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Fire and Fury in the Attic – Part 2

I’ll assume the Union are attacking Southwards! Union start. Ward’s Division begins a slow crossing of the eastern ford.


While Berdan’s Division marches rapidly up the road and across the main ford.20160723_125149

Meanwhile the rebel division to the west pushes forward into the valley.


And the rest of the CSA struggle to cross the hills in their path.


Ward finally pushes foreward into the fields, still a little uncoordinated but the delays in the Confederate advance give them time.


Berdan advances rapidly but struggles to deploy his brigades as the rebels rapidly approach. The Corps artillery has been deployed on the high ground to cover the attack

20160723_130545 20160723_130614

And the two batteries take their toll on the advancing troops.


Berdan still struggles to deploy…20160723_131844

However, Bentley and Ward have now crossed into the fields and deployed to await the attack.


Berdan deploys just in time to face the first charge!


And against the odds throws back the rebel assault!


Meanwhile in the centre the rebel attack is taking time to develop so Bentley and Ward push forward to bring the battle to them.


Berdan manages to bring his third brigade in to support the line as more rebels line up to attack.


And Ward’s brigades destroy the first rebel brigade to attack, sending them reeling to the rear!


The flank is now clear to allow Ward to swing round as the rest of the Confederate division to engage Bentley’s green brigades

20160723_143941 20160723_145319

Four brigades are in action with the rebel experience surely to carry the day?


But no! The enthusiasm of the new troops throws back the rebel brigades is disarray! (Blame my daughter who was throwing the dice at this point!)


The victorious troops prepare to advance!


Meanwhile, on the other flank, Berdan’s division is now fully engaged!


But disruption and low ammo are taking their toll.20160723_150515

And the Union line, despite support from the batteries to their rear, is pushed back…


And the rebels prepare to go in again.


And with Bentley pursuing the enemy in the woods, Ward divides his division and sends a brigade to threaten the rebel attack on their right.20160723_184148

Berdan’s line begins to weaken as another brigade descends from the hills.


Will support arrive in time?


The final assault takes place as the rebels bring forward fresh brigades from their rear support.


And in the centre the green troops realise that the enemy they threw back are not defeated!

20160723_185529 20160723_185538

The end is near for Berdan. His left and central brigades flee the field (my daughter rolling 9s and 10s!)

20160723_191140 20160723_191147

And the breakthrough charge hitting the remaining badly weakened brigade that Berdan himself is trying to stiffen! But to no avail as that brigade too is thrown back with Berdan and many troops captured.


And the victorous rebels push across the stream to threaten the batteries to the rear.

20160723_191426At this point there was a bit of a lull as life got in the way again. The collapse of the Union right seemed to negate their victory on the left and left the potential for the victorious Rebel brigades to turn and descend on the rear of the forward troops. However, this would be under the fire of the Union guns. It really depended on the two Union brigades destroying the Rebel brigade on their left.  So it seemed prudent to try a couple more turns.

Ward’s lead brigade descended on the rebel flank and the large green brigades attacked frontally. The rebel fire was ineffectual and in the ensuing combat the Confederates were swept from the field with heavy loss!


The left flank of the Union flank was victorious!20160727_135006

It was now the turn of the other Rebel brigades to take fire from the Union guns and they suffered badly with two brigades stopped in their tracks one fleeing the field.

20160727_135746 20160727_135759

The victorious Union troops now turned to face the disrupted Rebel line…20160727_140225

And the Union Corps commander managed to rally one of the routed brigades and bring them back up under cover of their guns. 20160727_140242

And the final positions saw the disrupted Rebels facing relatively fresh troops and increased fire from the massed guns to their now rear. I decide at this point they would concede the field while they still had a chance to escape!20160727_140250So that was it. A game at last! I’m not sure I got everything right with Fire and Fury. I kept it simple in terms of troops types and lining up combats. The D10 range had some important effects, especially at the end for the Confederates who were unable to re-deploy to avoid the guns and face the coming threats. The Union on the other hand had the resounding victory on their left and were able re-deploy and rally when needed.

The Rebs who collapsed on the left were the newest troops in my ranks – previously belonging to Essex Boy! – and in the fine wargames tradition of new troops they ran well!

I think I may re-do the table and have at it again!



