Count Belisarius

Jun 202016
Has it nearly been a month?

Where does the time go… It’s been a rather busy month since Partizan and my birthday. Family gatherings, holiday in Cornwall, my lad’s birthday and finally completing the clearance and sale of my Aunt’s house in Shrewsbury. Needless to say the hobby has gone on the backburner. The great EB v CB painting challenge is Read more…

May 232016
An unexpected birthday present!

As part of the various purchases and trades that took place at Partizan betwixt myself, Essex Boy and Goat Major, I acquired all their surplus/leftover 10mm Pendraken League of Augsburg figures. This is a lovely range with some very nice sculpts and are amongst the ranges I’ve always fancied trying. Recent chat with EB about a Read more…

May 222016
A Partizan Birthday!

Today is my birthday. That gave me a little leverage in ensuring I could make it to Partizan this year! 🙂 What can I say… I’ve had an excellent day. This year Partizan moved to Newark Showground. I’ve always liked the old Kelham Hall venue despite the light issues in some areas and the maze Read more…