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And we’re back!

After many weeks of faffing and disillusionment with the whole blogging thing I seem finally to be back after the blog getting hacked last year. I’m still unsure on the actual cause. I suspect that while working on my website I tried to link to data in the blog and possibly left something vulnerable there. Either way some hacker from Turkey managed to inject loads of malware throughout the blog. Every post, page, media item was infected and despite numerous attempts to clean things it just wouldn’t go away. This kind of put me off blogging for a while as I really thought I’d lost 11 years of recording my hobby!

However, after a bit of research I finally sat down a few days ago to sort it all out. The basic process was…

  1. Export ALL posts and pages and use a decent text editor to remove all the spam links from the generated XML file
  2. Wipe the entire subdomain the blog sat in and recreate the subdomain as a separate website to the main one.
  3. Install a clean copy of WordPress and all the assorted plugins I need to keep it clean.
  4. Import the old blog.
  5. Scan the hell out of it both locally and remotely – it seems to come up clean

There are still a few issues with the media library but that is only related to old posts so I’m not too bothered and may fix it later… And some of the pages that used a multi-column formatting plugin no longer work so they will either need reformatting or moving to the new website when I get round to it…

In the meantime, to get my mojo moving again, I’ve been sorting through my Cold War microarmour and using a lot of the older WarPac kit to start off a small Polish force. I posted this on Facebook before Christmas but thought I’d drop the images in here just for completeness!

I’ve got a load more done and ready to upload but they can sit in their own new post. I’m also working on various bits of Soviet kit: ferries, bridging, dozers etc. and a pile more tanks as you can never have too many!

Fingers crossed this stays clean

And Happy New Year!

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New club in the making in Whitley Bay

There are plans for a new gaming club in Whitley Bay/North Tyneside. Only at the planning stages at the moment but details are on Facebook: if you want to join the group and support them. Given my record for getting to ANY club I’m unlikely to make any meetings but good luck to them and you never know… I might make it down!



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Merry Christmas!

Seasons Greetings to you all! Have a brilliant Christmas and I hope the roof joists are put under strain when Santa’s lead laden sleigh touches down tonight!

Thanks to all who’ve popped by and commented on what has been a relatively non-productive gaming year for me!

All the best



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Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

Despite the evident madness of it, I have entered myself for the 4th Analogue Painting Challenge organised by Curt Campbell over on his blog. You can find the details in the link above but basically it’s a case of setting a points target and aiming for that over the winter months. Starting on 15th December and ending on 20th March 2014. There are options for a few extra points by doing ‘specials’ and I’ll grabbing a couple of them! But the main aim is to give my painting a focus in the run up to the next Ayton game in May! To give myself a little variety I’ve put some 20mm stuff in for the WD3 game in October 2014, some 15mm for Longstreet and some 6mm vehicles. If I can do the two full battalions of 28mm with limbers to go with some guns I already have then I’ll be happy. I’d like to do more but it’s probably asking too much!

My target is 1000 points. I’ve listed the main effort here and via the menu above but Curt will post updates and keep a running total on his blog.

Here’s to hitting the target!



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The Blog With No Name Anniversary 500 Post Giveaway!

Ian, over at the Blog With No Name is celebrating 500 posts and his second anniversary with another Giveway. Just drop a comment in the Giveaway post with what you are interested in and you are good to go. But be quick! Being of slack nature and low motivation at the moment I’ve only just got round to posting this and today (midnight) is the last day! Sorry…

I’m going to try for the Rosemary brushes and the Leven buildings. If I don’t get the brushes I will finally have to bite the bullet and order some!

And while you’re there have a gander around Ian’s blog as it’s a most excellent venue with much to see!


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