I’m taking. Will fill in details later as my lift is due any moment!

Die Alte Giezerer Altefritzenburg:


The Legion Dismounted Dragoons:


The valiant Legion Uhlan Squadron:


Captain Georg Heinrich Ewald and his loyal native war party:


The Legion Grenadier Company and battalion gun:


The Legion Musketeers – the core of the Savage Swans:


Lead by Count Vladimir Belisarius and his trusty dog, Justinian:

The Legion standard:

All ably lead by Oberstgeneral  Seamus Gunter von Donovan (center):

And his trusty Aide de Camp, Major ‘Huff’ Huffington-Mainwaring, late of His Majesty’s Britannic Army:

The finally, the Legion mascot, Ganymede the Swan, with his handler, Sargeant Hans Veppers:


And all of the above in the service of the Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg under Otto Fritz von Hesseburg:

Will try and post pics over the weekend….

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Holiday Book Acquisitions – Part 1

Few days in to the holiday and have picked up a few books. One from a little bookshop in Truro and three from the bookshop at Lanhydrock. First up is Encyclopaedia of the Modern British Army by Terry Gander. It’s a second edition (1982) but should give me plenty of help when I get round to sorting my CWC British.

The bookshop at Lanhydrock has the majority of its books at £1 or 50p so I picked up: Zulu by Saul David. Despite the film Zulu being one of my all time favourites I’ve never read proper history of the wars so I’m hoping this will be a good one. I WILL NOT be buying any figures for this!

Next two books were just holiday reading matter. Not that I’ll get time to read! A copy of Tom Clancy’s The Bear and the Dragon which for a mint copy was hard to resist for a quid. I read all the earlier Jack Ryan books when travelling years ago but have never got round to his ‘President’ ones. It’s a hefty book so it my take me a while to get through it!

Finally, a copy of The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein by Peter Ackroyd. Again, an author I read a lot of years ago but none of his recent stuff. Not sure where I’ll slot this in.

I also grabbed a copy of the Ladybird Tales from the Jungle Book. My daughter loves the Disney film and I’ve wanted to read her the full Kipling but think she is still to young. However, this was spot on and she loved it.

We have a trip to Falmouth planned as well and I know there are a couple of good shops there so hopefully I’ll be doing part two in a few days.

As ever with my holidays, I am slowly succumbing to a chest infection and feeling a bit rough. Weather has been great so far. Barbecue in garden last night and beach planned today.

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Tomorrow I’m off to Cornwall to stay with my sister-in-law and her family. Long trip but will be good to see everyone. Anyway, the great WD3 ImagiNation campaign has begun! My troops have landed and the war has begun!

Tonight I finished painting the last of my figures for the game. I won’t say what they are. Don’t want to give anything away to enemy spies :). I’ve still got a lot of basing to finish in the couple of days before I head down to Ayton at the end of the month but with the painting done it is now doable. I’d have liked to get some pics up before I go but I need to go to bed as tomorrow we’ve got a lot of packing to do. I shall post some completed pics before I head down, just to show the troops on parade before they go in to battle. I’m rather pleased with them all. I’m not sure I’ve really sussed doing faces in 28mm (I gave up on eyes!) and again, I think the horse technique needs a little work. But not bad for my first (bar 6 WW2 Germans) 28mm figures in over 25 years!

And even though it’s an ImagiNation and I have no opponents in the area I really fancy doing another couple of units. Possibly one with Minden figures, but to be honest the RSM paint up rather nice and are a bargain at the price.

And the new Slingshot has just arrived so I’ll have something to read on the holidays if I get time.

Rather frazzled today though. At work I did a big server/database move yesterday, which went well, but another of my systems died for no apparent reason. I spent today moving databases, reconfiguring servers, building servers and installing different versions of the app. All to no avail until the very end where we found that if we wiped the database clean and started again it all worked again! So I managed to document everything and leave notes for the guy who’ll pick it up on Monday. Not a good day…

I’ll be online while away but likely not posting. So see you in a couple of weeks!

