I’ve been struggling to get back into painting etc. since the break imposed by the school holidays. Border Reiver, although am enjoyable day, didn’t provide me with the boost I needed so the painting brush has been idle…

However, the inestimable Essex Boy has recently been sorting through an acquired lead pile and ID’d a number of Minifigs 2nd Gen 15mm ACW figures. Some Union, some CSA, infantry and cavalry:

The paintjob was quite basic and as I’d implied that I was going to strip them EB just dropped them in bags to post. When they arrived quite a few were chipped but the CSA stuff actually still looked mostly OK. The Union stuff looked a little rougher and I wasn’t keen on the blue used… So I thought I’d touch up the CSA stuff. Most just needed a highlight adding to the chipped surfaces and I then applied a thinned GW Agrax Earthshade and based them up. Ten new stands.

It was nice to complete something but I’ve no idea what to do next. I quite liked the cavalry that EB sent as well:

These look to be Frontier Miniatures but are unfortunately lacking horses and as Frontier seem to have disappeared I think these figures will never get used. So…still no idea what to so next!

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  1. I’m happy that you’re happy.

    One of the many good things about the Fire & Fury rules is that you don’t have to build whole units at a time. You can simply make up extra stands as the mood takes you.

    These look great, Andy.

    To be fair, the figures were pretty bashed around when I got them. I didn’t think that the journey north would make any difference. Sorry that I’ve added to your ‘correct blue’ monkey.

  2. Hi! I enjoy reading your blog. I think that I can identify the unpainted figures above as I have many of them. The one on the left seems to be one of the original Donnington Miniatures officer from the late 1980s. The cavalryman on the right is a Front Rank figure of the same period, which are no longer in production either.
    regards, Terr


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