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It’s been a while. Again…

Life and work have yet again impacted on my gaming activities. Not that that has stopped me buying stuff!

Hopefully the next couple of weeks will see a resumption of activity as this weekend sees the long planned WD3 Scotland game wherein a subset of the Ayton crowd are descending on Aberfeldy for a continuation of the Byzarbian adventures as we head south into the Dark Continent! No details yet but it will be fun!

I had hoped to paint up at least another full unit for the game but things have just been too busy. All I managed to do was complete the extra dismounted dragoons I needed to bring them up to full strength. The half squadron I already had have done sterling service throughout the Ayton games and did valiant service in last Christmas’s Byzarbian Interlude where they held the river ford against the pirate hordes!

RSM Austrians
Defending the ford!

The figures are RSM. My standard squadron strength is 12 figures so I have the extra I need, plus the mounted versions plus a selection if Hinchliffe dismounted. It would have been nice to do the lot but at least I’ve made a start. Annoyingly, I forgot to black edge the bases before taking the pictures!


dragoon02The mounted version of the officer has a nice flowery base. The idea for this came from Ian Willey over at The Blog With No Name. Ian has an excellent and active blog with some great content and recently highlighted a little discovery of flocking powder at his local The Works shop. He’s used it for some 6mm bases but I figured it would work on any scale. Just take a tuft, dip the upper tips of the tuft in PVA and dip that in the coloured flock. I tried adding some watered PVA over the top on a couple but that got a bit messy and I don’t think it needs it.

dragoon03I have plans for some rather pretty basing in the near future!

Next up are some Holger Eriksson musketeers and I have the great master plan almost done for my ImagiNation forces. I’ve also got a review of Henry Hyde’s Wargaming Compendium and some thoughts on the recent passing of Donald Featherstone.

More to come….


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WIP – More Soviets – 2

And so we have more! Spent a little time over the last few nights finishing off the extras I needed for the three BTR-70 battalions. Did another full unit plus the extras for all to carry the support elements. And the HQs

Three battalions of BTR-70s

I’ve been quite pleased with these. A nice model from Heroics and Ros that paints up well.


Needed to do the three HQ stands as well. Basically just went for another BTR and some sort of command/support vehicle and a couple of figures.


I have a load of infantry and other support elements waiting to be done but started on a mortar stand.


And here are the HQs.

First battalion HQ
Second battalion HQ
Third battalion HQ

Back in the last post I had done a single base of 122mms with the transport on a 40x40mm bases. Have now completed the other two stands. I may still do some sort of artillery ‘HQ’ as well.

D30 batteries
D30 batteries

Next up are the BMP-2s. I have the three battalions done but with basing needing finishing but needed the support carriers and the HQs. These are ready to go next.

HQ and Support BMPs

And this is the pile of support kit I still need to do!

Still not done…

I also took the chance to finish off some trees I’d based up a while back. All are from Timecast. They were soaked in thinned PVA first, then drill and superglue in the hole. Usual basing method followed. I still have about another 40+ trees to do. You can never have too many!

More trees…

All in all, not bad progress. I have managed to acquire a load of T-64BVs which will form the tank battalions for the BMPs and BTRs. I also managed to get a load more bridging/ferry kit so I think that will be on the table soon once I decide how I’m going to base them!



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Maurice 6mm Basing ideas…

I’ve decided I want to recreate my ImagiNation forces in 6mm. I’ve come to the conclusions that although I love the look of them in 28mm there is no way I’ll ever paint enough to game with them myself so although I will be adding to them it will only be for use in Henry Hyde’s Ayton/Byzarbia games. At least in 6mm I can try and do both sides, expand and maybe even game. And on which note…

Maurice. New rules by Sam Mustafa. I really like Grande Armee and Lasalle and everything I have seen/read about this rule makes me think they will be ideal for ImagiNation games. So I’ll be doing my forces for these rules. And there, as ever, lies the problem. Basing.

I had intended doing them on on 40×20 bases. Four Baccus strips per bases for infantry and a single row for cavalry. And two guns. I have some 1806 French I can use as a starting opposition as well. However, when in column of march the 40x20s don’t really look right. I could turn them end on but that looks wrong as well. So I’ve been looking at options. Below you will see the possibilities.


1. 40 x 20. This allows me two ranks, some officers etc. but leads to the problems above.

2. 40 x 20 showing a bit more of the start of my Savage Swans in 6mm

3. 40 x 30. Gives a bit more depth to allow a mounted officer and lessens the column to line issue. And maintains the 40mm BW of my existing French

4.  30 x 30. Square base. 30mm BW. No columns and line issues but I think the bases look a small

5. 30 x 30. Four base unit. Looks OK I think. But the drummers etc. look cramped.

6. 40 x 20. Four base unit. French 1806 but to me it LOOKS like a unit in line…

So why the drummers and officers?

