Partizan 2012 AAR – 27th May

Today was Partizan! Usually the only show each year where I get to use the car and drive down and have the day to myself! Helped this year as we temporarily have two cars! Picked up Ian at 7.30 and set off in the mist down the A1. Usual stop off for caffeine at Wetherby Services and then on to the show. Yet again this year we got lost on leaving the A1! EVERYTIME I read the directions on the show website I take “From A1 North” to mean leaving the A1 coming FROM the North not heading that way! And so every year I get to the top of the slip road and turn RIGHT!!! Please… change the text to read “From A1 Northbound/Southbound”. I know it’s probably only me but please please change it? 🙂

Parked on the grass as normal and headed in. The free figure is a nicely sculpted HM Princess Elizabeth – ATS uniform 1945. This will unfortunately join all the other show figures I ever get in my random unpainted pile! Nice, but of no use to me. If anyone wants mine drop me an email..

The show seemed quieter this year. Arrived at the same time as last year to a much shorter queue. This helped in getting round and taking pictures but I hope didn’t impact on takings. There was the usual good range of traders. I only really wanted to see Baccus and Caliver and was quite good in resisting other temptations.

Demo Games

I always like the selection of games at Partizan. The main hall can be a bit of a nightmare for taking photos as the light is not good, and the sunlight shining across some tables played havoc with exposure! I was also against the clock as use of my phone SatNav to correct the driving error hammered the battery! I did miss photos of several games. A couple due to light, and one, the big WW2 game next to Caliver because I was sure I’d seen the game at York and the battery was near gone! So apologies if your game isn’t in the gallery. It wasn’t personal!

My personal highlights were the Ottoman game put on by Derby Wargames Society. Some excellently painted figures.

The Redcar Rebels 40mm C19th game had a nice feel to it.

And it was great to see some of Tony Bath’s flats on display on the Society of Ancients stand.

I didn’t get chance to talk to the people but the Great War Miniatures WW1 game looked very good.

I had specifically gone to chat to LT running the WW2 I Ain’t Been Shot Mum game but only managed a couple of usable photos as the light meant most ended up blurred. The faux fur terrain looked good as well and not as luminous as some others on display!

Another highlight was the Westbury Wargames (I hope!) Dark Age game. Very well done figures and banners. This is a period I’d love to do but just can’t see it happening for a long long time!

The Perry’s et al had a nice looking Wars of the Roses game with some nice little ‘extras’. I’m not a big fan of the period but the game looked good.

There’s a full set of pics in the gallery section here and hopefully I’ve got the details correct.

It was also nice to see Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy putting on a game. The Wars of the Roses naval game had some nice models and seemed very popular. I had hoped to have a chat with either Jasper or Guy but only managed a brief chat with Guy as he took lots of good photos and I rushed mine with my phone!

I had a good chat with Peter at Baccus and this was where most of my money went on assorted SYW types for my Maurice ImagiNation stuff. Pete was singing the praises of the whole 60x30mm basing having seen my last post re this! I CAN see his point but I still can’t decide! In the same area was Mike Salway running the 6mm painting clinic. I had a good chat about 6mm painting techniques, different undercoat colours, different washes and some interesting ideas on basing. He’s a very nice and helpful chap! And he sculpts some mean Ottomans as well!

Final purchases were the other two Partizan Press Uniforms of the Seven Years War volumes I needed. Well, I say ‘needed’! I’m just looking for ideas for uniforms! Nice to have a chat with Dave at Caliver though. Always a pleasure. I also grabbed some odds and ends of Vallejo. I wanted to try the Deck Tan that some are using in place of White, and I needed more Black Shade and more Red Leather. I had made a list of others I needed….but left it at home!

Just before I left I spotted someone selling the Miniature Paints range. I use the Chestnut Brown with a black wash for a lot of my 28mm horses and my jar runneth dry so a good purchase!

In conclusion

It was great to meet and chat with GavinP, AndyH, LT, RtL and Eccles – fine denizens of WD3! I missed Phil Hendry. I may have seen him but I’m not sure! I also saw Andrew Hubback of Miniature Wargames around and had hoped to chat with him given my recent ‘issues’ with the magazine. But by the time I’d finished my photo rounds I think he’d gone! Next show…

It was a fun show. Sociable and friendly as ever and I saw who I wanted and got what I wanted! I hope the numbers weren’t down but I’m sure someone can confirm. Roll on next year!