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Fire and Fury in the attic – Part 1

First a little background. I’ve wanted to set up a game at home for quite a long time but getting my game top clear has proved a problem. As well as deciding WHAT to play. Usually the delay in the latter results in the former getting cluttered again and then months pass by. Again… This time however I cleared the top, laid out my Mat-o-War and after settling on a 15mm game I dug out the bits of scenery I have and laid them out… I then decided I was missing essential stuff so bought more roads, hills and based up trees I had (see my last post) . Although I had originally planned to field my 15mm AWI forces the enjoyable game of Fire and Fury at the Whitley Bay club on Tuesday settled me on rolling out my 15mm ACW armies.

These armies have travelled a little. MANY moons ago I went up to the Claymore Show with the Tyneside Wargames Club and on the Bring and Buy there was a largish 15mm Minifigs Union army. This was 2nd Generation Minifigs. Plainly but neatly painted and based for Fire and Fury. I wish the CSA army had been there as well! It was however entirely infantry and artillery. I assume someone else grabbed the cavalry. There was unpainted stuff as well and I planned to paint this as CSA. Inevitably it never happened as I had just met my now wife and was slightly distracted! I eventually gave up and sold the army for £50 to my mate Billy in Birmingham. Roll forward a good few years and I fancied trying ACW again as Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet had just come out. I asked to buy it back. In the meantime Billy has added a decent CSA force to it and a copy of Fire and Fury rules. He generously sold me the lot for £50 on the understanding that if I ever decide to part with it again I had first to offer it all to him. For £50! Which was fair!

As ever, nothing much happened but as part of the Analogue Painting Challenge in 2014 I decided to paint some of the cavalry as the Union will still missing these. These came out quite well but I never did any more!


And a couple of month ago Essex Boy sold me his few painted Confederate troops which I immediately re-based for Fire and Fury.


And so we come to today. As I’m still fairly new to the rules I wanted a simple game and rather than try and pick a ‘real’ scenario a little Googling led me to an old Fire and Fury page which had pre-generated armies for use in competitions. I just chose two corps that had no cavalry and rolled the random events they suggested. This gave me two forces with a few Exceptional commanders.


So I plonked the lot on either side of the table with little thought as to who was facing who.


The Union are on the right and will be crossing the stream at the two fording points and with a bit more effort at the point near the righthand woods. The CSA are deployed to the left. I decided to make the upper levels of the hills rough terrain which I thought would offset any delays with the Union crossing the water.

We shall see what happened in the next post!

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A little Fire and Fury at WB3D

For once circumstances conspired in my favour and last night saw the planets aligned and me able to be dropped off in Whitley Bay for a meeting of the Whitley Bay 3D Gamers club. I’d seen that Ian and Andy were putting on another 15mm Fire and Fury game and as I’d enjoyed the last one I put my name down. It ended up with fie of us. Three Union divisions facing two Confederate. Myself, Ian and Nick took the Union side and Andy and Malcolm took the Rebels.

We had a fairly large table for the forces involved. I took a large Green division and the plan was to hold the right flank with another division, push the main force up the middle and roll over anything there, using the Green troops to weaken the Rebel force and then hit them with an Elite following force.


Unfortunately the Rebs deployed on the other side! So we still pushed forward and intended to bring the right-hand division round the flank of the cenral reb division.

20160719_191527 20160719_191640 20160719_192207

My troops pushed forward well towards the fenceline and the Rebs seemed rather tardy in their response!


This enabled Nick to push his guns forward and place the slowly advancing Rebs under fire….

20160719_192433 20160719_192559 20160719_192906 20160719_192925

The other Reb division was equally slow getting moving which was a big help as it enabled us to engage the central troops and push round the right flank.


My Green troops soon made the fence and awaited the inevitable Rebel charge!


And waited….


And waited…


The other Rebs finally pushed round the left flank forcing Ian to divert his division fro supporting me to defending the left flank.

20160719_195859 20160719_195907 20160719_200428

Finally the Rebs prepared to charge. They had been stalled by fire from the flank and my fire was less than effective…


And when they finally went in my Green troops weren’t happy, rushing their volleys.


And were thrown back!20160719_202958

Nick’s division had finally driven off the Rebel guns and was swinging round to threaten the flank of the charging Rebs!


Luckily my brigades held but only one turned to face the next charge…


Again the volley as they came in was not great but support from the flanks caused some loss of stands. Would the centre hold?


Meanwhile on the left Ian had brought his brigades round to face the Rebel threat and a valiant struggle was to ensure on the hill.