The main reason is I want a unit in line to LOOK right. Now whether this is just my perception of what I think an C18th regiment looks like in line I don’t know. I’ve been looking through my copy of Warfare in the Age of Marlborough and I thought for a single company an officer out front and NCS and drummer at rear left and right gave the right feel. Now I know I’ve really only got four companies/bases but it gives the effect! I’m open to comments though!

Now I think this works on the 40x20s as there are enough line figures to space out the singles. The 30×30 I’m less sure about. I could only put them (NCOs etc) on the outer bases and have the middle two for mounted colonel and standard bearers but then the base order would always have to be the same. And four 30x30s just doesn’t seem to look long enough… If you look at the 1806 chaps here, then four 40x20s LOOKS RIGHT to me.

I thought of doing 40×40 as this would allow more scenic/diorama type stuff. More a case of if I can live with the quite big gaps in ranks when in column of march? The other advantage of 40×40 or 40×30 is that I can get two ranks of cavalry on a base which again looks good.


Picture 2 shows the first few Baccus I tried for my Savage Swans. The figure is the Austrians SYW German Musketeer. There has been a nice thread recently on the Baccus forums extolling the virtues of a grey undercoat and a black wash as a base for painting. I’ve always used a black undercoat, especially for 6mm, but wanted to give this a try. And I must admit I think it works. I’ll add a caveat that these are the first 6mm non-Modern Microarmour I’ve painted for well over a year (maybe even two) and my eyesight has got worse (so I used the new visor) so they are not perfect. When I first looked at the unpainted Baccus I just could not see the detail. Black undercoat doesn’t help this but grey with a black wash? What a difference! The detail just seems to pop out. And it made me realise just how nice the Baccus figures are. The trick is getting the wash right. Too little and you don’t get the benefit of the auto-shading (and have more to paint!) and too much and you don’t get the details showing through as well. I know that guys on the forum who tried this used Halfords Grey Primer but I just used Vallejo Sky Grey. I figured the wash would tone it down if too light. I also didn’t really bother with a highlight stage for the uniform. I did rush these a little so there are bits I’m not happy with but they have come out OK. I may just do the rest and put these in the second rank!

I have a quite basic force planned:

  • 1 x Savage Swans
  • 3 x Altefritzenburgers in green coats
  • 1 x Neufritzenburgers (still need to add this to my ImagiNation!
  • 1 x Combined Grenadiers for the above
  • 1 x Legion Uhlans
  • 1 x Altefritzenburg Cuirassiers
  • 1 x Grenzers
  • 1 x Injuns
  • 2 x artillery

And then a similar opposing force…probably French based.

I’ve a feeling that yet again I’m taking too much on!

Next post will hopefully be my Partizan report from Sunday…


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Desert Basing – Syrians…

Since I picked up the 6mm Israeli force a few weeks ago I’ve been looking at putting together some opposition. I’d originally thought to do Egyptians but after some initial reading I’ve decided to go for Syrians. The initial plan was to go for GHQ/CinC to match the ‘scale’ of the IDF I have but the cost of the models, and given I need a reasonable amount of them really precludes this.

Next option is to use all the left over Soviet kit I have but most of that is 80s rather than early 70s. I did pick up a batch of stuff off eBay a few weeks ago which had some T54/T55s and what I thought were BTR-60s. I decided to paint a few of these for Syrian use and only as I based them did I realise they were BTR-70s! So I’ve based one up anyway to try out some colours:

Start with PVA and a mix of Woodland Scenic fine and medium ballast. I try and use DecoArt Acrylic paints for basing as I can get big tubes quite cheaply so these were done with Country Maple base. Dry brush with Tan, then highlight with Antique White. I tried painting a few of the larger ballast pieces to show rocks bu I think I need some of the Coarse ballast in to make them stand out. And then add a few tufts…
The Israelis have just been done with plain sand. No painting or grass. I can’t decide whether to follow that or eventually rebase…lot of work though.
Anyway, one sample done. May try others as I’ve been trawling the web/blogs for other styles. And I may just have to order some suitable models anyway 🙂
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15mm Gauls for FoG and DBMM

Finally finished off the Gauls I’ve been basing up. First unit was done a few weeks ago and detailed here as I decided how I was going to base them. I still needed a few more figures to get the 24 stands of 4 rather than of the original 3 planned. And as you can see I went for 40×40 for most with 2 4x20mm in each unit. If I need more singles I’ll just use markers!

As before, the majority are painted by Conflict in Colour with about 20 done by me (inc. casualties) to make up the numbers. So here we have the three battle groups:

And each of the groups in turn:


And some detail shots:


It’s taken a wee while to get these together but they will give a good core to my Carthaginians and enable me to use my Spanish and Celtiberians as either allies or opponents. I have some Gallic cavalry but still need some skirmish types.

Next up is likely to be my 28mm RSM figures interwoven with a bit of re-basing.

Roll on Sunday! York! 🙂

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