More 1806 French

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Jun 062010
More 1806 French

My ongoing, albeit slow moving, 6mm Napoleonic Project, has me currently doing 1815 Prussians for Grande Armee to be followed by 1806 Prussians for Lasalle with Grande Armee as an option. As there is little chance of me finding and 1806 French opponent locally, and as I’m unlikely to have the time to do them Read more…

A Little Progress: Part 2 – Basing

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May 012010
A Little Progress: Part 2 - Basing

And so it continues… After completing the paint rack I decided to finally base up some of the 1806 6mm French I’d had painted. I’ve had a few done by Phil over at Firezone which have been based up before and had another eight strips from him to do. I’m still waiting in another full Read more…

Feb 032010
6mm Basing Test

Although the 2010 Painting Master Plan has yet to really start I thought I’d do some basing tests to see how things might look. I had Phil at Firezone Studios paint up a pack of Baccus 1806 French for me. Partly to give my Prussians something to shoot at and partly just to, well, spend Read more…