Yep! Still rebasing!!

Been rather busy of late so not much progress but I thought another update was due. I actually completed some more basing a few weeks ago but haven’t got round to posting it.


Some more generic Union and at the back some Berdan’s Sharpshooters.  There are still a lot to finish painting the bases on but getting there.

I suppose as basing was getting a little tedious I decided to break it up with a little painting. Three limbers for the Union. Needless to say, they still need basing!

wp-1475162768724.jpg wp-1475162799265.jpg

While rummaging through boxes I found a load of unpainted fences. Most of these I know are Irregular as I’ve used others of theirs. But the three pole fence I’m not sure on as I picked it up from Gateshead Gaming ages ago.

wp-1475162817313.jpg wp-1475162813463.jpg

So… all moving along albeit slowly…

Books. Yes. I’ve been adding to the books.

61gg21viiol-_sx365_bo1204203200_ 51wqpdckkgl-_sx322_bo1204203200_ 51uqmyd-mdl-_sx357_bo1204203200_ 51trvv4ml4l-_sx369_bo1204203200_ 51p639cdk9l-_sx321_bo1204203200_ 51fjgjxsx2l-_sx334_bo1204203200_ 51chm9racal-_sx332_bo1204203200_ 51asgehn3ul-_sx362_bo1204203200_ 41wbwsfial-_sx331_bo1204203200_

Possibly slight overkill… but most were bargains!

And to finish off, the new Dan Mersey rules: The Men Who Would Be Kings


And to claim the Free Postage the new Osprey on Cowpens:


And having not played a game for a few weeks I will be setting off for the wilds of Suffolk (Framlingham) in two weeks to join assorted LAW members for a weekend of gaming, beer and taking the piss out of Essex Boy! Looking forward to it.

Oh… and someone might be picking up a load of Lancashire Games 15mm ACW for me. These are from their old range and I quite like some of the figures which will fit well with what I have. Their new range is VERY nice with some lovely figures but they are 18mm and just too big to mix with my old Minifigs.

Hopefully I’ll get the limbers and a few other bases finished before that weekend…

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What a long and tedious job re-basing is… I can’t base the last few infantry stands as the new bases I have are ever so slightly too big. This is being corrected. But I have finally got everything off old bases and onto new. And the ballast/PVA mix applied.

20160907_184010 20160907_184017

I’ve gone for three crew for the guns as I think two just looks a bit light…

I say I’ve re-based everything but I exclude the Zouaves. I have just traded for 26 more in kepi and a couple in turban. I need to get an idea on unit strengths in various battles to see how many I may actually need. Either way I will likely strip both lots and re-base them.


But I did make an effort to get a couple of units actually finished!

20160907_184056 20160907_184104

And at the front you can make out some sample strips of the 4Ground MDF fencing. I decided that leaving them MDF/Brown would just be too well, brown, given my dark basing. So as I have lots of cheap grey acrylic paint I sloshed that on and drybrushed with a lighter mix.


I think they look OK. I was concerned that they are very light and would move around but the surface of my Mat-o-War seems to snag them and hold them in place. I do wish they would do the fencing in longer sections though!

And to finish off I thought I’d lay out the CSA troops I have. These are a total mix of all makes and painting styles but the basing brings them all together I think. And I need to re-base the officers.


So good progress being made and hopefully get the rest done by the weekend. Oh…and I need to paint ten limbers as well…



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Border Reiver 2016 – Gateshead Stadium

I haven’t done a show report for a while, mainly because I’ve managed fewer shows this year! However, I was granted a pass for today and so set off for what is my local show – Border Reiver. Gateshead Stadium is a good venue. Decent size and quite light but suffering from the usual sports venue yellow light which effectively ruins all the photos. I took a few anyway but you’ll see what I mean… This year the entry was via a large access way directly into the hall rather than winding through the corridors from the main entrance. This seemed to work well, apart from getting wet when going for coffee or toilets. Not sure if this will be a permanent change or was just down to there being an event in the main building.20160903_122110There was a good spread of traders but seemed to be fewer games on display. Good to see a couple of participation games as well. No Bring and Buy but the now common flea market. I’m still not sure on the idea and think they work better at the bigger shows but there seemed to be 3-5 tables active most of the time I was there so hopefully those concerned did well.

