First Dragon Rampant Game

Tuesday night saw a trip to the Whitley Bay 3D Gamers Club in, well, Whitley Bay. I’m going to do my best to make it down there once a month this year! This visit was to try Dragon Rampant. I played Lion Rampant last year at Simon’s Newark bash (see this post) and really enjoyed it and it is to be the theme for Ayton 2017. But having eyed my lads model dragon for a couple of weeks with thoughts of working it into some medieval games I thought grabbing Dragon Rampant and giving it a go was worthwhile. So Karl L offered to run the game and supply myself and Alex R with some splendid orc types and undead respectively, while Callum arrived with some rat themed army and Andy K a werewolf themed one. I’m not too big on the old fantasy races etc. so feel free to correct! We worked out basic 24pt armies. My orcs were based around the sample in the DR book so I had two lots of Light Foot with short range missile weapons, two lots of bellicose foot with Shiny Armour and a leader and hangers on as Heavy Foot with offensive option. So quite hard hitting if I get in first! We basically bunged a bit of scenery down and set up in opposite corners and went at it!


I was closest to Alex’s undead horde so sent my Light Foot forward to await their arrival.


The orcs I was using were a rather eclectic and colourful lot borrowed from Karl. IMAG4995

They had a lot of things shambling towards them!IMAG4996

Callum’s rather impressive rat things took quite a pummelling from the were-chaps. This was partly because for the first few turns we just went clockwise round the table for initiative and the were-chaps just kept hitting with no chance to get a strike back or avoid.IMAG4997

Despite their reputation my orcs formed orderly lines and waited!IMAG5003

After some rather impressive early activations (9/10 on turn 1!) the undead horde seemed to shuffle to a halt. I got a couple of shots at one unit and found that they were rather brittle with armour of 1.IMAG5004

I eventually moved the Light Foot aside and sent in the first of the heavy chaps who proceeded to hack their way through three units before grinding to a halt, exhausted and then dispersing. The next few turns saw the undead gradually whittled down (though not without loss) until only the leader remained…

IMAG5005 IMAG5006 IMAG5008 IMAG5009 IMAG5010

A final bash between his heavies and mine saw the orcs victorious…IMAG5011

However, over the other side of the table the rat-chaps had been wiped out and the were-chaps were heading my way!IMAG5012

I lined up some Light Foot to face the first lot and against the odds they saw off three attacks but were a tad depleted at the end!IMAG5013

It then came down to a battle between my leader and, well, three of his units!IMAG5014

Despite a valiant defence they eventually cracked and ran away. Not helped by my previously decent dice starting to let me down.IMAG5015

The field was left to the creatures of the moon!IMAG5016

It was good fun! Half way through we started rolling initiative every turn which made things more interesting although by that time the damage had been done to Callum’s force. The rules work pretty well. We kept it pretty basic and for a first try didn’t make too many mistakes. Working out the actual casualties with reduced model units was sometimes a pain but I think once you have your list sorted and get used to it it will be fine. The undead were very brittle and I think need a little magic to help them out. There are some nice variations on Lion Rampant and I’m sure you could mix and match stuff with little problem.

On the night I picked up some old GW LOTR Orcs and Gondor types from Lawrence. I think these should paint up pretty quick (if I ever get chance) and I hope to use them for some little ‘imagination’ themed games late in the year.

All in all, a good night and thanks to Karl for pulling it all together and the chaps for a fun game. Looking forward to trying the rules again.


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Well, I had great hopes for posting a painting update as my first 2016 update but it seems not. Life…

I have however picked up a couple of things for planned projects and have a few more things lined up. First arrivals have been Besieged: The Epic Battle for Cholm from Leaping Horseman Books.


I have several books from this publisher/author and they are excellent. Not the most narrative of reads but full of excellent details and pictures. I have the Le Franc Tireur Cholm module for ASL and I hope one day to play it! It does however give me ideas for 6mm Eastern front stuff which I will do my best to resist!

