And there’s more!

Following the altercation at Eadric’s hut Brother Simon continued to make his way south towards the monestary where he spent so little time. As the stream wound round again he started to cross at the ford. Only to be confronted by three Normans, obviously not common soldiers.

Simon de Bouc Majeur had got word from the surviving sergeant of the recent bloodshed, and pushing ahead with his hornman and cousin David la Salle he too appeared along the path to cross the ford.

Sensing there were more soldiers in the area, Brother Simon, after the formal introductions with his namesake, said he had seen strange travellers, dark skinned, who, after brief words he had seen leave the path and head northwards.  David ordered the horn be sounded to summon their men!

And Simon, ordering the monk to be on his was, was a little bemused to see the large club the man of God had concealed behind his back! 

But sensing that even a monk might need to protect himself in these troubled times he let him go and awaited the arrival of his men. The hunt was on!

These are three Crusader Miniature Normans that Simon (Goat Major) sent me along with the monk figure. Although already nicely painted the style didn’t really fit with mine so in the Dettol they went and yesterday they were painted and today based.

Nice figure and easy to paint. Three more characters added to the story!


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And a few more bits!

I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment. Back for the Lion Rampant game at Ayton last year I needed a few ‘command’ figures for my Normans and in the end decided I would create The Brotherhood of the Swan as some religious forebears of my C18th Savage Swans! I chose the Perry 1st Crusade Hospitaller command and just painted the three and added three Conquest plastic Normans to give me my six figure Lion Rampant unit. I’d intended making them up to a six figure Hospitaller unit last year and bought the figures but they sat in a box until this week! And now have the six figures for my completed mounted Brotherhood of the Swan!  I have some of the Fireforge Foot Templars and think I can do foot versions of them as well at some point!

And to round off this session, Simon (Goat Major – go see his blog!) sent me some figures recently and amongst them was an old monk. A bit of Googling ID’d it as Citadel C03-19 Priest with Club, 1983. So this has been painted up as Brother Simon, a travelling monk, currently providing religious ‘advice’ to the local population and always happy to discuss any matter and often bring the conversation to a rapid conclusion with his trusty club!

It’s a nice old figure but I found the face hard to paint without the benefit of modern sculpting detail. 

So, a little more progress. Some more Normans next!


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Returning home… a first little game of Song of Blades and Heroes

I’ve been trying  to get round to trying SoBaH for a while but despite having the table set up it never seemed to happen. However, this evening I finally threw a few figures on the table and tried the basics out. I kept it simple. A Norman knight and four of his sergeants are patrolling the local woods and come across a Saxon hut and it’s lone occupant, Eadric. Eadric has served many times in the Fyrd for his lord and soon grabs his spear and shield to defend himself! I’d started everyone quite close together and gave the Normans the initiative. I used a system I found on a blog (which I can’t remember but will try and dig out!) where for the opposition in a solo game you have one dice marked 1-3 and roll that with three other dice which you can order (I chose red/white/blue). So for activation rolls if the yellow dice is a 1 you use the red dice, a 2 you use the red and white etc. The first rolls saw the Norman sergeants rush ahead, apart from the chap at the back managed to end the turn!

Across the bridge, Grimmwulf was returning from his long travels with his two companions, Abdul Khaliq el-Rahimi and Kameel al-Hameed. As Grimmwulf drew his two blades, he and Kameel headed to the bridge.

But Abdul, seemed a little hesitant and they paused, not knowing why.

This saw the first blows struck as Eadric fought with the first Norman!

Kameel rushed onto the bridge but Grimmwulf sped past him to confront their first enemy!

In a flurry of flashing blades the first man fell to Grimmwulf’s wrath!
And sensing the new threat the furthest Norman paused to consider his options!

Grimmwulf bellowed his war cry but seeing three potential enemies paused.

A sergeant rushed at him but was stunned, falling to his knees!

Meanwhile, the Norman knight rushed to face Kameel as he reached the end of the bridge and forced him back!And Grimmwulf, his opponent at his mercy, dispatched him bloodily and mercilessly!Seeing this two of the Normans fled back But their leader was made of sterner stuff and fell back in the face of three foes. Coming to blows with the savage warrior with the two swords he was pushed back and as his men made haste to escape he too fell back. He had encountered a fearsome warrior and lost two of his men! As his foes gathered along the path he bid them farewell and headed back to report his news.And Grimmwulf and Kaleem prepared to help the old warrior whose life they had clearly saved.And that was it! As it was a solo game I think  the three dice approach worked well. Generally, I rolled two for ‘my’ chaps except for Grimmwulf as I had given him the Hero trait so he always gets one successful activation. His two-blades trait proved quite nasty in combat but he did roll well. His final attack was two 6s which enabled the grusome kill that prpmpted the morale checks that led to the Norman fleeing!

The basic stats were:

Norman Knight: Q3/C4 and the Sergeants: Q4/C3
Eadric was a basic Fyrd warrior: Q4/C3
Kaleem and Abdul; Q3/C4
And Gimmwulf was Q3/C4 with Hero and Two Blades traits

I’d made up a measuring stick beforehand as well has marking out the D3 I used.I was playing the Advanced rules so used Reactions for both sides. I’m not sure this really worked solo but it was OK. I think I need to look at one of the other solo rules variants for a more formal way of handling the enemy. But the game was simple and quick. The hero did the killing, the bad guys ran away and the Norman knight now has an enemy who got the better of him and must now seek revenge!

More to come!

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A Dark Age Update…

I’ve been plodding on with y Dark Age project and painting more Saxons. Despite having almost finished off another batch of Fyrd I decided to drop all my current stuff for this project (the Saxons and the Normans from Ayton last year) on the table to take some pics. Just to see how it was coming together.

Normans and Saxons clash

Picture 1 of 8

Quite pleased with the progress I then set about finishing the basing on the Fyrd so I could add them. Along with a couple of character figures. I then took delivery of  the Gripping Beast Dark Age Archers set and realised the Saxons had no missile troops to combat the Norman archers and crossbows. So I then painted twelve of them in one day. It’s a nice box set. There are only three poses and some of the heads appear a little small to me but with a growing plastic spares box it was easy to vary them a bit. So then I was ready to post some pics of them. But no! Wait! Today I took delivery of some Last Valley scenery so I thought I’d lay some of that out to take pics of the new stuff…

And on the bridge are Eorconweald and Aethelwald of Steadwick, the rather stubborn and belligerent Viking (and most other things) hating brothers!

I’ve got a few more bits of stream and a load of hedges. I quite like the stuff and for the price it us pretty good. I’ve got some civilians to paint and a few odds and ends of Normans and then, as I keep saying, I really must play a game!!!

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