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War on the Horizon…

First off, Happy New Year All! It’s been good reading through the many reviews of 2016 and seeing what people have planned for 2017. I’d really hoped to do similar posts myself but the holidays proved more family oriented than expected and I just didn’t get chance to sit at the laptop and wax lyrical. Hopefully will do so in the next few days. Equally, I’d hoped to get in a game over the holidays but as I’m back at work tomorrow it’s looking a little unlikely…

However, I did manage to get a few sessions in the attic….yes, you guessed it! Rebasing!! Well, just basing to be honest…

Some history…in the future…

Couple of years ago I decide to do a future version of my Savage Swans as the military arm of Von Don Corp.

These just used a load of old SF I’d bought on a bring and buy. I did various other factions to go with them but them never really got going with actual games (don’t look so surprised!). Around the same time I bought a load of painted Dark Realm models from a chap on the FWC forums. I’ve trawled my emails but can’t find any to give the guy a credit! However, I never got round to basing these as I felt they needed infantry to go with them and I just never got round to it… 

Roll forward to this years Battleground show in November when I was chatting to Graham Cummings of Crann Tara Miniatures and he was selling a few unwanted items of various periods on his stall. He had a large pile of Dark Realm models. Four APCs and a pile of infantry – nicely painted – which I bought there and then and a large pile of unpainted that I acquired the following week. I’ve been reading a lot of good things about Horizon Wars so quite fancied giving these a run out. I have a load of 6mm SF already painted but the infantry are single based.So I decided to re-base Graham’s stuff and also the Dark Realm that had been sat waiting. And this is what I now have!

Four mobile infantry teams.

Mobile artillery support with Command and Control unit.

As Graham’s four APCs had a different colour scheme I decide to use these as Special Forces/Recon teams and used some of the more interesting types of the figures. 

There are a couple of decent air assets.

And the armoured assault teams. I’ll likely do a dropship/transport to bring the grunts to the field.

More MLRS support.

Hover scouts provide intel.

There were three other models with the DRM stuff that didn’t really fit in so these become the mobile Command and Control vehicles.

The Special Forces chaps advancing along the gully.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with these. I’m still undecided on rebasing my single stuff onto 40x20s. We shall see. There is still a LOT of unpainted stuff (Graham gave me a VERY good deal on this- thanks Graham!) so I may paint up the walkers for a pseudo alien force. And I need to spend some time stat’ing the models for use in Horizon Wars.

2016 Review and 2017 Plans to come over the next few days.

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15mm Odds and Ends

I’ve spent the last week re-vamping the eBay cavalry I bought and finishing a couple of odds and ends following the Newark game. When I re-did the Carthaginian command stands I took the two generals off their Cav(O) stands and added some standing figures to mount them on round bases. This left four Carthaginian cavalry so luckily I had a couple of matching unpainted figures so have painted those up to give me two cavalry stands. I tried to match the style (my 90’s style!) but you can spot the new ones if you look carefully!


At Newark I picked up a few Minifigs ACW standard bearers that Iain (Essex Boy) and skillfully replaced the poles on. These were to add another command stand to my ‘Iron Brigade’ type figures. Flags are by GMB.

20161124_233352 20161124_233409

Last week I took delivery of some nice Minifigs Union Cavalry. Tidy ‘wargames standard’ paint job and a good price for 40 cavalry. 

20161116_215601 20161116_215541 20161116_215522

So, off the bases they came after a good soak. Odd chips were touched up and the peaks on the kepis painted black (the originals had obviously had a heavy blue dry brush!). And as they were lacking command I tried to paint a couple of command stands to add to them and match as close as I could. And based in my usual style.

20161124_233458 20161124_233509_001 20161124_233529 20161124_233545

I’ve also recently bought some snake fencing off eBay and the guy was happy to not paint and flock the bases so I could paint and flock to match my own bases. So sample one done:


They are sold as for 15mm but I think are more suited to the ‘new’ 15mm/18mm rather than my old little Minifigs! They’ll do though…

The final eBay unit was I assume meant to be Rush’s Lancers. So these have been re-based and pennons added.

20161124_234151 20161124_234201

The figures ‘seems’ to be the same as the unit above with the carbines replaced by lances. It’s a really nice figure but I’m not sure on the original Minifigs code. Would be nice to get a few more…

Here’s some close ups of the new command stands:

20161124_234334 20161124_234344

And this is the final little brigade!


Quite pleased with them really. I now have some dismounted versions to do as to be honest they will likely see more use on table!

And Saturday is the Battleground Wargames Show which I am rather looking forward to. Nothing desperate to buy but looking forwards to a good natter!


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Preparing for To The Strongest

Next weekend myself, Essex Boy, World2Dave and Goat Major will be gathering at the Foundry venue in Newark to play a big game of To The Strongest. Myself and Dave have quite big 15mm Punic War forces, Simon has a good few as well and Iain…well…Iain has a few Greeks…a very few Greeks…

Dave and Simon (W2D and GM) have collated all our forces and worked out lists etc. and basically there is nothing for me to do but turn up with all my stuff and play. But that is far too easy… So… I’m repainting shields and rebasing a legion, rebasing cavalry and rebasing command stands. And painting a few odd figures for the latter!

