Christmas 2016

This year Christmas has been relatively quiet. Spent The Day at the in-laws and had a rather good feed, all the better for not having had to cook it! Kids seem happy with their DS’s and I’ve so far avoided having to play Pie Face on the grounds the cream used is not vegan!

My wife did a good effort on my Christmas list:

I do like the Wargames Annual each year and the latest Refighting History from Mr Grant looks excellent. Not cheap, but I like them. And I’m fine for whisky for a while! Particularly enjoying the Ardbeg…

This holiday I wanted to get the kids playing some games. We’ve had some success in the past with Carcassonne so as one of the ‘family’ presents I bought the first expansion in the new art.

I’ve yet to drag them to the table though. I also grabbed this:

We did manage a couple of games and may manage more. Simple and fun. But I really must try not to win…

And as a present to myself with Krimble money I bought:

Have fancied this for a while. I told my wife it was a cooperative game which she seemed to find hilarious! Somehow thinking that I would be unable to not try to be better at cooperating than everyone else! 🙂 Hoping to get this on the table… before next Christmas…

In other news… Christmas TV has been a bit rubbish. I watched the new Dr Who last night. Thoroughly underwhelmed and baffled by the great reviews it seemed to get as if it was some epic of the television art… Maybe I just dislike Matt Lucas too much… And I’ve not watched much else. Saw clips of Mrs Brown and still have no idea why it is popular or even considered funny. And don’t start me on David Walliams…. Anyway, that’ll do with the complaints!

Wargame-wise I’ll do the ubiquitous Year in Review thing and plans over the next few days. I’m still hoping to get in the attic for a session before the end of the year and have another update to post!

Hope you have all had a good Christmas!

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Job lot purchase…

I’d spotted some Minifigs ACW Zouaves on eBay but the price went too high for me and in the end they didn’t hit reserve. As the chap was fairly local I dropped him a message to see if he was interested in a deal if I could collect. He was and I finally popped over to collect them this evening. I was just expecting the 15mm ACW but he had a pile of other stuff he chucked in as well. This is the whole lot:

One nice lot added in was a load of 6mm Napoleonic British. A variety if makes but I think mostly Baccus. And a variety of basing. Most are nicely done. A few bent figures and quite a few bent bayonets. I’d hoped there were some French as well to give me both sides but no… Therefore I’m likely to pass these on. Question is…do I rebase them all first?

There were the figures I really wanted. They will add to the Zouaves I already have once stripped.

The remaining painted ACW is a little rough – painting and basing… Not sure on the make of these. There are a few Essex in there but most I don’t recognise.

These look like Minifigs but I will compare with what I have to be sure. May come in useful.

The box of ‘painted’ rebs are very random. Again, may rebase and sell on.

There was also a lot of unpainted 15mm ACW. Various makes. The bulk though seem to be old Falcon figures and also quite a few AB. This lot will be good to sort through properly. The AB I have spotted are rather nice but I’m not sure they will fit in with mine…

Some rather ropey Zulus!

And some 54mm metal Napoleonic Brits. Would like to know the make of these?

Random Irregular 6mm bits….

And the Irregular 6mm American town.

Overall I’m still pleased with the haul. Would have liked more Minifigs but quite happy to find a lot of AB in there.

More sorting to be done though…

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A Really Useful Post

Life has been a little busy of late. Battleground was good fun and I picked up a few bits and pieces. I secured the rest of the unpainted Dark Realm models of which there was rather a lot – thanks Graham! Other than that the paint brushes have been dry and all I’ve managed is a bit of sorting. Up until now I’ve stored most of my figures in box files – especially the 15mm and 6mm stuff. The slimline boxes are ideal but not hugely cheap unless – as we sometimes do – a few get together and do a bulk order. However, I’ve always fancied giving Really Useful boxes a try and as Rymans seemed to always have the A4 ones on 3 for £10 I grabbed a few. They also do an insert tray with compartments which I thought would be good for the assorted markers, and I managed  to track down some of the plain A4 trays to give two levels in a box. You can’t store cavalry and command stands in these but as most troops are generic I don’t think there is an issue storing the command stands separately.

The markers tray:

All the trays are lined with non-slip material. The dark grey I used I thought was a bit dark so I’ve grabbed some white which I think works better:

And you can see the two layers nicely here:

And of course they stack quite well!

Still a bit of sorting to do but getting there.

And finally the Forged in Battle War and Empire Kickstarter stuff arrived! Lots of Gauls and pikemen! And lots of painting. Very nice figures though and I’m looking forward to giving them a go.

Hopefully I’ll have some time over the holiday period to get more sorting, some painting and even a game!

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Battleground 2016

Today I hired a little car and took myself down to Stockton-on-Tees for Battleground 2016, organised by Pendraken Miniatures.  This is the last show of the year for me and always a nice little event. The venue is easy to get to, lots of parking, cafe nearby, and a good size hall with good lighting. It’s a well organised and well publicised event with a good selection of traders, a good few participation games and some nice demo games. There is the now common TableTop sale area which seems to work well, although you have to grab the bargains when you see them because if you nip for a coffee and then pop back there’s a chance the guy will have finished his slot and taken his stuff away! Missed a couple books that way today…

So, before we get to the purchases (which were few) here’s some pics of some of the games. A plus point for the show is that each table has a large clear sign saying who is playing what on each table. Other shows take note! 

