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March 2015 Gaming Weekend Part 2

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Mar 112015
March 2015 Gaming Weekend Part 2

And so we come to Day 2. Saturday night in Newark was most enjoyable. A few beers (including one VERY expensive one – sorry Simon!) and an excellent Kerelan meal at Koinonia. We were all staying at the Compton House B&B. This was a lovely old house and they kindly sorted suitable vegan options for Read more…

March 2015 Gaming Weekend Part 1

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Mar 092015
March 2015 Gaming Weekend Part 1

I have just  had a most excellent gaming weekend with Simon (Goat Major), Iain (Essex Boy) and Dave (World2Dave). This has been planned for a while but like all these things it only really came together in the last few weeks when we finally realised we could all make it and it was going to Read more…

6mm SF Dropship

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Feb 112015
6mm SF Dropship

I have lots of figures I need to get painted for my 28mm games in May so it seemed sensible to concentrate on a dropship for my 6mm SF forces! I’ve had the models for these for a few months and cannot take credit for the idea. I think I saw them on a blog Read more…

Feb 032015

There are plans for a new gaming club in Whitley Bay/North Tyneside. Only at the planning stages at the moment but details are on Facebook: if you want to join the group and support them. Given my record for getting to ANY club I’m unlikely to make any meetings but good luck to them Read more…

Feb 012015
Vapnartak 2015

I have returned from a most excellent day in York! Set off early this morning. 07:55 train. Managed to get cheap First Class tickets both ways which meant free snacks. But not many vegan options so just lots of free coffee! Arrived at 9am and there was a No. 4 at the bus stop so Read more…