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British Grenadier markers Part 2

There was an interesting link on TMP to the Koenig Krieg website where they had what look like pre-molded triangular markers with numbers 1-3 and a molded generic musketeer casualty. At least that’s what I take them to be. Can’t find a link to buy any yet so thought I’d have a go at making some of my own – well one to start with:

I know Paul Marsh has done similar for his 15mm BG but using stones to mark the numbers. Can’t decide whether to go for that, this or this with white text on black? Either way, I have another 18 casualty figures I can use and need to get them done for the first BG game on Saturday!

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British Grenadier markers

As I slowly limber up for the first game of British Grenadier at my local club I thought it was about time to do some markers. I’d seen various threads on the GdeB Forums about different approaches and also Giles’s recent post on his blog. I decided to try a couple of approaches and have markers with either 1, 2 or 3 ‘items’ on them. I’m not sure on using one marker and using whichever side is in contact to determine the value. Too many opportunities for it to get knocked out of alignment. So I tried the cairn and the grass patch approach. Corners of markers clipped to betray my ASL background!

Not sure if they’ll be too ‘visible’ but got to be better than any plastic markers. These are currently for DP markers only. For casualties I can’t decide on using a roster or doing casualty markers on triangles as Paul Marsh suggested to me.

Will post some more when done and also when in use.

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