Having a generally shitty time at the moment so felt the need to cheer myself up with some bits and pieces. Some picked up from Salute, some ordered online, some picked up locally. So here we have it all…

The hoard…

Starting from the top and running left to right we have:

  1. MDF RUB inserts from Commission Figures
  2. A selection of brushes from ABCBrushes
  3. 15/18mm Samurai from a recent Kickstarter
  4. Wooden discs from my local The Works
  5. Basetex for my pending shiny old school ancients project
  6. Paint – see below…
  7. Bits from Salute – horses from Crann Tara, Fallschirmjaeger from Crusader Miniatures
  8. Some empty paint bottles for decanting flow improvers etc.
  9. A new AWI book
  10. And finally my copy of A Gentleman’s War arrived…

A tidy little haul and it has sort of cheered me up. At least while I was sorting it all out…

I recently found an excellent little article on a paint studio site where they discussed how as a paint studio people assumed they had hundreds of pots of paint from many manufacturers. However, in reality they only had 30-40 and from these could mix any shade they needed and with assorted washes create many excellent effects. There was even this quote when they discussed ‘blues’:

“Vallejo Magic Blue, any generic blue will work with 90% of cases” – you of course need about another 20 blues to cover that other 10%…

Anyway, I looked at my rack upon rack of paint, the many other pots in drawers and on shelves, hundreds of them… and taking on board the ethos of this article I thought it was time for a new approach…a leaner more efficient painting system…then I thought…bollocks to that… and ordered some more blue paint…

I have been finishing off some bits and pieces though and as part of sorting the forces for the upcoming Ayton AWI game I have painted a few Blue Moon figures I’ve had for years as converged light companies.

Quite nice figures to paint. Next up are some British artillery and crews… though I’m not happy with the blue of the gunner’s coats…

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  1. I’ve got some Blue Moon FIW that was intended for a small scale Muskets and Tomahawks game. I only painted up one trial base before my opponent lost interest 🙁 They are lovely though.

    Paul Bright
  2. Well done on those BM figures, I have sooo many AWI figures to paint! Thanks for reminding me!
    I, too use retail therapy when I am having a bad time…I am looking at all the 7YW and Modern tanks I have got this month and am wondering ‘Am I having that bad a month?!!!’
    I really hope thing start picking up for you soon, and you return to a state of happiness!
    Be well!

    Richard Bradley

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