Oct 162016
Framlingham 2016 - Day One

Another LAW gathering. This time in Framlingham, Suffolk (again) and ably organised by Tim Hall. Ten of us gathered for a most excellent weekend of gaming. Day One, Saturday, saw The Two Tim’s hosting a 54mm FIW game using Tim H’s lovely collection. It did, as ever look excellent. I believe the game was played Read more…

Fire and Fury in the attic – Part 1

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Jul 232016
Fire and Fury in the attic - Part 1

First a little background. I’ve wanted to set up a game at home for quite a long time but getting my game top clear has proved a problem. As well as deciding WHAT to play. Usually the delay in the latter results in the former getting cluttered again and then months pass by. Again… This Read more…

Jul 202016
A little Fire and Fury at WB3D

For once circumstances conspired in my favour and last night saw the planets aligned and me able to be dropped off in Whitley Bay for a meeting of the Whitley Bay 3D Gamers club. I’d seen that Ian and Andy were putting on another 15mm Fire and Fury game and as I’d enjoyed the last Read more…