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C19th ImagiNation continues…

My foray into recreating my Altefritzenburg C18th ImagiNation in the C19th for this year’s Ayton game continues, this time with the Jaegers. These are the 1st Battalion of the Altefritzenburg Jaeger Brigade.  The figures are Spencer Smith Classic  Franco-Prussian War Prussian Jaeger. They are in the traditional Altefritzenburg green and red. I kept the jackets simple, partly to aid painting and partly because not all the detail is uniformly cast on all poses. The figures are nice and the arms (one on each, either left or right) fit together well with minimal work. Just super glue them and then run a little liquid super glue over the join to seal and fill the gap.


Rather than base them singly I went for 50x40mm two to a base. 50mm is my standard frontage for my 28mm and I figured skirmishers based in pairs works well. I may consider re-basing some of my other stuff…

More to come soon. Only four weeks to go ’til the game!!!!


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Savage Swans – A Hundred Years On

So much for my New Years Resolution of more regular blog updates. Fatjerm it has been six weeks since I last blogged and I have sinned… well, probably not, but I’ve been less than productive on the painting front! Despite the impending big game in Ayton and the shed load of stuff I need to paint I’ve done very little. However, over the last couple of weeks I finally made a start on some Spencer Smith Franco-Prussians which I am using for the C19th representation of Von Donovan’s Savage Swans. The C18th version were RSM miniatures, Austrian Musketeers:


and I wanted to keep the vaguely Germanic theme and pointy helmets do the job!

IMAG3370 IMAG3371I’ve only painted twelve so far (three more stands to do) but it’s a start. I have Jaegers and artillery and uhlans to do next! And almost six weeks left to do it all!

No problems…



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More Savage Swans – in 6mm!

Over the last two years I have been slowly painting up 28mm RSM SYW figures for my ImagiNation of Altefritzenburg and it’s famed fighting force, von Donovan’s Savage Swans. These have seen service in the last two Ayton games run by Henry Hyde. The core of the force was the main battalion shown here with grenadiers detached.

Savage Swans - 28mm RSM figures

Now I really love the Ayton games but I am a slow painter when it comes to 28mm and I can only really see myself using my 28mm ImagiNation forces for Ayton or related games. I am firmly in the ‘paint both sides’ and ‘do my own thing’ camp and getting enough together for a full game myself is never going to happen in my lifetime! So the solution? Recreate my entire ImagiNation forces in 6mm! I then stand a decent chance of painting up enough for a game…maybe…

Although I’m undecided on rules long term I do want to try Maurice so that was my starting point. Basing was an issue though and I looked at several options (see earlier post). The ‘convention’ for Maurice in 6mm seems to be to use the Polemos 60x30mm basing, two bases to a unit. For column, people just turn the bases sideways. Now, I wasn’t really happy with that, and also because I wanted to add some extra figures to each base, the option of using 30x30s (which solved the column ‘problem’) still didn’t look right. So the end result is…. 40x30mm! I really think 4x 40mm stands LOOKS right for a battalion in line. I’ve also added a command stand (equally 40x30mm) so that when they are all in column I am only 10mm out in the line/column lengths.

So here they are. The Savage Swans in 6mm!

The Savage Swans
The company officers lead the way
Count Vladimir Belisarius, the Colonel of the Regiment, along with the Colours

Now, because I’ll be using these for Maurice and I still wanted to keep the option of playing other people open, I can remove the grenadier company and still have a unit with the ‘standard’ 120mm frontage.

NCOs and Drummers keep the troops in line and in time

And placing the command in the front when in column gives the same column/line length when using 3 stands t oa unit and only 10mm out when using the lot.

In column

These were fun to paint. All foot figures are Baccus. The mounted officers are Adler. Foot officers are standard bearers with the pole cut down to sword length. And painting the Swan’s standards was a bugger in 6mm!

Officers and Colours to the front

I tried a different technique to pain these. Light grey undercoat, black wash. This REALLY brings out the detail on the figures and I have to admit to being surprised at how much there was that just got lost with a black undercoat.

