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Ayton – On the workbench

I had hoped to post a decent update last week with a another chapter in Private Lamm’s Journal but things have got delayed a little. I’m still painting for the Ayton game which is now a scarily six weeks off! Still planty to do! So I’ve been cracking on with things and the bulk will make their appearance in the Journal ‘in context’. But in the meantime here are a few pics from the workbench.

More Uhlans for Von Donovans’s Legion and the Royal Guard of the Sacred Camel, part of the forces of the Pasha Sultan Abdul Seyfi, Guardian of the Blood Red Moon and Protector of the Sacred Camel.

Cheers for looking. More next week with a bit of luck!

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Ayton Game – some pictures

Arrived back from the Ayton game. It was an excellent weekend and much kudos must go to Henry and Peeler for all their efforts and to all concerned for providing a weekend of entertaining gaming in great spirit throughout. Well done all!

I’m going to try and do a proper battle report at some point and I have a mass of photos. However, a lot seem a little out of focus and the problem with using a camera and failing eyesight is that they look OK at the time!

Anyway, here is a selection of pics from the weekend. I’ll add notes where I can remember who’s is what and doing what but it’s more for just the pics!


A truly excellent weekend!

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