Post Script: Other Games…

In my rush (why was I rushing?) to get this post up last night I realised I’d missed a few things. The Vinland game by The Bunker had some rather impressive terrain and nice figures and deserves a mention!

There was also apparently a Muskets and Tomahawks participation/demo game which I totally missed! Annoyed about that as it was something I’d seen was on and intended to check out! I think this reflects the social nature of Partizan. I seemed to spend most of my time chatting to friends and traders! Next time you see him, go and ask the guy on Tumbling Dice about scales! 😉



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Maurice 6mm Basing ideas…

I’ve decided I want to recreate my ImagiNation forces in 6mm. I’ve come to the conclusions that although I love the look of them in 28mm there is no way I’ll ever paint enough to game with them myself so although I will be adding to them it will only be for use in Henry Hyde’s Ayton/Byzarbia games. At least in 6mm I can try and do both sides, expand and maybe even game. And on which note…

Maurice. New rules by Sam Mustafa. I really like Grande Armee and Lasalle and everything I have seen/read about this rule makes me think they will be ideal for ImagiNation games. So I’ll be doing my forces for these rules. And there, as ever, lies the problem. Basing.

I had intended doing them on on 40×20 bases. Four Baccus strips per bases for infantry and a single row for cavalry. And two guns. I have some 1806 French I can use as a starting opposition as well. However, when in column of march the 40x20s don’t really look right. I could turn them end on but that looks wrong as well. So I’ve been looking at options. Below you will see the possibilities.


1. 40 x 20. This allows me two ranks, some officers etc. but leads to the problems above.

2. 40 x 20 showing a bit more of the start of my Savage Swans in 6mm

3. 40 x 30. Gives a bit more depth to allow a mounted officer and lessens the column to line issue. And maintains the 40mm BW of my existing French

4.  30 x 30. Square base. 30mm BW. No columns and line issues but I think the bases look a small

5. 30 x 30. Four base unit. Looks OK I think. But the drummers etc. look cramped.

6. 40 x 20. Four base unit. French 1806 but to me it LOOKS like a unit in line…

So why the drummers and officers?

The main reason is I want a unit in line to LOOK right. Now whether this is just my perception of what I think an C18th regiment looks like in line I don’t know. I’ve been looking through my copy of Warfare in the Age of Marlborough and I thought for a single company an officer out front and NCS and drummer at rear left and right gave the right feel. Now I know I’ve really only got four companies/bases but it gives the effect! I’m open to comments though!

Now I think this works on the 40x20s as there are enough line figures to space out the singles. The 30×30 I’m less sure about. I could only put them (NCOs etc) on the outer bases and have the middle two for mounted colonel and standard bearers but then the base order would always have to be the same. And four 30x30s just doesn’t seem to look long enough… If you look at the 1806 chaps here, then four 40x20s LOOKS RIGHT to me.

I thought of doing 40×40 as this would allow more scenic/diorama type stuff. More a case of if I can live with the quite big gaps in ranks when in column of march? The other advantage of 40×40 or 40×30 is that I can get two ranks of cavalry on a base which again looks good.


Picture 2 shows the first few Baccus I tried for my Savage Swans. The figure is the Austrians SYW German Musketeer. There has been a nice thread recently on the Baccus forums extolling the virtues of a grey undercoat and a black wash as a base for painting. I’ve always used a black undercoat, especially for 6mm, but wanted to give this a try. And I must admit I think it works. I’ll add a caveat that these are the first 6mm non-Modern Microarmour I’ve painted for well over a year (maybe even two) and my eyesight has got worse (so I used the new visor) so they are not perfect. When I first looked at the unpainted Baccus I just could not see the detail. Black undercoat doesn’t help this but grey with a black wash? What a difference! The detail just seems to pop out. And it made me realise just how nice the Baccus figures are. The trick is getting the wash right. Too little and you don’t get the benefit of the auto-shading (and have more to paint!) and too much and you don’t get the details showing through as well. I know that guys on the forum who tried this used Halfords Grey Primer but I just used Vallejo Sky Grey. I figured the wash would tone it down if too light. I also didn’t really bother with a highlight stage for the uniform. I did rush these a little so there are bits I’m not happy with but they have come out OK. I may just do the rest and put these in the second rank!