I have the figures for the Grenzers, Indians and cavalry lined up as well. More to come…

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It’s Been Over a Month!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. As those who frequent the WD3 forum will know, I, along with a dozen others, have been frantically painting for this years WD3 Game in East Ayton, wherein the assorted forces launched an invasion to bring a civilising influence to the land of Byzarbia! This is a continuation of last years game where having defeated Granprix the assorted countries, allies and mercenaries involved headed to Byzarbia: some to defend, some to conquer!

Taking place over the 4th-6th May 2012, it was a truly excellent weekend (again!). Superb terrain, figures and company. As Tim Hall has said, the embodiment of the ‘Spirit of Wargaming’. With a 24ftx6ft table and around 3000 28mm figures deployed it was a sight to behold! Thanks must go to Henry Hyde for organising the campaign amidst a busy schedule, Tim Hall for some superb terrain, Peeler (and Mrs Peeler) for organising hall and food and for most of us, death dealing hangovers! And a big thanks to all who took part and put in such great effort to assemble some bizarre and beautiful forces!

You can see a good selection of write-ups and photo collections over on WD3. I’ve added a gallery here and will add more as I sort what photos I have. And the Journal of Rudiger Lamm has new entries for the day. There will soon be entries to cover the intervening months leading up to Byzarbia and how the forces of Altefritzenburg came to be allied to those of the Pasha Sultan Abdul Seyfi. And I shall try and get dcent photos of all my troops. You can see to the right the all the boxes related to Ayton are now RED! It was a mad rush to get them don. Numerous late nights and up until 3am the night before, then back painting at 7am! I finally stuck the final banner to figure ten minutes before my lift arrived! Placed it in the box to then find it was too tall for the lid to go on!!!

I have plans for another full battalion of Altefritzenburgers and some cuirrassiers. And some more Royal Guard. Then that’s it! Honest…

Plans are already in motion for next year where we move to the ACW and bring the usual Wd3 imagination and weirdness! It’s ACW Jim, but not as we know it!

More updates to follow as I resume the blog. All the latest mags have arrived and I’d like to review them and explain why I’ll likely not be renewing my Miniature Wargames subscription. And hopefully I’ll be returning to the word of 6mm which now looks soooo SMALL after months of 28mm!


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Ayton – On the workbench 3

A little more progress on things. Nearly finished the 12 RSM cavalry. One more good session should see them done and ready for basing. Still not 100% on the colour scheme but they ain’t getting changed now! The six Uhlans still await flocking but I’ve started the two extra figures I want to make two full squadrons of six plus the officer and bearer. I’ve also started the 18 infantry to add to those shown below. And a few of the ‘specials’…

On the workbench
On the workbench

These are the first three stands of the infantry along with their European officer.

On the workbench
On the workbench

And finally a shot of the Altefritzenburg artillery and a few natives to unsettle Goat Major!

On the workbench
On the workbench

Feeling a little better on progress now. If I can get the load shown done I’ll only have two batches of 12 left and a few ‘extras’ and I’ll be there. I’ve sent my list in to Henry so I’m committed and prevented from adding to it! More soon..


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Ayton – On the workbench

I had hoped to post a decent update last week with a another chapter in Private Lamm’s Journal but things have got delayed a little. I’m still painting for the Ayton game which is now a scarily six weeks off! Still planty to do! So I’ve been cracking on with things and the bulk will make their appearance in the Journal ‘in context’. But in the meantime here are a few pics from the workbench.

More Uhlans for Von Donovans’s Legion and the Royal Guard of the Sacred Camel, part of the forces of the Pasha Sultan Abdul Seyfi, Guardian of the Blood Red Moon and Protector of the Sacred Camel.

Cheers for looking. More next week with a bit of luck!

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Ayton Game – some pictures

Arrived back from the Ayton game. It was an excellent weekend and much kudos must go to Henry and Peeler for all their efforts and to all concerned for providing a weekend of entertaining gaming in great spirit throughout. Well done all!

I’m going to try and do a proper battle report at some point and I have a mass of photos. However, a lot seem a little out of focus and the problem with using a camera and failing eyesight is that they look OK at the time!

Anyway, here is a selection of pics from the weekend. I’ll add notes where I can remember who’s is what and doing what but it’s more for just the pics!


A truly excellent weekend!

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