Having played an excellent few games of Lion Rampant in Newark last year I really need to start painting the Norman stuff I have. I have supplemented that with some Gripping Beast Arabs so I can go more First Crusade. And also maintain a link to my C18th Imagination and their Ottoman ties! Needless to say the recent release of Dragon Rampant as given me more ideas….


I was just going to use what I have (still to paint…) and add a dragon! But I figured a dragon should really be accompanied by some Orcs! I’d been watching some Games Workshop stuff on Ebay but then Lawrence (from the Tyneside and Whitley Bay Clubs) offered me some Mordor Orcs and some Minas Tirith chaps. A good start! If I can paint them! I’m hoping to get a try out of Dragon Rampant at the Whitley Bay Club this coming Tuesday.

I’ve also picked up a copy of To the Strongest from Simon Miller.


We have been looking at options for rules for the planned Punic War game later this year and these are looking promising. We need something quick and fun. If I can get the attic cleared I hope to have a quick test game.

To offset this lot I’ve sold some bits of ASL stuff. Spares and duplicates that I’m unlikely to play – which to be honest could apply to most of it!

So, a little update. Not much progress but always good to get some new toys! If I get a game on Tuesday that will be the next post here.


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Happy New Year! – Plans for 2016

Thought I’d best get this post in on the 1st or the moment will pass. First off, Happy New Year! Many thanks to all who’ve contributed to my enjoyment of the hobby over the year and helped make it a fun year and to get through the less fun bits.

So what of the plans for 2016? I’m not 100% sure to be honest… As ever, the main drivers will be Ayton/LAW Forum related meetups. As of now these are:

  • 20mm WSS game at Gary P’s domicile in March
  • Ayton at the beginning of May – 28mm C18th Imagination
  • Framlingham event in October organised by Mr Hall – not sure on games yet…
  • Some sort of 15mm Punic War gathering… sometime… this year… somewhere…

Now, the WSS game is still to be confirmed for me and will depend a lot on how I can get there. Ayton is a definite. Hotel booked. Pass secured. Fram. That was a definite. My wife has one work event in October. And it’s always been the first weekend. So Mr Hall graciously avoided that and booked it all for the second weekend. Then the work event was announced…and this year is the second weekend! This does not preclude attending but does make it a little more tricky. Hopefully something can be arranged… And the Punic War event (assuming we can agree on rules and basing! 🙂 ) is very unfixed at the moment but I’m sure myself, Simon, Iain and Dave will sort something out… even if I have to organise it up here in Newcastle…

I did a little ‘stock take’ a few weeks ago of what was on the workbench and to be honest that still stands. I want to clear what is there. Fortunately most of the items fit in with the above events. So…here we have a few targets…

  1. Complete the 20mm WSS Les Higgins brigade (hopefully) for the March game. 2-3 battalions. 1 regiment of cavalry. 1 gun and limber.
  2. Complete 2nd Battalion of Altefritzenburgers for Ayton. And maybe 12 cavalry. And some battalion guns… Probably…
  3. Modern Microarmour – finish off Belgians and Brits and sort out the remaining Soviet stuff.
  4. Punic War – I ‘probably’ don’t need to do anything for this but… I have just signed up to the latest Forged in Battle Kickstarter and can see myself grabbing some Punic War related stuff come June and maybe finally getting some pikemen done… and some re-basing…
  5. Start the Lion Rampant stuff. Not urgent as needed for Ayton 2017! But I’d like to try another game before then

Other projects that may or may not get some input over the year.

  1. 10mm Sudan – I got the Black Powder supplement for Christmas and still intend to do this this. Honest…
  2. 15mm AWI – sort and re-assess. Clear out what’s not needed and re-base a few

And more general hobby…

  1. Sort the attic to free up the game table (again!) so I can actually play a game up there!
  2. Get in one game a month at either the Tyneside or Whitley Bay clubs
  3. Sort out moving my blog content to the website and generally do more updates
  4. I’d quite like to get a game of ASL in as well….
  5. And finally, I’m going to resurrect the whole Wargaming Neutral thing..

That lot should keep me busy! Review in June!

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