First up were Stafford and District Wargamers with a 10mm take on part of the battle of Ramilles. Nicely put together.20161126_110209 20161126_110228 20161126_110244Then we had a long game of the Battle of Skalitz from the 1866 Austro-Prussian War. Some very nice figures on the table but I felt the cloth shade of green was a little too green, though I admit it was probably the easiest solution for what was a big area to cover. By Durham Wargames. 20161126_110319 20161126_110636 20161126_110648 20161126_110717And again my local club, Tyneside Wargamers, had their big take (with little figures) on Cannae. Lots and lots of 10mm. 20161126_110755 20161126_110807 20161126_110816The Border Reivers put on their usual excellent display with a WW2 ‘Cross of Iron’ game.20161126_111730 20161126_111745 20161126_111757 20161126_111806Along from them was some excellent WW1 terrain from Generals and Kings. Very nice…20161126_111822 20161126_111837 20161126_111856 20161126_111903There were a good few participation games which seemed to attract attention throughout the day.20161126_111929And I still have no idea what the cup cake game was about!20161126_111944Simon Miller’s To The Strongest rules put in an appearance via the Old Guard Wargames Group. Very nicely presented 28mm figures.20161126_112016 20161126_112031 20161126_112048This was one of the more interesting games. Iacta Alea Est presented Jutland using the old Avalon Hill game of the same name. Had a nice and well informed chat with one of the guys running it. Meant to pop back to see how it turned out but never got chance. 20161126_112106 20161126_112349Redcar Ironbeards presented a Rapid Fire East Front game, Capture the Port.20161126_112401 20161126_112416 20161126_112433Rather nice little 10mm Sudan game from Independent Wargames Group – Blood on the Nile. I really must make a start on my 10mm Sudan!20161126_112504 20161126_112517 20161126_112528 20161126_112537 20161126_112542Then we had a very good looking Black Powder ACW game again from the Independent Wargames chaps. Really nice figures. And in my current favoured period.20161126_112559 20161126_112623 20161126_112632 20161126_112647And finally the Brompton Bankers had their excellent Toy Town Wars. Really cute stuff!20161126_113002 20161126_113018 20161126_113035 20161126_113103

There were a number of other particpation games I didn’t manager to snap but the full details are on the show website here.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Met up with Simon T (Goat Major) who was looking slightly battered! And chatted with various people thoughout the day. Yet again the Pendraken chaps are to be congratulated on a well presented show. I trust the number and trade made it all worthwhile for all concerned.

I have to be honest and say I didn’t REALLY need to buy anything at the show. Have plenty of recent odds and ends to keep me busy! I did spot a couple of books on Ironclads in the Table Top Sale but missed them. So I grabbed a couple of packs of MDF round bases and was happy to call it a day. Then Graham at Crann Tara dug out the boxes of 6mm SF he wanted to sell. So I grabbed the painted chaps for a good price and am negotiating for the big pile of unpainted! It’s all Dark Realm stuff which fits with lots of what I already have. Needless to say it needs rebasing!

20161126_223549 20161126_223557

This might encourage me to finally finish and USE my 6mm SF!

A good day…

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15mm Odds and Ends

I’ve spent the last week re-vamping the eBay cavalry I bought and finishing a couple of odds and ends following the Newark game. When I re-did the Carthaginian command stands I took the two generals off their Cav(O) stands and added some standing figures to mount them on round bases. This left four Carthaginian cavalry so luckily I had a couple of matching unpainted figures so have painted those up to give me two cavalry stands. I tried to match the style (my 90’s style!) but you can spot the new ones if you look carefully!


At Newark I picked up a few Minifigs ACW standard bearers that Iain (Essex Boy) and skillfully replaced the poles on. These were to add another command stand to my ‘Iron Brigade’ type figures. Flags are by GMB.

20161124_233352 20161124_233409

Last week I took delivery of some nice Minifigs Union Cavalry. Tidy ‘wargames standard’ paint job and a good price for 40 cavalry. 

20161116_215601 20161116_215541 20161116_215522

So, off the bases they came after a good soak. Odd chips were touched up and the peaks on the kepis painted black (the originals had obviously had a heavy blue dry brush!). And as they were lacking command I tried to paint a couple of command stands to add to them and match as close as I could. And based in my usual style.

20161124_233458 20161124_233509_001 20161124_233529 20161124_233545

I’ve also recently bought some snake fencing off eBay and the guy was happy to not paint and flock the bases so I could paint and flock to match my own bases. So sample one done:


They are sold as for 15mm but I think are more suited to the ‘new’ 15mm/18mm rather than my old little Minifigs! They’ll do though…

The final eBay unit was I assume meant to be Rush’s Lancers. So these have been re-based and pennons added.

20161124_234151 20161124_234201

The figures ‘seems’ to be the same as the unit above with the carbines replaced by lances. It’s a really nice figure but I’m not sure on the original Minifigs code. Would be nice to get a few more…

Here’s some close ups of the new command stands:

20161124_234334 20161124_234344

And this is the final little brigade!


Quite pleased with them really. I now have some dismounted versions to do as to be honest they will likely see more use on table!

And Saturday is the Battleground Wargames Show which I am rather looking forward to. Nothing desperate to buy but looking forwards to a good natter!


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