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Soviets Throw Back British Offensive! – CWC AAR

4th Combined Arms Army repulse British Offensive
Preliminary Report to Front Command
Following the recent debacle of the 4th Combined Arms Army as they valiantly threw themselves against the strong defensive positions of a superior American force (see Official Report) the remains of the Army fell back to defensive positions and dug in to await the allied counterattack. Under their new officer, Commander Vanya Putalski they took up defensive positions straddling a road with hills on the flanks and a wood in the center.
Commander Putalski took the decision to withdraw his infantry’s BMPs to encourage them to hold the line. With a battalion of T-72s distributed along the line, BRDM mounted Spandrels and Spigots lining the woods they awaiting the attack, their fronts protected by hidden minefields.
Fearing a strong American force approaching it was with some relief to see a small British force approach, the advance elements having dug in around the town, and the full strength of the force as yet undetermined.
The following morning, as dawn broke, the Soviet recce units and forward observers spotted the first British Chieftains emerging from the woods on either flank.
As the advance on the Soviet left stalled in the woods the attack on the right surged forward to be met by a hail of fire dug in T-72s and numerous anti-tank missiles.
Finding it hard to target the entrenched Soviet forces the Chieftains succumbed one by one and before long four platoons were burning outside the woods.
On the left the Soviet main defences sat behind the ridge line awaiting the attack. However, here the British reputation for organisation was left in tatters. As the Chieftains struggled to push through the woods and command blunder saw them target their own mortars and AA assets, destroying them.
As there was no sign of a Soviet move on this flank, and given the destruction wreaked upon the other flank, the British commander moved his tank force across his rear to bring their firepower to bear on the Soviet right flank.
However, against entrenched T-72s they had little success, even once they had established their optimum fire range just beyond that of the T-72s. Commander Putalksi and his officers looked on with satisfaction as the defences held.
But it was the artillery and ATGWs that were to decide the day. Their longer range and the suppression from the artillery was to keep the British at bay. Another two blunders contrived to make the British struggle and individual units were picked off, pushing the British force to breaking point.
Seeing a weakened British right flank the Soviets, unable to advance due to their own minefields, brought more T-72s and a Spandrel across their rear lines to face the remaining Chieftains. A recce unit was also sent forward to dry and draw fire from the occupants of the town. This was successful, resulting in a burning BRDM!
This was to be the final straw as another platoon of British tanks fell and with the British force at breaking point, and unable to risk destruction from a Soviet counterattack, the British commander threw in the towel and withdrew his forces as the defenders looked on from their positions.

The 4th CAA had regained its honour, standing its ground against an elite British force and throwing them back in disarray, for the loss of a single recces unit! The field of battle, a foot hold in the West, remained in Soviet hands.

Thoughts on the game
This was the third in a mini-campaign being run by chaps at the North Shields wargames club, the Contemptible Little Wargames Club . The previous reports can be seen here and here. My two previous games had seen me stalled by a West German force and then forced to attack a stronger US force taking heavy casualties. Now, all along the front, the Soviets dug in. The Allies however were also dug in as it was felt neither side was on a roll! However, with my less than 4000pts and facing 5000pts of British I was happy to sit back and let them come at me. I dug in all my infantry, took Spigots and a couple of BRDM mounted Spandrels all dug in to give me extra AT range. The T-72 battalion was divided along the line, mostly dug in and it was that that saved them from the attentions of the Chieftains! The British blunder on their right taking out two units was a big help in pushing them to their Break Point. It was a good fun game (the ones I win always are!) and the campaign looks like it will continue, probably with a proper reinforced attack by the allies.
As in the other games, I still think we need more scenery in the middle of the table. And I’m not sure having both side with hasty defences worked. It was less an issue in my game but in the other East German/American game the mostly dug in Americans…

 …were to find they just didn’t have the assets available to assault a VERY dug in East German position!

All good fun and nice to get a game. Now, off to paint some more 28mm chaps!

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Wargaming Neutral March 2011 Summary

Available Credits 55.50
Available Funds

Well, bit of a disaster on the funds front in March. Been putting off doing this update in the hope I could find some way of fudging it! March was pretty subdued in some ways. No games played. And in some ways more importantly, no lead purchased! However I succumbed to the lure of 1/300 buildings from Angelbarracks, a pile of the nice flock he stocks, and a few extras he was selling. Michael was also generous enough to include a nice selection of freebies in with the order, practically all of which I can find a use for so all in a good deal. It does bugger up my neutrality though!
I have been pushing on with my 28mm ImagiNation figures and have completed forty but as I need to base them they’ll have to go in to April’s totals. I have secured a buyer for the pile of Polly Oliver 15mm figures I have left so funds will come in, just not for a few weeks. I also have a small Modern Canadian battlegroup which will be up for grabs as soon as I can get round to taking pics, so I don’t feel too bad…
I reckon by the end of this month I can pull it back on the finance side and I’ll be well up on the credits so new lead may be in the offing for Partizan!

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