While my troops fought on…


After a tough fight the Rebs were thrown back on the left.


And against the odds my two brigades threw back the Rebel attack!

20160719_210505 20160719_211750 20160719_212456

Both commanders were supporting the troops in the centre.


And the left flank was still undecided but the Union had the upper hand…

20160719_213045 20160719_213052

And it was clear that the Green troops had held the centre and the right hand brigades were closing in for the kill! A Union victory seemed assured!


It was a good game and showed that even with small forces you can have a fun game with Fire and Fury. Occasionally the usual D10 1’s and 0’s extremes cropped up but as with other games they just feed the narrative. There seem to be various ‘fixes’ suggested for this (2D6, 2DAvg etc.) but if it ever becomes an issue for me I may just go with allocating a number of chits per side to ‘buy’ re-rolls… Thanks again to Ian and Andy for setting the game up and to Nick and Malcolm for providing fine allies/opponents.

The other result from this game is that I’ve decided to switch my planned little home game to Fire and Fury. I’ve cleared off some of the terrain and replaced my big roads with the Fat Frank rubber roads I’ve just bought off eBay. These are rather nice and quite good value seeing as they come painted with flock down the edges. I’ve also decide the table needs more trees so I dug out the Bachman tress I’ve had for ages and soaked them in PVA and stuck them to coins. Still need to do a bit of dry brushing on the bases but they will look fine. Now, I still need to find the time to play..!

There were two other games on last night. Combat Patrol and Bolt Action. I’ve played neither system but Lawrence seems very keen on Combat Patrol and as ever with his games the table looked excellent! Some pics of both games:

20160719_191542 20160719_191612 20160719_210000 20160719_210018 20160719_210026 20160719_210037 20160719_210044 20160719_210053 20160719_210106

Another most excellent evening in Whitley Bay. I’m not quite managing my game a month planned but I’m doing better than last year!


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Whitley Bay 3D Games Night – March

My God! I have managed three games at the Whitley Bay 3D Gamers Club so far this year! One a month! 🙂 Tuesdays do just seem to work better for me. So, yes, this evening I descended yet again on the Whitley Bay Masonic Hall for a game of Fire and Fury organised by Ian Logan. It was a relatively quiet night at the club with only two miniatures games on (Fire and Fury and Beneath the Lily Banner) and a game of Conflict of Heroes with Dougie and Alex Robinson and Nick Walker.

20160329_185030 20160329_192516

Conflict of Heroes looks very nice and the counters are HUGE! But I can’t see it replacing ASL in my gaming… 🙂

My game was a three aside Fire and Fury game (Ian Logan, Andy Blenkinsop, John Peace, Paul Brown, me, Mike Cornish) which saw a Union force trying to take control of a town along the Confederate lines of supply and the rebel forces trying to occupy said town to keep the lines clear. I was on the side of the Confederacy and we had three divisions facing a similar but slightly larger Union force. Artillery was kept low (we had four batteries) and there was no cavalry. The action can be summed up in three distinct parts.

On the Confederate left Andy B took his division wide to draw away the strong Union division away from the town. This he succeeded in doing but had no luck at all in his attack! Despite his best efforts he got shot to hell from front and flank and by the end his whole division disintegrated with the Union losing only ONE stand!

On the far right another Rebel division set up quite far from the town expecting to be facing Union troops trying to flank the town. However, the Union division made a more direct attack on the town and was able to deploy one brigade to face the (slowly) coming threat! With a stream and fences to cross it was a while before the Rebels came to grips. This allowed the Union batteries to pummel one of my brigades and when the first Brigade finally did come to grips with the enemy it was with one of the strongest Union brigades and their valiant charge bounced off…

In the centre my division of two veteran brigades crossed the stream and fences to draw up on the left and right of the town. The right hand brigade suffered from the Union guns and although it held its line it did not come to grips with the enemy. The strong left hand brigade formed up with its guns and awaited two Union brigades. This SHOULD have gone a lot better! I had three rounds of shooting where I was firing on the 30 row. And I rolled 1,1 and 2… After battling with some disorder and finally managing to whittle away the first Union brigade I had several 14+ shots. And rolled 1s and 2s! It was quite shocking and a little depressing… :(. Overall my shooting was rotten and the Union return, although not devastating was enough to cause regular disorder and prevent my pushing any attack.