The games… Not all had clear info on who was running them and I was negligent in finding out as I just did a quick run to take pics.

Tyneside Wargames Club presented Cannae using their own Great Captain rules. A LOT of figures!20160903_115641 20160903_115651(0) 20160903_122034 20160903_125942Sharp Practice seems to (justifiably) put in an appearance at most shows. A nice FIW participation game.20160903_115710 20160903_115719 20160903_115742A nice Napoleonic game20160903_121621 20160903_121635 20160903_121656 20160903_121709Sword and Spear rules put in an appearance20160903_121401 20160903_121410 20160903_121421

And 40K, Blood Bowl 7s, Wild West and Wings of whatever it is this month…

20160903_121721 20160903_121731 20160903_121809 20160903_121845 20160903_121911 20160903_121922 20160903_121940Vietnam game and Kings of War20160903_115824 20160903_115836 20160903_122008 20160903_122018And finally some big viking things!20160903_115907 20160903_115924 20160903_115930I usually get chance to chat to people on the games but that didn’t really happen other than at the Sword and Spear game, a set of rules I have but have yet to try!

So there we are. The games were fine but nothing really grabbed me as outstanding.

So. On to the haul!20160903_191717First off, no lead! Nothing! So no new scales or periods which is a big relief! 🙂 I had order a load more Fire and Fury size bases from Minibits so had those to pick up along with some 45mm bases for the possible re-base of my 28mm ImagiNation stuff… I also grabbed a load of round bases for various uses. Probably more than I needed but you can never have too much MDF! And as I seek a suitable blue to match the Union I have I grabbed  some ACW appropriate paints. I was tempted by quite a few books (of which more anon) but in the end only grabbed Sear’s book on the Peninsular Campaign. And finally, after a chat with Colonel Bill I bought some 15mm MDF fences suitable for ACW. There batter be easy to make or I’ll be having words with him at Battleground! 🙂

And on the way home I grabbed some brown paint for the ongoing basing fest and the latest Wargames Illustrated.

Only down part of the day was at the end. As I perused one of the book stalls I noticed a copy of Don Troiani’s Regiments of the American Civil War. I’d placed a copy of this in my Amazon basket a few days ago. £14. When I returned the next day to add another book and buy the price had gone up to £25!! Too steep for me. This one was £12. Bargain!! But it was the end of the show. I checked wallet. Bare. But in my ‘purse’ I had a lot of pound coins and started counting them to see if I had enough. As I did so a chap picked up the book, flicked through, and then bought it! I was gutted… However I did only have £10 so would have had to haggle! Next time. I’ll find a copy soon…

So a nice day out and good to chat to assorted people from the local clubs. Shame it rained for the walk home. Thank to the chaps for organising it all.



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Still re-basing!!

And the re-basing continues. Taking longer than I planned and I’ve now run out of the main base type! But tomorrow is the Border Reiver Show and I already have an order in for more bases with Minibits. I did have a quick look at the recommended base sizes in Regimental Fire and Fury (looking at guns and limbers) and noticed they say infantry on 1″x 3/4″. Mine are 1″ by 7/8″! And they are staying that way!!

I’ve got everything off the old bases and bar guns and officers and a few stands I have the rest stuck to new bases and I’d say over half with the PVA/ballast mix on. Somewhere I have a load of markers as well which will need doing. Just can’t find them at the moment! And none of the Union guns have limbers. I have a few but will need more. So anyway, here is the current state of play:

20160902_192804 20160902_192809 20160902_192825

Getting there… I’m hoping there will be a few old Minifigs on the tabletop sale at the show tomorrow. You never know…


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