Despite numerous efforts to keep my work desk tidy it never seems to stay that way long. Part of the problem was having paints everywhere. The rack I have for my Vallejo, although neat and solid, is not the most accessible and I have way more bottles than holes! So having looked at various options I settled on the vertical racks that Warbases do. I wanted something that took up little table space and these seemed the best option.

So they arrived today and I managed to get away from work early to ‘install’ them. There are only 6 pieces and construction took no more than 15 minutes for both. I applied a little PVA along the joints to keep everything in place:Then came the ‘sorting of the paints’… Each rack holds 45 Vallejo bottles and I filled them rather too quickly…I decided to use the old rack to hold duplicate bottles (of which there were 24!), inks and washes. And the stepped rack at the back to hold the big bottles of acrylics I use for basing and the Vallejo Primers.And the top of the rack held the ridiculous number of variants of green I seem to have! I’d been storing the surplus Vallejo (and others) in the desk drawer. This wasn’t ideal as it was hard to see the colours so I’m now using this for all the odds and ends of paints from different manufacturers:This freed up some space at the left to put all the big bottles that were previously getting in the way on the right hand side. So now I yet again have a nice tidy table!On the left you can see the current WIP stuff of which more in a day or so when some bases arrive!

All in all I’m quite pleased with the racks. At £7 each they are cheap and quick to make and take up little space. I’m tempted to get another one though. I want to organise the paints into my preferred and regular triads and label up the racks…



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