Mar 082017

Having acquired the correct DecoArt Burnt Umber I repainted the four corner pieces and finished them off. I’ve also made up another batch of fences to do… I’ve also realised that I may be a few limbers short of a full battery! So I’ve made up three Minifigs limbers (just using two horses) and started painting them. May need to do similar for CSA but may just give them less guns…

And I might have ordered a few resin stone walls…

I’m hoping next week to lay out the planned table and make sure I have all the bits, it looks OK and then photograph it for quick setup on the day!


  2 Responses to “More fences!!!”

  1. Oh for goodness sake STOP! All this output is depressing. Very impressive, but depressing.

  2. Obviously, its good to have a hobby!

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