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Another game in Whitley Bay!

Last night was one of my rare forays to a local club. Whitley Bay 3D Gamers meet on a Tuesday evening. Tuesdays are usually a bad night for me during school time but being the summer holidays I managed to free up an evening. The original plan was to play a game using the forthcoming Lardies Fighting Season rules which I was quite looking forward to. Unfortunately, Dougie, who was running the game was tied up at work and couldn’t make it but fortunately Lawrence arrived with the extensive makings of a Colonial game and so four us took the valiant forces of the crown (me, Callum, Nick and Alex) with Darrel helping Lawrence run the rebellious natives! As ever, we had the pleasure of playing over Lawrence’s excellent terrain with some lovely figures.
IMAG4553Myself and Callum took command of two units of Askari on the left.
IMAG4554 Nick and Alex took two units of regular Sikhs on the right. We were using Herkybird’s solo system so the enemy were triggered by spotting ‘tokens’ to either reveal dummies or enemy troops. The Sikhs drew attention straight away.IMAG4556Meanwhile, the Askari began to cross the riverIMAG4555An overall view of the advance.IMAG4558The Sikhs gave fire to the tribesman. Wounding quite a few and driving them back.IMAG4557 IMAG4560The river was proving a hard slog to cross…IMAG4559Finally across, the first tribesmen approached driving back some of the Askari. IMAG4565 IMAG4563Meanwhile the Sikhs pushed forward.IMAG4561As my Askari finally crossed more tribesmen burst from the treesIMAG4568While the other Askari had a little debate about advancing while knee deep in the river….IMAG4567 My troops fought valiantly in a to and fro battle with the enemy, gradually whittling down their numbers.IMAG4571 IMAG4570Finally the rest of the Askari joined the line delivering supporting fire both for my troops and the SikhsIMAG4566 IMAG4573 IMAG4572The Sikhs finally advanced up the centre only to be greeted by far more ferocious warriors!IMAG4578And after a long struggle my opponents were finally driven off.IMAG4577 IMAG4576 IMAG4575Things were now starting to get serious!IMAG4580 IMAG4579As the Askari advanced they were immediately charged and driven back by native warriorsIMAG4583 IMAG4582With more advancing on the SikhsIMAG4581 IMAG4586 IMAG4585 IMAG4584The warriors charged in all down the line but the line held!IMAG4589 IMAG4588The Sikhs started to take casualties (the red markers are wounds) but managed to wound the native chief. IMAG4592Before the warriors facing the Askari could regroup both Askari units charges them front, flank and rear and wrought terrible slaughter! IMAG4590 IMAG4593The other warriors were pushed back by the Sikhs and a lucky shot finished of the chief and with that resistance melted away. Order was restored to Her Majesty’s colony!

It was a most entertaining game. I’ve only played Herkybird(Richard Bradley)’s rules a couple of times but I really enjoyed this. You can get the rules for this game and other periods on the download section Tyneside Wargames website.

And it was a most entertaining game from the social side as well. Plenty of good natured banter! Thanks to Lawrence for putting on the game and to Neil for keeping the club good and active and facilitating the organising of the weekly games. Not sure when I’ll get down again as school soon starts again but hopefully I can free up a Tuesday sometime!

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I only came to build a bridge….

… and ended up blowing the bloody doors off!
Natal Province – March 1879
While out shooting some local wildlife/natives I saw our scouts returning in haste, reporting Zulus to the north, “Fousands of ’em, sir”.
Bagging a last gazelle for supper I returned to the camp to raise the alarm but was pleased to see that Mr Pickwick-Jones had risen from his normal drunken haze and was leading the troops forward in good order.
As the Zulu hordes approached I deployed the troops for action, forming line. The Naval Brigade with their Nordfelt joined me, and the 104th on the left while Captain Richie took command of the right flank with the Natal Levy and the 33rd. We could see the Zulu chieftains overlooking the battlefield as all commanders took stock of the situation, prepared their plans and issued Special Military Stipulations (SMS Messages, the latest in military field theory).
My troops faced a long line of warriors, while Captain Richie faced a dense column thundering towards him, while Zulus, armed with captured rifles moved round his flank which was only held by the Natal Levy.
I threw out a skirmish line to slow the advance towards me and prepared the Nordfelt pour withering fire on the approaching hordes!
But disaster! It jammed! The skirmish line withdrew and soon the rifles of Her Majesties finest poured forth a hellish fire! But this was as nothing compared to the slaughter on the right. The Levy drove off the flank attack and volley after volley destroyed the attacking warriors, who even though some made contact, were soon driven back.
As the enemy stalled in the face of our volleys a great war cry was heard to our left as a Zulu impi surged towards our flank! A skirmish line, apparently lead by Pickford-Jones (no doubt retreating in the wrong direction) rushed to delay them.
But they were too late. As the Nordfelt was finally unjammed my valiant lads kept up a steady fire and the Zulus fell in their hundreds until not a single one stood…
The great Zulu chieftain, distraught at the loss of so many of his warriors, conceded the field, a broken man.
There would be many more widows in the villages that night and far fewer spears to wash. And as Captain Richie oversaw the roll call it was with great relief I was able to report not a man was lost. Even Pickford-Jones could hold his head high at the days performance. There would no doubt be medals and reports in the Times.
Now where did I leave that gazelle…

This little game was fought yesterday at SMOGGYCON. Figures, rules, terrain and umpiring provided by Peeler and you can find details on the forces/figures used on his blog. He also graciously provided his pictures as by then my camera was dead. The Zulu hordes were commanded by Norman D Landings and Goat Major and I took command of Her Majesties forces alongside Richie. Rules were the Colonial Supplement for DBN from KISR and I shall be acquiring these to go with the pack of Pendraken Zulu War figures I bought!

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