RUB’ing up the right way

Having used assorted box files and storage boxes over the years I’ve finally conceded that Really Useful Boxes (RUBs) are the way to go. For some projects I’ve just lined the boxes with non-slip rubber sheet (the woven type stuff you get for putting in the bottom of drawers etc.). This is cheap and for most things stops stuff sliding around. But all my 28mm stuff is on steel washers or MDF with steel paper on the bottom so I’ve lined some boxes with cheap magnetic photo paper. This if fine for the multi figure bases but the 25mm washers get a bit untidy…

Now, Warbases (and others) do assorted inserts for RUBs ( either as potentially layered boxes (which I think may still be an option for my 6mm Modern stuff…) or the giant sabot for taking single based figures if various bases shapes/sizes. To be honest, I’m less keen on storage ‘refinements’ that cost more than the box but these do work well and keeping toys safe is good! So, what I wanted, and what Martin at Warbases supplied me, was just the top part of the big sabot.

So I just lined the bottom of the box with the photo paper and stuck the sabot on top!

This gives me the added benefit of keeping the figures in place a little more securely. Here are the Saxons.

The issue I have is the ‘leader’ figures on 30mm bases. As a temporary measure I took another washer and stuck steel paper on one side and mag paper on the other. This fits flush in a slot and lets me hold the figure in place. Not as secure as IN a slot but OK for now…

And there we are sorted. With the bulk of my Normans in another box.

The final issue is the mounted figures on tablet bases. I’m thinking I could either request a full insert sabot for the correct base type or get a half large sabot and a batch of the top parts of the tablet sabots and make up a little montage to fill the space and fit in as many as I can… I shall speak to Martin about the options. But until then they will have to remain in the old box…

I now need more of the magnetic photo paper! You can get it on Amazon/eBay but the best deal is when some of the Pound shops have them…


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