With the left flank destroyed and Union brigades closing in and the right flank attack faltering it was clear the Confederacy would not be able to take, never mind hold, the town so it was time to withdraw. Hopefully the pictures give some idea of the game flow.

I’ve not played Fire and Fury before but the mechanisms seem quite straightforward. The extremes of the D10 were quite noticeable in this game but generally I don’t mind this as anything weird that happens I’m quite happy to weave into a narrative. I’ll happily play again and I might even look at Regimental Fire and Fury. All in all, good fun and a good laugh (though Andy is probably less enthused!).

The other game (Andy Dunn, Darren Byers, Mike Tully) was a 15mm Beneath the Lilly Banners game. I have no idea on the scenario or what happened in the game but the figures did look very nice and the provenance of said figures may be interesting (which I may post about later!).

20160329_192431 20160329_192500 20160329_194629 20160329_201907 20160329_210042 20160329_210104 20160329_213044

It was a most enjoyable evening. Added bonus was that yesterday I retired my trusty HTC One phone and replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy S6. The camera on the HTC was great when there was decent light but often at clubs and shows it just couldn’t cope. The S6 seems much better and I’m quite pleased with the results.

And this Saturday I will be in Durham for Wor Lard! But I really should be painting for Ayton…

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Framlingham 2014

This last weekend saw a gathering of assorted denizens of the Loose Association of Wargamers forum and attendees of the annual Ayton games in Framlingham, Suffolk, the home town of Tim Hall. Tim organised the event, sorted the venue (the Crown) and arranged food on the day and pointed us all in the right direction for food and beer each evening! It was a most excellent weekend. The company as ever was wonderful and entertaining. The venue and food/drink most pleasant, and the gaming was exceptional.

On the first day Simon T (Goat Major) was introduced to DBN by Mark P (Peeler), which Simon is now contemplating dabbling in! I’ve played the rules now a couple of times and really enjoyed them. Well worth a look. framday102Most of the rest of the group were playing the first part of what was to be a two day ACW games using Tim Hall’s outstanding ACW collection. We all joined the second, larger, day of this game on the Sunday. Yet again it was a great pleasure to play with Tim’s beautiful figures and see another victory for the Confederacy!

framdayday101 framacw02 framacw01But Day One for me saw participation in an excellent 20mm WSS game organised by Iain Burt (Essex Boy) and using his beautiful collection of Les Higgins, Irregular and assorted conversions alongside the excellent collection of Gary Phillips. I contributed my one unit of the Savage Swans! Altogether it provided a excellent game and was a great show case for these lovely figures. Myself and Gary took command of the French forces, and Iain and Dave Hall (Word2Dave) took the Allied army. We were using Rank and File rules which gave good simple mechanisms that gave us a result for a big game in the one day. We managed at least a dozen turns.

At game start the table looked something like this. The Allies on the left and the French the right.



The French cavalry and a single infantry brigade had to secure the village and road junction and if possible secure the roads leaving the table.


In the centre was a major crossroads, again to be secured but with roughly equal infantry forces attacking a strong defensive position.


The right saw the main English contingent garrisoning a fortified town (again a victory target) and the high ground and woods to its left.

It was clear that assaulting the town would not end well for a stretched French army so it was agreed that pinning the town forces and assaulting the centre and the massed cavalry on the French right was the way to go. Victory there would enable the French to secure two thirds of their objective and then force a withdrawal from the town.

The Allied cavalry moved to attack the French right.


While the ‘Irish’ brigade (with my attached Swans) pushed forward to the next road junction and to protect the flank of the coming cavalry battle.


The English firmly ensconced behind their walls!


The defence of the main junction.


The Swans were placed second in line (I didn’t fancy taking them off too early in the game!)


The Bavarian contingent push forward against strong opposition.


Ignoring the fortified town the main French force descend on the Allied centre.


The great cavalry battle begins on the French right.


Iain Burt’s beautiful cavalry.


The attack on the centre continues.


The Swans finally enter the fray! The rule of the day was that you only knew the quality of your troops when they took their first morale test. And I only had a minor strop when I rolled a 1 making the green! However, their first volley was a cracking one! Driving back the first enemy line, only for them in turn to be driven back!


Meanwhile the cavalry battle raged on. With roughly equal forces regiment after regiment was thrown in, driven back. New regiments attacked and eventually the first regiments took their turn in the line again!


