Swans in Space! – VonDon Corp.

As I haven’t got enough projects on the (what I laughably like to call) go at the moment I thought I would add one more! My Syrians are on hold until I can grab some GHQ/CinC stuff (maybe at Derby) and I still have a lot of Russians to finish off but I’ve been following with interest Michael at Angel Barracks and his foray into 6mm SF skirmish. He’s using the FUBAR one page rules (available here) and has even set up a forum to chronicle the project and entice others to start similar (which a few have).

So it was inevitable I would succumb!

I’ve had a few Ground Zero Games Dirtside models for a while that I picked up at Gateshead Gaming. I’d originally thought I’d use them for Future War Commander but I can’t really face doing full armies. I could try FWC skirmish (and may at some point) but FUBAR look interesting (and maybe even Tomorrow’s War when it arrives) and it keeps the project to a manageable scale. I’d also picked up some Adler SF at Derby last year and the figures are really nice. Not sure how they will scale with other ranges yet that I might try.

Anyway, here is the start:

VonDon Corp. – Security Arm

The security arm of VonDon Corp. have a long and valiant history stretching back to the 18th Century where as Von Donovan’s Legion, the ‘Savage Swans’  theY fought throughout the Colonies and Old Europe and set the foundation of the commercial empire that was to become VonDon Corporation.

Now, as the Security Arm of the Corporation they protect investments and workers on far off planets and help secure the future both of VonDon Corp. and EarthGov. Fully equipped with the latest weapons technology they have begun their next mission to bring stability to the sand planet Sikarra. Resource rich and home to the latest experiments in terraforming, Sikarra has been facing terrorist attacks, believed to be from hard line elements of the original colonists who do not want to see the planet terraformed and stripped of resources.

Finding the enemy in the vast desert wastes will not be easy and the first patrols are being prepared:

The MBT and advanced Scout Walker with command APC in the background:

Red Section with APC and Walker:

Four of the five man team move out, Sergeant Lamm pointing the way:

I wanted to keep the same rough colour scheme I used for my C18th chaps so have stuck with green and buff. The section have a red mark on one side of the helmet to match the red mark on the APC. Higher ranking officers etc. may be shown by differing helmet colours. Not sure yet as early days. I’ve got about another 15-20 vehicles and assorted figures so that will do me for the Swans. I then need to put together some opposition for them.

I went for a desert type theme for this as I need to put together some scenery for my Arab Israeli War stuff and I figure I could re-use a lot of this! I’ve got assorted SF buildings as well which I can use. I do like the Adler models as well and although the vehicles are BIG I think they may work for use in desert.

I also tried a slightly different painting approach. Rather then black undercoat I went for white, base colours, then sepia wash, and a light sand drybrush.

Anyway, more to come as and when…

NB. First pic not 6mm 🙂


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Failed half day sneaky hobby trip…

As my little lad is still recovering from Chicken Pox I had to take a half day this afternoon to do my share of looking after him. So I figured why not have a trip to Gateshead Gaming and Under the Bed just to have a natter and show my lad Daddy’s Toys!

So my wife loaded us all in the car and was going to drop us there on her way to work. Unfortunately when we got there I realised I’d forgotten the change bag! This had his wellies, waterproofs etc. So I couldn’t really have an afternoon out in this weather without. So I got five minutes to nip in and then was dropped at the Metro to head straight home… 🙁

I did manage to pick up some MDF bases though. In the past the ones at Gateshead Gaming looked a bit ‘rough’ but these are all laser cut and very neat. They also seem to be a slightly thinner MDF so I’m quite pleased with them. And at £1 a bag they are good value.

If I’d had time I’d have looked at the Reiver SF range as I’m going to finally paint up some 6mm SF and fancied picking up a few odds and ends. This little project, finally inspired by Michael at Angel Barracks and his new FUBAR project (see the forums) I’m planning on taking my Savage Swans beyond the Final Frontier!

More to follow…


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Wargaming Neutral – June 2011 Summary

Available Credits 12.50
Available Funds

Hmmm.. well I’ve been putting this one off for a while because I knew it was going to be bad! The killer in June was the purchase of the IDF armies. Two nice little forces, the first for ’67 and then another for ’73 with both usable for the latter. Very nicely painted by Tim at Tim’s Tanks . There is some nice stuff on Tim’s blog and following numerous emails with him I plumped for getting an airbrush. Which apart from confirming it all worked, I’ve not actually used yet! It’s time will come…

Following on from this was a chunk of AIW books (to be honest I may have under estimated what was spent here!) but at least I bought no lead! I did get some trees from a very friendly visit to Timecast while in Shrewsbury and these will form part of my slow progress to getting enough terrain to play a game!

I was uncertain whether to include the airbrush and books in the totals but they are part of the hobby so should be part of the ‘plan’! I’m not sure how I’m going to pull this back on the budget side. Getting more credits won’t be hard but selling enough may be. And with Border Reiver, Derby and Smoggycon coming before end of year it’s going to be a bit hard…

Next up on projects is 6mm buildings, some Syrians to fight the IDF, and I MAY do a few of the 6mm SF stuff I have…

Here’s to a better month of July, but seeing as it’s the 14th already and I know what I’ve already spent, I’m not optimistic!


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Desert Basing – Syrians…

Since I picked up the 6mm Israeli force a few weeks ago I’ve been looking at putting together some opposition. I’d originally thought to do Egyptians but after some initial reading I’ve decided to go for Syrians. The initial plan was to go for GHQ/CinC to match the ‘scale’ of the IDF I have but the cost of the models, and given I need a reasonable amount of them really precludes this.

Next option is to use all the left over Soviet kit I have but most of that is 80s rather than early 70s. I did pick up a batch of stuff off eBay a few weeks ago which had some T54/T55s and what I thought were BTR-60s. I decided to paint a few of these for Syrian use and only as I based them did I realise they were BTR-70s! So I’ve based one up anyway to try out some colours:

Start with PVA and a mix of Woodland Scenic fine and medium ballast. I try and use DecoArt Acrylic paints for basing as I can get big tubes quite cheaply so these were done with Country Maple base. Dry brush with Tan, then highlight with Antique White. I tried painting a few of the larger ballast pieces to show rocks bu I think I need some of the Coarse ballast in to make them stand out. And then add a few tufts…
The Israelis have just been done with plain sand. No painting or grass. I can’t decide whether to follow that or eventually rebase…lot of work though.
Anyway, one sample done. May try others as I’ve been trawling the web/blogs for other styles. And I may just have to order some suitable models anyway 🙂
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