Von Don Corp. – new recruits

Finally added a few more troops to the Sikarra contingent of the Savage Swans. The full contingent now looks like this:

I’ve added the Scout Squad with their HPW – Heavy Personnel Walker.

In my original C18th forces the scouts were Native Americans so I’ve tried to retain this link by adding ‘warpaint’ to their helmets.

I’ve also added a heavy support AFV:

And an ARV – Airmobile Recon Vehicle:

And for all of them I’ve added a little static grass to the bases to give a little contrast, including the original batch of figures:

I’ve got a few more to do and then on to some opposition.

In the meantime I’ve finished of the other M48s for the IDF. I’m still waiting on some matching sand so I can base to fit in with what I have. I’ve got about five little pots of sand and none of them match!

More to follow…

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On the workbench…

Well, lots of other people just do these posts so I may as well introduce a little consistency, plus it means I’m more likely to make more regular posts as I’m not restricted to finished stuff!

The 6mm scenery continues as I’ve based up the rest of the trees I have (now need more!). The first lot I did on spare round bases with a view to just dropping them on the pieces of felt (see one of the pics below) but for these I thought I’d do individual bases that can be used on their own.


All trees are from Timecast (dipped in watered PVA to ‘fix’ the foliage and stiffen them up), bases are uncoated MDF, the little pond uses model railway ‘water’ (can’t remember the make) and the flock is from various sources mixed together and with a few of the small Silfor tufts scattered round and a couple of bigger pieces for the reeds. I’m planning a few bigger sections where I’ll likely make the base big enough to deploy troops on the edge and have dense wood in the middle.

Next up is the prep of the next batch for my FUBAR 6mm SF forces. This will be the scout force plus a big tank because…well…because I have one!

At some point the GHQ models I’m waiting for for my Syrians will arrive but I had a few M48s spare from the Belgians I had and I thought I’d try one in desert colours for the IDF. Still need to add some markings though. Pale sand base, sepia wash, buff highlight (all Vallejo)


And finally, as I succumbed to the GHQ Western Desert, I picked up a small batch of Italian vehicles on eBay. The basing is just plane birdcage grit and when I can find a supplier for the matching type I may use that for my desert basing as I think it looks good and it is much quicker than PVA’ing sand, painting and drydrushing! Add a few suitable tufts and I think it will look great.

So, there we are. Lots still to do and still flitting between projects like a true wargamer!


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1/300 Terrain WIP

Over the last few weeks (months?) I’ve been slowly trying to build up my terrain for my modern (and soon to be WW2) micro armour games. I’ve yet to tackle buildings but have made up some roads, hedges, woods and pylons. Felt it was time to get a few pics up while I work on the rest of the woods and pylons.


The cloth is a Games Workshop Battlemat. The roads are from magnetic backed foam and details of the hedges can be found here. The woods are mostly from Timecast (bar the tall ones which are some German model railway make!) are just on brown felt which as a bit of flock PVA’d to it. The piece of MDF at the front is just meant to represent very low hills The pylons are from Najewitz Modellbau and made from a sort of very thin MDF laser cut. They are a little fiddly to make up and if you look close you will see that, but from normal table distance once painted they look good. I’ve got about another ten to make so lets see those bloody Apache helicopters negotiate my battlefields at low level!


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Timecast Goodness…

I’ve paid a couple of visits recently to Timecast in Shrewsbury, mainly to pick up trees and to chat about techniques and things. They’ve always been very helpful and I have a small pile of their buildings waiting to be painted! In the meantime, for use in out Cold War Commander games, Ian had commissioned a few pieces from Timecast and there arrived last week and I finally got to pop round and see them tonight. I took a load of pictures, partly to display here as examples of Timecast’s fine work, and partly to steal ideas for colours and layouts for my own stuff – when I get round to it!

This is all 1/300th for use in Cold War Commander and is intended to be German in theme. First up is the town:


This can be extended to include a light industrial area:


And on the outskirts of the town is the airport:


And if you don’t fancy flying you’ll no doubt need to fill up you car at the Petrol Station:


It’s really nice stuff and I just wish I could afford to buy some myself, but it has given me inspiration to do my own. I now look forward to laying waste to the lot of it with my Soviet hordes in the next game! 🙂


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Projects and General Update…

Well, been a slow month or so on the hobby front. Not helped by the sad news of Ian Daglish’s death which kind of puts a lot of things in perspective. I’ve taken delivery of the Le Franc Tireur module on Cholm which is an excellent product which I hope to review shortly. It’s not in the Wargaming Neutral pages as I’ve yet to pay for it!

First up though must be a thanks everyone who keeps following the blog and visiting. Followers are now 151 so big thanks to all of you, and the number of visits has just topped 50,000, which is quite pleasing as well! 🙂

Big thing is that I’ve shifted my surplus Modern microarmor. I’ve been trying for a while to finish off the various little projects I have and every time I looked at the pile of unpainted/unbased stuff I could never get a grip on what to do next and what I really needed or not! The main culprits were the large West German force I had which needed a full repaint, and the early Belgians I had which weren’t really going to fit in with the mid-late 80s force I’ve been putting together. I’ve been gradually adding T80s to my Soviets to push that force to the same period, and have the core of Americans and Brits for the same. So I decided that the West Germans and spare Belgians could go, along with the surplus Soviet stuff I’ve acquired off eBay. This has raised £90 to help the balance and given me a finite target to aim for with what is left:

  • finish Soviets – T80s, BTRs, support assets and extra HQs (and the Lebed!)
  • finish the Belgian force and support – more Leopards, more IFVs and a reserve unit
  • plot out the proposed British force – early stages for this!
  • do the infantry for the US battlegroup

I still plan to do the Syrians to face the IDF but as I’m going the GHQ/CinC route this may wait for a while! I have however finally succumbed to a small WW2 project. WW2 Italians for the Western Desert. It’s all Henry Hyde’s fault! 🙂 This will be a slow project as I intend to pick up as much as possible on eBay.

So what of the other projects (and the great Painting Master Plan!)?

  • The 1815 Prussian are going on hold. I don’t really have the time or opposition for this, especially as I like to do my own opposition, and this is just too big a project for the time being.
  • 1806 Prussians – well this may just become the next big project. I think I want to convert the project with a view to doing both sides for Saalfeld. Possibly for Lasalle, possible for an as yet undecided set! And still stick with the basing that allows me to use them with Grande Armee at some point!
    6mm Early Byzantines – is a no starter now. I enjoyed the few bases I’ve done but again, I can’t face the prospect of doing them all and both sides as well. And I live in hope that Pete at Baccus will one day do a proper range and I shall revisit then.
  • 15mm Punic – on hold
  • 15mm AWI – kind of on hold but I have a pile of Peter Pig and some Blue Moon to do at somepoint! 
  • 6mm FUBAR – will keep this as a slow burner to add to as I feel inspired!
  • 28mm WD3 ImagiNation forces – need to add to the ‘Swans’ and obtain some suitable ‘exotic’ stuff for next year’s game – and start my secret weapon!
  • 20mm Force on Force – on hold until the Cold War supplement kicks me into gear again.

Having felt better clearing the microarmour and having now listed everything I still feel a little overwhelmed! But a little less so…

Oh… and I’ve a load of 6mm scenery to finish. There is the possibility of a game in a few weeks and I’d like to try and get stuff finished for that.

So that will do for this update! Hopefully a post of substance to follow soon.


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