WIP Report

Well, at New Year I said I’d try and do more updates for the blog. So it seems a while since I did a Work In Progress post so here goes…

This is the painting table as of this evening:

wip01All this is for the Painting Challenge and for Ayton. On the far left you can see my Last Stand entry going through the final stages of basing.  In the middle, amongst all the Vallejo pots, are 36 RSM figures for Ayton. All three batches of 12 are at different stages as I’m finding that if I go up to the attic and can’t focus on some details stuff then I have figures there waiting for some easy block painting. And finally, on the right are the casualty bases I intend to enter for the Casualty Bonus Round. I’m not 100% sure on what the entry for this is meant to be but I do need to do a few casualty bases so that will be the focus.

The other big news is that this year I will be attending Salute for the first time! I’m quite looking forward to it. To meeting up with various fora denizens from southern climes and also to hand over dosh to traders that don’t make the Northern shows. If there are some good show deals on then I may even be tempted by something new… maybe…

So the painting goes on and I’m now starting to worry a little about hitting my Challenge target…

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Painting Challenge – Hero Bonus Round

Last weekend saw the fourth of the bonus rounds for the Painting Challenge. I’d missed the other three so was determined to get something in for this! The standard of the round was stunning. Some beautiful entries. As there have been in the other rounds. Well worth a look: Hero Bonus Round.

After my last challenge entry of 15mm Minifigs ACW from a project I started back in the late 90s I thought I’d step back a little further for this entry! Back when I was doing my A-Levels in the early 80s I started playing assorted RPGs with friends in Shrewsbury (who are now friends in Birmingham!) and although we played mostly AD&D to start we did move on to Call of Cthulhu and others. Including Runequest. I always like the background to this where the human element wasn’t some pseudo medieval thing! So around that time I bought some of the Runequest figures released by GW (and sculpted by the Perrys I think). As ever, we moved on to other games and I never got any/many painted but the remnants have moved around the country with me ever since! So one of them seemed ideal for the Hero Round.

pc24 The figure is a Non-Cultist Adventurer from Box Set 2. As he’s broadly a hoplite type figure I intended just painting a generic Greek hero. But as I searched for a shield pattern I stood a chance of painting I came across what I believe is the one carried by the Spartan King? So the figure morphed into Leonidas on his way to Thermopylae. Burdened with his own baggage (as I think any Spartan king would be) he strides through the marshes to see off bandits threatening the 300 on the march!

pc22 pc21 pc20The base is an offcut of blue insulation board as I figured I should make a little effort with the base.

I’ve also almost finished my Last Stand entry (for the seventh and final round) with figures of a similar vintage! But that will have to wait until March!

I’m still slowly painting RSMs for Ayton and awaiting the arrival of my RSM and Minden orders which will hopefully arrive this week.


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Vapnartak – York 2nd Feb 2014

And so the first show of the North was on us again and the trip down to York duly booked. Having had hassles with buses to get to the early train last year I thought I’d take no chances on this one so booked a taxi for 7.30. Alarm was set got 6.50. Slept right through it! Luckily my daughter came in at 7.15 and woke us up.. 15 minutes. Up. Showered. Dressed. Out of door!

Uneventful trip down other than trying not to fall asleep on the train, and managed to get a better bus this year (No.11) that drops you at the Racecourse entrance rather than waaay down the road (the No. 4!).

Arriving at near 10am there didn’t seem to be a queue but that seemed to belie the number of people in there as the morning part of the show seemed VERY busy. Which is a good thing! I’d arranged to meet various people from assorted fora at the event  (Peeler, Alex T, Darklord, Marshallney, Tim W, Norman D Landings) but was pleased to bump into Levied Troop, now a Gentleman of Leisure having recently taken early retirement.

There was the usual good selection of well presented games. The Leicester Phat Cats Arab Israeli game has been at a couple of shows now but is still an impressive setup:

2014-02-02 14.39.41WWW1 inevitably had a couple of very big games with some great figures on display such as this from North Hull Wargames(?):

2014-02-02 14.42.582014-02-02 14.42.46 2014-02-02 14.43.23 2014-02-02 14.43.41 Although I only seem to have pics of one game!

An ECW game had some rather impressive scenery:

2014-02-02 14.40.47 And the 20mm Martians game was excellent. Some great use of scenic items and the Martians themselves were suitably ominous!

2014-02-02 14.41.49 2014-02-02 14.42.04 2014-02-02 14.42.46And the final one that grabbed me was the Wake Island game:

2014-02-02 14.44.17 2014-02-02 14.44.40 2014-02-02 14.45.04 2014-02-02 14.45.21There were plenty of other games on show (the jousting game looked good) but as I’d ended up spending a lot of time chatting I didn’t really have time to do the full works.

The table top sale seemed to do well and was busy the few times I went through. By 2 it had pretty well finished. My only purchase there is detailed below. There seemed to be more ‘groups’ running bigger tables? Which seems a good way of doing it as you can run for a couple of hours and have a few people rotating the serving. Still seems to work well and I think a Bring and Buy in the same space would be more chaotic.

So overall, it was another good show. The impression seemed to be that it was VERY busy in the morning but that by two it was dying off and by three people were starting to clear up. Is this the trend with shows? Lots of targetted buying in a short timescale and then depart? We were chatting on the way back to the station and wondered if there was a  need for more participation games to encourage people to stay longer? But does allowing space for that mean less traders and making the show less viable? Don’t know. I may keep an eye on similar behaviour at the other shows I attend this year.

And now we come to The Haul:

I had tried to pre-order most of what I wanted and the aim was to get mostly paints and bases.

2014-02-04 15.49.58From Pendraken I got the assorted Vallejo paints I needed, some more of the Black Surface Primer which seems to be working well at the moment, some of the dice holder squares to make casualty bases and a pile of Fire and Fury size bases so I can start re-basing my 15mm ACW Union to match my basing style. I also grabbed a pack of WW2 aircraft decals to go with….

1/300 WW2 British and Italian aircraft from Museum Miniatures. There are party to provide air support for my North African microarmour but also to let me dabble with Check Your Six and Bag the Hun. I’ve never painted aircraft before so it will be interesting to see how they come out!

Martin at Warbases had yet again sorted some bespoke MDF bases to my own spec. Some sabots to take the crews and guns for my 28mm artillery

And some bases for the artillery guards which Martin had cut to my requirements.

I’ve had quite a few fiddly base options done over the years and each time Martin has done me proud.

I had some figures and Basetex to pick up for Essex Boy from Irregular. They only had one pot of Basetex so I used the ‘refund’ to get a limber for the 20mm I’ll be painting for the Fram game in October. I then found someone else stocking Basetex so EB got to fulfill his order!

Is Basetex used as much now? It used to be the ‘in thing’ for basing but seems harder to find now as basing styles have moved on?

And finally, the table top sale bagged me a copy of Avalon Hill’s Wooden Ships and Iron Men. Missing half a dozen ship counters but otherwise in excellent condition. £3. Bargain!

2014-02-04 15.50.36So that was the lot? I managed to not start any new periods or scales but it was close on several occasions! Had a nice chat with Pete Berry and almost grabbed some of the new WW1 Brits. I think they are on the books at some point this year as they are rather nice. Alex and Peeler etc. of the Yorkshire Coast Wargamers are currently working on a FPW variant of their DBN rules. And I think 6mm would be the ideal for this! Maybe next year…

Next show for me should be A Call to Muster on March 22nd but as I’m currently planning my first trip to Salute a few weeks after I may have to preserve my spending power!

Now, on with the painting!

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