Workbench – test figures

Slow progress on all fronts but getting there. I still have the same lot of figures in multiple scales on the workbench but have finished the test of the cuirassier officer:


2015-01-31 12.24.37 Think I’ll go with this colour scheme for the whole unit.

I’ve also done a test of the 2nd Altefritzenburg Regiment. These have the standard green and buff but with orange facings etc. rather than the red of the 1st Regiment. Only another 55 to paint and the unit is done!

2015-01-31 12.24.56Hopefully get a bit more done tonight but off to York tomorrow where I’ll meet various members of the LAW and AMG forums. Quite looking forward to it. I might even take some pictures!


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Where did three weeks go?

Well, despite my good intentions brought about by the bright new shiny year I’ve struggled to get painting again. I’ve done a lot of prep and undercoating and have some 6mm SF, 10mm Sudan, 20mm WSS, 28mm C18th and 28mm C19th on the workbench. I’ve splashed a bit of paint on all of them but not in any productive way. So tonight I finally had an hour to work on a test figure for some cuirassiers I’ve got lined up.


Figure is RSM. Horse is Foremost. Might add some piping to the turnbacks for a bit of contrast. Looking OK overall though.

And this coming weekend is the York show which I always enjoy. Not much on the buy list so looking forward to a good natter!

Now time for an early night!

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The year that was and the year to come…

OK. Best get this up before the year starts to slip away!

Swans advance
Swans advance


In terms of gaming and painting it was both a good and bad year. I only managed a few games: Ayton in May, Framlingham in October and the club Christmas game. Not a lot in quantity but the quality was outstanding. The Ayton gathering in May was the usual excellent gaming weekend and excellent socialising. You could not wish for a finer bunch of chaps to spend a weekend with. I managed a small solo naval game just after that and would like to return to that. Next session was the Framlingham game in October. Hosted by Tim Hall with an excellent 20mm WSS game with Iain, Gary and Dave on Day 1 and then with Tim’s lovely 28mm ACW collection on the Sunday, it was a great weekend. And that was it until I rolled out my C18th troops for a game of Beneath The Lilly Banners for the Tyneside Club Christmas game. I had great plans for some solo games but time and space never coincided…

You can read more on these games here:

Ayton 2014 and the little naval game


Christmas game

Painting wasn’t too bad. I entered the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge which kept me motivated over the turn of the year. Things got a little distracted in the run up to Ayton but I got everything I wanted painted. I only had one 20mm unit to paint for the Fram game and nothing more for the rest of the year. I’ve done a few other odds and ends but nothing major.


You can see the new Master Plan to the right. It’s quite conservative. I want the unit painted for Ayton and maybe a few ‘characters’. The units needed for the Partizan game are only a few and are a good driver for getting more added to my ImagiNation forces. This bodes well for a hopeful return to the C18th for Ayton 2016! I’ve got plans for a new 10mm Sudan project and have done some sample figures. I hope this will keep going this year as 10mm and Sudan is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’d like to finish the other couple of units of my 20mm WSS but until there is another game planned it’s not a priority. And I have NO INTENTION OF STARTING ANY NEW PROJECTS!!!!

Any other painting I do will be just to add to existing projects. That leaves plenty of scope! I want to try and finish some projects off, paint the last odd unit, dispose of surplus lead. Punic Wars, AWI, Modern Micro armour will all fall into this area. And I’m knocking a couple of projects on the head: 6mm Arab Israeli and 6mm WW2 North Africa. Both will be up for sale soon!

Games – nothing major planned other than the usual excellent Ayton and the big game at Partizan, both of which I am really looking forward to. March will also hopefully see a mini gathering in Newark and Lincoln which should be most enjoyable. I’m also going to try and get a few games in at my club. Honest…

And finally, I want to re-vamp the blog a little. I want to start moving the static content over to a normal website so I can play round with the format a bit more. And hopefully spend some time sorting my collection and photographing more.

So, there we are. We shall see what transpires!

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Happy New Year!

A little late to the show but my great plans for painting and sorting and planning over the two week break just didn’t materialise and it’s back to work tomorrow! I’ll be doing a little review of 2014 and plans for 2015 in due course but the last couple of days I did manage to do a little sorting and tidying. The ‘game table’ got cleared and as I wanted to clear some space the old and damaged terrain tiles got sorted and cleared and I finally finished the three I needed to complete my small ‘desert’ game area. I started this ages ago…and bugger me it was in 2011 – here!!! … and I still had two large tiles and a gully to do to make it a decent size. These are now done:

2015-01-03 16.06.07 2015-01-03 16.06.13And this gives me the following play area. I’ve left the other side of the tiles green but to be honest I’m not keen on the gaps showing so I may paint the reverse of the gully tiles as well so I can do a flat surface. Large tiles are 18″ but as most of this will be for 6mm games it is fine. I also did a few of the small hill sections.

2015-01-04 17.40.12 2015-01-04 17.40.32 2015-01-04 17.40.54I also spent a little time tidying the paint desk and prepping the next lot of figures (for Ayton) and lining up some C18th, WSS and Sudan stuff! Should keep me going! The table doesn’t look that much better but it is and I’ve stored duplicate paints.

2015-01-04 17.41.13And I’ve used the top of my paint rack to hold my most common paints and triads.

2015-01-04 17.41.24So, things are all set for 2015! All I need now is a PLAN!!!



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