Painting Challenge – 15mm ACW

Last night I finally uploaded my next entry for the Painting Challenge. I’ve now officially ‘cleared the decks!’ so I can make a start on the Ayton stuff…

Here we go:

Many moons ago, late 90’s I think, I went to the Edinburgh Wargames Show (Claymore) and on the bring and buy spotted a large 15mm ACW Union army. These were all 2nd Gen Minifigs and based for Fire and Fury. The paint job was simple but neat. I then managed to acquire a 15mm Confederate army from my mate Billy in Birmingham. I re-based them and had great plans for ACW gaming! The Union army was lacking cavalry and somehow I never got round to painting any of the numerous unpainted packs that came with it and eventually the project fell to the wayside so I sold the lot back to Billy! Fast forward 13 years or so and the arrival of Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet rules and the desire to give ACW a go again! I bought the lot back off Billy and sorted the unpainted stuff out and there was enough to do a basic 8 stand cavalry unit.

I couldn’t match the blue used on the originals (and thought it too dark anyway) so upon some research amongst friends tried Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue on a sample next to an original:


Happy enough with this I went ahead with the the main lot. I had decided to keep them simple and over black undercoat just painted round straps etc. (Thanks to Loki for the Vallejo Black Surface Primer recommendation). I eventually decided they looked too plain so added a Ogryn Flesh Wash and assorted washes on the horses. And the cross swords on the kepi to give a little contrast:

pc12 pc13

I knew I needed dismounted versions. Although there were about a dozen already done I decided the difference in colour was too much so repainted the lot!

pc14 pc16And obviously I needed a symbolic horse holder stand as well. And took the chance to do one for the Confederate cavalry as well:pc17And here they are in two ranks.


Flags are by GMB (which were fiddlier than I thought in 15mm!). All figures are Minifigs 2nd Gen although there are a couple of 3rd Gen horses in there (e.g. dismounts and command) and I think the horse holders may be Lancashire Games?

I’ve also finished rebasing all the Confederates so in theory could go for a game. However I think I might want to re-base all the Union to match first… 🙂

Now, where are all those 28mm figures I need to do!

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Plans for 2014 – And some painting progress!

Before 2014 gets too established and the moment passes I best get my plans for 2014 laid out. I’d like to think I’ll update and amend the Painting Master Plan to the right, or launch back into my Wargaming Neutral project but… I think too much planning seems to lead to too much disappointment when life gets in the way and things just don’t happen. So lets do this with a broader brush, so to speak!

2014 First Quarter

The first quarter is really taken up with the painting challenge for which you’ll see the first entries below if you’ve not already seen them on the Analogue blog. My target is 1000pts which equates to 200 28mm foot figures!!! I currently stand at 95 points. This was partly because I wanted to finish off some odds and ends to clear the table so I can now start on the main bulk. The target is really driven by the Ayton game in May. Henry has asked us to keep our respective forces a little secret so I’ll not list them here but as part of the Challenge I hope to get another two foot regiments done. Each at 56 figures… This will make a big hole in the Challenge target and leave me with about six weeks afterwards to do the rest and some ‘specials’. I also intend to paint some 15mm ACW cavalry to allow me to play Longstreet at last and some microarmour simply because I have so much of it to paint!

2014 Second Quarter

This will really be taken up with the last of the Ayton figures and if the last three years have been anything to go by, a few weeks to recover afterwards! So moving on…

2014 Third Quarter

The beginning of October will see another ‘Ayton’ team game but this time in Framlingham. Although I have no ‘need’ to paint anything for this weekend I am taking part in a 20mm WSS game so it seems only right that my Savage Swans make an appearance so I have some rather nice Les Higgins miniatures to paint. How many in total has yet to be decided! I do like the figures though so may end up with more than planned!

As this quarter will also include the school holidays and likely our holidays as well I’m not sure it’s wise to commit to anything else!

2014 Fourth Quarter

In theory this should let me move on to all the other projects I have on the go. Likely targets are:

  • Modern Microarmour – huge amounts still to do!
  • 6mm SF
  • 15mm AWI (potential game for 2015!)

I may even make a start on stuff for Ayton 2015 as I hope by then we’ll have agreed on the theme.

Most important in a lot of ways will be to get more games in. The ‘away’ games are always excellent but two games a year is not good. So this year I’ll aim for two ‘home’ games as well. No point in being too optimistic!

We shall see….

Some progress…

I have made some progress on finishing the odds and ends and getting the first two entries into the Challenge. I’d hoped to get something into the fortnightly rounds but just haven’t had time. The odds and ends consisted of finishing the rebasing of my Savage Swans. First done in 2011 for the first Ayton game I had allowed for single, two and three figures bases and had mixed in NCOs and officers with the ranks as I was short of figures. I wanted to adopt a similar scheme to that used by Essex Boy for his Gateway Alliance troops so I did the extra figures to have 48 rank and file (though I chose to keep and NCO for each company), a four figure command stand and four officers out front. It was only when I came to base them all that I realised I was one officer short! So he became the first entry for the Challenge.

