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AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : German Turn 2

With the Russians choosing not to stand and fight the only option is to push on. I’d read a comment somewhere about the Germans needing to make 3 hexes a turn to leave them time for the assault on the village. If the retreat continued at this pace I should be able to keep on schedule.

After breaking the MMG trying to rake the hedge line the advance continued in the woods with the HS scouts probing the concealed Russians. Finding nothing real in Q6 but running into an ambush in the north, breaking and falling back in dissaray.

The advance continued and feeling confident that the southern woods were lightly held the scouting HS advanced too far, falling prey to elite Russians and dying amongst the trees.

End of German Turn 2

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AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : the setup and the plan

Between the 14th and 22nd November I played J103 Lenin’s Sons from Journal 7 against Aaron Sibley. This was our follow up game to my stunning victory in Burn Gurkha Burn where my master plan relied on him rolling a 12 on the very last roll of the game – which he happily obliged.

So, he chose the scenario and took the Russian defenders against a solid SS attack. Looking at the setup it was obvious to me that trying to cross the open ground was a recipe for disaster, even with a few Engineers and their smoke. The defenders in the woods looked pretty substantial – even though I knew some would be dummies – so I settled for a slow grind forward.

The plan was to place a firebase in Building Level 1 of V1/V2 to suppress the defenders on the hedge line and also to force the defenders on the edge of the wood back so that my main force could push through the southern part of the woods making use of the path. The remainder would push through the north hoping to hit the dummies and then forge ahead.

I kept a single squad in the very south ready to make a dash for the hedge line if chance allowed to hopefully open that part of the board for my firebase to join the final fight.

That was the plan.

This was the setup.

With the German forces as follows:

This is what happened…

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ASL Storage

I managed to put together a decent travel kit when I attended the recent Intensive Fire tournament in Bournemouth. Here’s the current setup:

The whole core system fits in this one bag, a Ralph Lauren Polo Sport bought for £50 at the local TKMAX!

All of the core nationality boxes plus my dice tower sit tightly packed in the bottom.

And the two Raaco boxes storing game markers, dice, pens etc., the folders with laminated maps, scenarios and my rulebooks all fit in the top.

Basically the whole kit looks like this.

Last year I decided to go for the spiral bound rulebooks. I have Chapters A-E in one, F-G and the HASL stuf in another and Chapter H in the third.

However, this year I decided to get a reduced version of the rules for handy travel use. At first I just did the main rulebook but then decided to do Chapter H and a small supplement with Chapters F and G and all the charts. Size was reduced by half and done just in black and white. This seems to work fine. The text is a wee bit small, especially the Examples, but it’s still readable.

See what you think.

Counter Storage

The ideal counter storage system for ASL is really a dream. There are so many options, so many little tweaks you can make that it’s a never ending process.

I looked long and hard at different options and finally settle on a range of tackle boxes done by Ron Thompson. I think they’re UK only and the ones I have were bought from Billy’s Tackle SHop in North Shields. Fortunately, I bought loads as I went back a couple of weeks ago and the manufacturer has withdrawn my model and replaced it with a different size. Billy’s trying to get hold of some for me but I’ve still a few spare and so should be OK.

Basically, I have one box for infantry and another for vehicles for each nationality. Some, like the British, German and Americans need two boxes for vehicles. Others, like Chinese and Italians only need one box for both.

Squads are usually mixed in with half-squads excepts where there are a lot of that counter e.g. German 4-6-7s when I split them up. I’ve recently had a bit of a reorganise and split a few more types down to make use a bit easier.

Vehicles – I first started sorting them by movement type, then movement points, and then gun size. What I found was that if you’re looking for a particular counter and they’re all 76mm 15MP then what you’re looking for is the really small text on the counter. So I changed to roughly Chapter H number order. I made sure similar types were grouped together and grouped some of the odds and ends but the general idea holds. I’ll try and post a few examples when I can sort out some images.

Counter Clipping

Two years ago I decided to start clipping my counters. I’d always swore I never would but I tried it on a few old SL counters and decided I liked the look and feel. It has been a long and slow process and will form the basis of another blog entry when I have time and images…

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