My Romans are the first 15mm I painted when I got back into wargaming in 1993 after my travels. I painted the first legion in traditional red. And while agonising over shield designs I read somewhere that they often had a plain cover over the shields so I decided to paint them a mid-brown colour. And then for some bizarre reason I then painted the metal boss and top and bottom metal edges! These would logically be UNDER the cover! This has bugged me for several decades but I’ve never got round to re-painting the sheilds. So now seemed a good time to start.


I went for white and then decided to do the plumes as well…


The whole lot will be rebased as well in my current style. I also decide that the command stands should be on round bases and not the old DBM CAV 40x30s… I’ve put the CinC on 50mm and the sub-commanders on 40mm. Plenty of time to finish them by Friday…

I also had six stands of Carthaginian cavalry that I bought painted years ago. I never got round to re-doing the bases and they were also an almost gloss varnish. So I’ve stripped them off the bases and matted them ready for re-basing.


Again, the Carthaginian commands are DBM style so I’m painting up four foot figures to make two sub-commanders and at some point will do a proper CinC.

A lot of the figures are still based in my old style. These broadly blend in but I think as I add to the forces I’ll re-base the rest as I go. So hopefully I’ll get these done before Friday! Pics if I do else you’ll have to wait for the full game report.

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I think I’m done basing ACW…for now…

At long last I think I may be done! The last bits I wanted to get done for my 15mm ACW re-basing are done!

First up: low ammo markers

20161012_093033I’ve still got four of these to do but need the bases which I will get this weekend.

Disorder Markers:

20161012_093041Only have ten of these but again, will be picking up some Peter Pig casualty figures at the weekend.

The final units to be done were Zouaves. I had two existing small units. Seven bases with turbans and five with kepi. As mentioned previously I was undecided on whether to strip all the figures and repaint as I had three more in turban and nearly 30 in kepi to add to them. The issue was matching the colours. If I could do that then no stripping required. None of the Vallejo/GW/CdA paints I have matched the existing blue and I didn’t have much luck mixing a colour. Then last weekend I went to the newly opened local Hobbycraft. They stock the Humbrol range so I grabbed what looked like a decent blue (104 Oxford Blue) and it is a match!! Then it twigged. The figures were painted years ago and likely then Humbrol Acrylic was the main choice. I then dug out my VERY old Humbrol red. Match. And my Humbrol Flesh. Match. Although the latter may be too far gone so needs replacing.

I ended up needing to paint four additional figures as I snapped the drummer removing him from the base. And there were four of the figures that had dark blue pants and gold piping that needed changing to red to match. And the white bits on the figures had yellowed with the old varnish so I needed to match that as well! But basically I think you’ll be hard pressed to spot the new figures in the unit.

20161012_093055 20161012_093104This means I can now strip the kepi figures I acquired and paint them to match the existing ones. I do need another standard bearer though….

So that is it. The Union army has gone from this:

acw05 acw03

To this:

20161012_093116The CSA looks like this:

20161012_093202And this is the whole shebang!

20161012_093215I have more units to paint (some Minfigs and a LOT of other stuff!) and a few more markers to do. But enough now for a decent looking game. Although still need to do fences and more trees.

And this weekend is the LAW gathering in Framlingham which I am most looking forward to!


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And now the end is near….

I’ve had a bit of a push on the re-basing. Partly to try and get it finished and partly because at the gaming weekend in Fram next week I’ll be picking up a load of unpainted lead to add to the project! So basically now I’ve finished the main bulk of the troops. The latest being these chaps:

20161009_235055 20161009_235106 20161009_235116 20161009_235127 20161009_235201

I still have limbers to do for those guns.

This leaves the Union army looking something like this:


I may need to do a few more command stands to allow for smaller units. There are all generic units (although one lot are clearly Iron Brigade) and I’ll be adding ‘real’ units as I paint extras.

The only outstanding are the Zouaves. There are two small units of these which MAY do for most games but for the turban chaps I may try and paint three spare figures to give me 8 stands. The kepi chaps are a smaller unit still.


I do however have a load of similar figures lined up to strip. I’m not sure whether to strip the lot and paint them all again or just strip and paint the new lot and mix them all in. It will depend on the turban chaps I paint and if the colours are a close enough match.


I’ve also started basing up the markers. The ones I have seem to be Freikorps but they will be fine for markers. I’m short on 20mm bases until next week to still have 4 to do. Need to think on whether 20 low ammo markers is enough for most games?


And also how many disruption markers I need. I only have the following so far but have more Peter Pig casualty figures coming.


I went for ovals for these as they don’t fit well on the 20mm rounds and  have a load of the oval bases from an aborted 28mm basing idea!

So there we are. Almost there….

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