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Some more 10mm…

After the big tidy up the other week I’ve finally cleared a couple of things in the pile. A while back I acquired some Sudan Brits from Martin (Slugbalancer). Neatly painted I just applied a wash and based them after painting a few more to make up a full unit. He then most kindly sent me some more! Again, wash required, extras to paint, and then base.
This now gives me two units! Slow progress but getting there…And then the Curse of Burt strikes! Re-basing! The 10mm Lancer Prussians I painted and based a few weeks ago I decided just weren’t right. Four 6 figures bases, although quick to paint, just didn’t look like a unit to me. And when in line the FLAGS WERE NOT IN THE MIDDLE!!!

So, after consulting the Goat (Simon) I decided that a DBN compatible 40mm base was the answer. Now I thought this was just a quick rebase as I had it in my head the first lot were on 30mm bases so it was just a matter of re-arranging them. But they were on 25mm! And to get the required 12 figures on a 40mm base I had to paint another 12… but I think it was worth it…

The flags are printed from I might try and stick a bit in the top for a finial as the poles are a little short for the size of flag I want…

So that is the 1st Battalion Muffling regiment. Just need to do the second now!

And finally the latest rule arrival is the 2nd Edition of Brigade Fire and Fury. Only had a couple of read throughs but the changes look interesting, adding a little more detail to unit classifications, some streamlining of mechanisms, diagrams and examples seem clearer, and a force generator added. Looking forward to trying them.

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Something new – sort of…

I was going to keep this as a secret project just in case, as has happened before, it come to nought…

I’ve always wanted to do 1806 Prussians. I tried starting in 6mm, had some French painted, but never got round to the Prussians. And then sold them… I’ve contemplated 28mm but too expensive. I’ve since decide that 6mm is no good for my eyes. And 15mm I would just spend too long painting especially as I’d want to go the AB route…

And the last few weeks I’ve been following the progress of Richard Phillips on various Facebook groups as he progresses rapidly through an 1806/9 Saxon project in 10mm. So I thought, what the hell, a few samples can’t hurt…

Now he is using Magister Militum 10mm and I quite like them but I also spotted the Lancer Miniatures range for the period. I quite like the infantry but am a little reserved about the cavalry. I’ll paint a few and see… So I ordered a pack of Prussian musketeers and command and painted 4 bases of 6. Quickly. Roughly two hours from undercoated to done. They could be a little neater in places and I’ll likely spend more time on the others but with the purpose of getting units done quickly they will do…

I’m broadly planning on using General d’Armee and four bases will form a standard unit. And I’m looking at the OOB for Saalfeld so get to paint Fusiliers and Saxons as well.

We shall see what happens but I only really intend to buy a couple of units at a time and paint them before ordering more. And I still need to find the right flags!


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Framlingham 2016 – Day One

Another LAW gathering. This time in Framlingham, Suffolk (again) and ably organised by Tim Hall. Ten of us gathered for a most excellent weekend of gaming. Day One, Saturday, saw The Two Tim’s hosting a 54mm FIW game using Tim H’s lovely collection.

20161015_113719 20161015_113728 20161015_113736 20161015_140209 20161015_140221 20161015_140236It did, as ever look excellent. I believe the game was played twice with the victory shared.

The other six of us (Gary, Alex, Dave, Simon, Peeler and myself) partook of a large DBN game of Vitoria. I’ve played DBN a couple of times before and rather enjoyed it. I do have this minor craving to do the bases using 3mm figures rather than 15mm but I have to concur that once the game is underway the scale of figures becomes irrelevant. The rules give a good, fast moving game that FEELS like a battle.


The French were deployed historically, myself taking the role of Gazan. Peeler was overall CinC and Simon took the role of Reille(?). The decision was really how long to try and hold Wellington/Hill on the left before the bridges were forced to the North.


I tried to pull back gracefully but the dice were not kind and my sacrificial units, although fully embracing their sacrifice role, died a little too quickly!

20161015_113135 20161015_113902 20161015_114140

Rather carelessly (and assuming a modicum of honourable behaviour from the British) I left Gazan a little exposed while cordinating the withrawal and a battery of horse artillery rode up and poured canister into the poor chap!


This rather impeded my plans and allowed the British to push forward. I still managed to get my troops back to the designated line of resistance.


However this was not without cost….

20161015_125154 20161015_141732 20161015_143142

Meanwhile, Peeler and Simon were battling valiantly to defend the bridges and although inflicting heavy losses the crossings were forced.

20161015_151244 20161015_160434 20161015_160943

The game was to last 22 turns and in that time the loss of 22 French stands would spell defeat. Come turn 20 a sequence of rather bad rolls by Peeler saw a quick succession of losses. This was to prove too much on top of the losses of Gazan’s Corps and victory went to the Allies despite the French being well placed for a last stand!


It was good fun. I did roll a lot of 1s and lost a lot of combats that should have lasted a turn or two more. But in the end, the excessive losses from the retreat, and the loss of Gazan was the decider. So close…

Thanks go to Alex for the scenario and ‘running’ the game and to Peeler for creating the excellent table! An excellent day! All the pictures are in this gallery: Framlingham Day 1



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More 1806 French

My ongoing, albeit slow moving, 6mm Napoleonic Project, has me currently doing 1815 Prussians for Grande Armee to be followed by 1806 Prussians for Lasalle with Grande Armee as an option. As there is little chance of me finding and 1806 French opponent locally, and as I’m unlikely to have the time to do them myself, I’ve been making a start on 1806 French by using several painting services. I’ll be doing a full review of each over the next week or so (including two I’ve used for 15mm stuff, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures of the latest batch. These are from Rhys at Raise the Colours. I picked them up at Partizan and finally based them this week. He now has some Baccus cavalry to be going on with.

Anyway, here are the troops in their Grande Armee and Lasalle forms:

I rather like these and I think Rhys’s style will fit in nicely with my own. Anyway, more on that in the future…

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And another Prussian base done!

Finally managed to paint up the two mounted officers and base up the first of my Landwehr stands for my 1815 chappies. I may still do another stand of these for the same brigade but for the time being I’ll leave as is and move on. Here they are:

Still a long way to go, but getting there! I’ve yet to do the labels for the stands as I don’t have decent printer to play with the various options. Mounted chaps are Adler. The rest, Baccus goodness.

Next up will be more Line troops. And the command stand for the Brigade…

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