I have a quite basic force planned:

  • 1 x Savage Swans
  • 3 x Altefritzenburgers in green coats
  • 1 x Neufritzenburgers (still need to add this to my ImagiNation!
  • 1 x Combined Grenadiers for the above
  • 1 x Legion Uhlans
  • 1 x Altefritzenburg Cuirassiers
  • 1 x Grenzers
  • 1 x Injuns
  • 2 x artillery

And then a similar opposing force…probably French based.

I’ve a feeling that yet again I’m taking too much on!

Next post will hopefully be my Partizan report from Sunday…


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Birthday Update..

Tuesday was my birthday (48… doesn’t time fly when you;re having fun? Not that that I’d know..) and I did rather well in getting the next two volumes of Charles S Grant’s Wargaming in History Series.

Volume 4

And Volume 5:

These are not cheap books (£30 a pop) but are well worth the money in my opinion. Very nicely produced with full colour throughout and some lovely pictures of the Grant armies in action. And lots of info on the battles, refights and some excellent Bob Marrion illustrations focusing on a theme in each volume (e.g. C18th Hussars in Vol.4). I doubt I’ll ever have the figures to refight any of these battles but seeing those massed ranks of Minden miniatures is a great inspiration. Very happy to have these to go with Volumes 1 and 2.

I also had a little cash which I will use for Partizan this coming Sunday.

So where am I at with new projects and painting etc.? Well, I think the run up to the Ayton game burnt me out and I’ve not really been able to pick up a brush until a couple of days ago. I picked up a visor from Amazon as I think my eyesight has gone downhill in the last couple of months and a friend at work recommended this one:

It feels funny wearing it but I think it’s going to help with the 6mm stuff!

And talking of which….

For reasons I’m still not quite sure about I’ve decided I want to recreate my Ayton Imagi-Nation force in 6mm! I’ve done a first few sample strips and the next post will detail some basing ideas. I’m planning to yse Maurice as everything I’ve seen/read so far makes me think they will be good for this.

Anyway, more soon…

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It’s Been Over a Month!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. As those who frequent the WD3 forum will know, I, along with a dozen others, have been frantically painting for this years WD3 Game in East Ayton, wherein the assorted forces launched an invasion to bring a civilising influence to the land of Byzarbia! This is a continuation of last years game where having defeated Granprix the assorted countries, allies and mercenaries involved headed to Byzarbia: some to defend, some to conquer!

Taking place over the 4th-6th May 2012, it was a truly excellent weekend (again!). Superb terrain, figures and company. As Tim Hall has said, the embodiment of the ‘Spirit of Wargaming’. With a 24ftx6ft table and around 3000 28mm figures deployed it was a sight to behold! Thanks must go to Henry Hyde for organising the campaign amidst a busy schedule, Tim Hall for some superb terrain, Peeler (and Mrs Peeler) for organising hall and food and for most of us, death dealing hangovers! And a big thanks to all who took part and put in such great effort to assemble some bizarre and beautiful forces!

You can see a good selection of write-ups and photo collections over on WD3. I’ve added a gallery here and will add more as I sort what photos I have. And the Journal of Rudiger Lamm has new entries for the day. There will soon be entries to cover the intervening months leading up to Byzarbia and how the forces of Altefritzenburg came to be allied to those of the Pasha Sultan Abdul Seyfi. And I shall try and get dcent photos of all my troops. You can see to the right the all the boxes related to Ayton are now RED! It was a mad rush to get them don. Numerous late nights and up until 3am the night before, then back painting at 7am! I finally stuck the final banner to figure ten minutes before my lift arrived! Placed it in the box to then find it was too tall for the lid to go on!!!

I have plans for another full battalion of Altefritzenburgers and some cuirrassiers. And some more Royal Guard. Then that’s it! Honest…

Plans are already in motion for next year where we move to the ACW and bring the usual Wd3 imagination and weirdness! It’s ACW Jim, but not as we know it!

More updates to follow as I resume the blog. All the latest mags have arrived and I’d like to review them and explain why I’ll likely not be renewing my Miniature Wargames subscription. And hopefully I’ll be returning to the word of 6mm which now looks soooo SMALL after months of 28mm!


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