However, as time wore on the regiments began to look more frail. Except on the far right where the French soon came into the ascendancy!


The battle in the centre continued with the French struggling to bring troops to the fray through the dense terrain. The battle went to and fro with regiments on both sides gradually crumbling. However the Allies lost more officers and this soon began to tell.


The battle for the main junction continues.


While the French continue to bring pressure on the centre but now wary of their own flank as the English moved out of the town and onto the offensive!


The cavalry battle continued to move in favour of the French, helped by the infantry brigade that had pushed through he village and deployed on the other side to deliver withering volleys into the flanks of the Allied cavalry!


More of Iain Burt’s lovely figures.


The end is nigh on the right as the last Allied cavalry begin to crumble.


It was at this stage that we called time. It was only 4.30 and we had managed at least a dozen turns but it was clear that tactically it was a drawn game. Although the French were victorious on the right, in the centre both sides had pretty well fought to a standstill. As the forces stood there was no way the French could take the town but the eventual arrival of the victorious French cavalry would stem the arrival of the British troops. Strategically they had done enough to force the Allies from the field even if the field was still contested on the day.

It was an excellent game and playing with Iain and Gary’s collections was a pleasure. It was great to finally meet Gary and as ever, Iain and Dave were excellent opponents. As Iain has now done the standard bearers I need for my other planned units I shall soon be returning to painting more Les Higgins 20mm! And seeing the variety of figures in Gary’s armies has given me ideas for other units!

The second day (unfortunately without Gary) saw everyone join in the main ACW game. A pleasure as ever to play with Tim’s collection and entertaining to watch Iain’s masterful command and control as he led the Federal army to defeat!

I didn’t get much time to look round Framlingham until the final morning before we left. The castle is excellent and although we didn’t go in the walk around the curtain wall and the nearby mere is lovely.


And a nice church as well.


So, all in all and excellent weekend.

There are some pretty hefty galleries with more photos here:

WSS Game



The venue, the Crown Hotel, was most pleasant but the lighting for the WSS game was a little dull and the photos don’t don’t really do the figures justice. But my phone did a pretty good job anyway!

There are plans for another mini-gathering in the new year which will then be followed by the big Ayton event in May.

Looking forward to it all!


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Painting Challenge – 15mm ACW

Last night I finally uploaded my next entry for the Painting Challenge. I’ve now officially ‘cleared the decks!’ so I can make a start on the Ayton stuff…

Here we go:

Many moons ago, late 90’s I think, I went to the Edinburgh Wargames Show (Claymore) and on the bring and buy spotted a large 15mm ACW Union army. These were all 2nd Gen Minifigs and based for Fire and Fury. The paint job was simple but neat. I then managed to acquire a 15mm Confederate army from my mate Billy in Birmingham. I re-based them and had great plans for ACW gaming! The Union army was lacking cavalry and somehow I never got round to painting any of the numerous unpainted packs that came with it and eventually the project fell to the wayside so I sold the lot back to Billy! Fast forward 13 years or so and the arrival of Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet rules and the desire to give ACW a go again! I bought the lot back off Billy and sorted the unpainted stuff out and there was enough to do a basic 8 stand cavalry unit.

I couldn’t match the blue used on the originals (and thought it too dark anyway) so upon some research amongst friends tried Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue on a sample next to an original:


Happy enough with this I went ahead with the the main lot. I had decided to keep them simple and over black undercoat just painted round straps etc. (Thanks to Loki for the Vallejo Black Surface Primer recommendation). I eventually decided they looked too plain so added a Ogryn Flesh Wash and assorted washes on the horses. And the cross swords on the kepi to give a little contrast:

pc12 pc13

I knew I needed dismounted versions. Although there were about a dozen already done I decided the difference in colour was too much so repainted the lot!

pc14 pc16And obviously I needed a symbolic horse holder stand as well. And took the chance to do one for the Confederate cavalry as well:pc17And here they are in two ranks.


Flags are by GMB (which were fiddlier than I thought in 15mm!). All figures are Minifigs 2nd Gen although there are a couple of 3rd Gen horses in there (e.g. dismounts and command) and I think the horse holders may be Lancashire Games?

I’ve also finished rebasing all the Confederates so in theory could go for a game. However I think I might want to re-base all the Union to match first… 🙂

Now, where are all those 28mm figures I need to do!

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