Officer for the grenadier company:


Which enables me to have the Swans laid out so:pc03The next project was to add to the lovely selection of troops given to me by Tim Hall after the Scotland game. This was a most generous gift and having now rebased them I will be taking pictures soon. I did however want to add some extra figures so they fit in to my force better. The first thing was to add some limbers for the two guns. These are Irregular limbers with Minden drivers. I have (finally) chosen to keep the gun unbased so it can be properly added to the limber, but with a ‘guard’ base added behind with two Huzzah Miniatures musketeers.

pc05 pc08 pc09 pc04The Master of Artillery is an Irregular Miniatures figure. He is rather big but he is the gunner famous for his size and strength who dragged a 12lb gun singlehandedly from the field!

And stealing an idea from Essex Boy, the guard base has a curved front to allow the gun to turn when in column of march. This does mean I will need to re-base my other guns to match.


And finally, the newly formed brigade in the Altefritzenburg army will need a commander so we have Oberstgeneral Halle:

halleI’ve also been working on the re-basing of some of the 15mm ACW. I’ve another twenty odd stands to do but here is the start:

acw01So there we go. A good little start to the year!

Oh. And I aim to post more updates as well!


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2013 – Review

First off, Happy New Year to everyone. A little late I know but… 🙂

2013 was in many years one of highs and lows as far as gaming was concerned. I started the year quite well as I began the painting for the Ayton game in May and the creation of my Savage Swans etc. for the C19th. Using the Spencer Smith FPW range I managed to get everything done and even added a band using the Stadden British marching band. The full write up and links to the galleries are here: Ayton 2013. As ever it was a great weekend with everyone supplying contingents of varying size and weirdness to supplement Tim Hall’s stunning ACW collection.

The Altefritzenburg Marching Band!

Then that was it for the summer. I got a little more painting done on some projects but the next game was not until October when several of the Ayton crew gathered at the (huge and stunning!) home of Paul Bright in Scotland where the some of the forces of the recent campaigns in Byzarbia headed into the south of the Dark Continent in search of wealth and did battle with assorted natives, wildlife and some old enemies! It was an excellent weekend and played out in a great venue and in great company. The writeup for the game appears in Miniature Wargames with Battlegames Issue 368. I have a huge number of photos from the game and these will be going up here in a few weeks along with the latest entry in Private Lamm’s Journal. But in the meantime… scot01 scot03 scot07 scot13 And that was the gaming for the year. Two games. Not a lot but two great games which make up for the lack of anything else! Although I managed to pop into the local Club to say hello on a few occasions I never actually made it down for a game which is a little sad really… Maybe this year…

As mentioned above, painting went well for the first half of the year but then tailed off. To spur me on for the next few months I have entered the now annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. I’m aiming for 1000 points but seeing as to date I only have 5 it’s not looking good! I do have a lot of stuff ready to go but the first few weeks have been spent finishing off some odds and ends for my ImagiNation stuff that’ll I’ll post about in a day or so and then I can start in earnest as I have sent rather an ambitious list to Henry for this years Ayton game…

I managed a few shows. York, Derby and Smoggy being the highlights. Call to Muster was good as well and it’s nice to have another show in the area. I missed both Partizans due to holidays and a puncture. And I missed Border Reiver as I had to work that day. It being a week earlier than usual had thrown me…

The down side of the gaming year centers on WD3. This forum was really central in rejuvenating my interest in figure gaming 4-5 years ago. Although I had been working on my 15mm AWI and Ancient armies the people at WD3 got me hooked on 28mm ImagiNation with the first Ayton game in 2011. I’ve developed some great friendships through the site and it was my first port of call online every day. Back in October the site went down, and again in November due to hosting and domain name troubles. The first time I set up a temporary home on my own hosting space and then after the second failure I organised getting a new forum setup on a new host and the old forum available as an archive. Things finally looked great and stable for the next few years – a novelty for WD3!

Then came the big fall out. I’ll not go into things here as it really doesn’t need resurrecting again, but suffice to say is I no longer have anything to do with WD3 and at the moment don’t foresee my returning there. Which is a shame and could so easily have been avoided…

I’m currently residing at The Loose Association of Wargamers forum with some fine chaps and am enjoying the place rather a lot. Even if I wince every time the Adminer announces he’s planning to change something! 🙂

So that was 2013. Not the most gaming filled year but in this case quality far exceeds quantity.

Plans for 2014 coming soon…

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