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Something new – sort of…

I was going to keep this as a secret project just in case, as has happened before, it come to nought…

I’ve always wanted to do 1806 Prussians. I tried starting in 6mm, had some French painted, but never got round to the Prussians. And then sold them… I’ve contemplated 28mm but too expensive. I’ve since decide that 6mm is no good for my eyes. And 15mm I would just spend too long painting especially as I’d want to go the AB route…

And the last few weeks I’ve been following the progress of Richard Phillips on various Facebook groups as he progresses rapidly through an 1806/9 Saxon project in 10mm. So I thought, what the hell, a few samples can’t hurt…

Now he is using Magister Militum 10mm and I quite like them but I also spotted the Lancer Miniatures range for the period. I quite like the infantry but am a little reserved about the cavalry. I’ll paint a few and see… So I ordered a pack of Prussian musketeers and command and painted 4 bases of 6. Quickly. Roughly two hours from undercoated to done. They could be a little neater in places and I’ll likely spend more time on the others but with the purpose of getting units done quickly they will do…

I’m broadly planning on using General d’Armee and four bases will form a standard unit. And I’m looking at the OOB for Saalfeld so get to paint Fusiliers and Saxons as well.

We shall see what happens but I only really intend to buy a couple of units at a time and paint them before ordering more. And I still need to find the right flags!


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And another Prussian base done!

Finally managed to paint up the two mounted officers and base up the first of my Landwehr stands for my 1815 chappies. I may still do another stand of these for the same brigade but for the time being I’ll leave as is and move on. Here they are:

Still a long way to go, but getting there! I’ve yet to do the labels for the stands as I don’t have decent printer to play with the various options. Mounted chaps are Adler. The rest, Baccus goodness.

Next up will be more Line troops. And the command stand for the Brigade…

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At last! A Prussian base completed!

After much agonising over basing methods I finally decided that as my 1815 Prussian were originally to be used with Grande Armee then I would base them just for that. I’ve also been looking at the upcoming Impetus based rules, Grandeur, which will likely use the same basing. I decided I didn’t like the two columns, line and skirmish option so inspired by basing like these at Mike’s Leadpile I went for two units in two lines with skirmishers and some mounted officers. I’ve yet to do the Grande Armee unit ID that will go on the back of the base but here is the 10th (1st Silesian) Regiment of the 13 Brigade of the IV Corps.

The only thing I slipped up on was putting the command strip on the left which left the drummer on the end of the line. As I was doing the basing late at night over several nights as kids allowed I only spotted this as I was uploading the photos! Next units will have them the other way round. Figures are all Baccus bar the 2 mounted officers which are from Adler and are excellent litle figures!

The plus point of going with this option is it gives me more space to play with on the base and the surplus figures I’d already done make completing the 2nd Silesian a bit quicker!

Next up will be the Landwehr for the 13th Brigade. These are prepped and ready to go and I will be doing the two lower strength units rather than a combined unit as suggested in the Grande Armee Waterlook scenario.

Forward, my children!

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Prussian samples and more basing…

Well, finally made a start on the Prussians for Grande Armee. As I’d done for the Byzantines I went for a black undercoat but this seemed to leave them too dark as the blue and the flesh didn’t cover too well.

I also think I was having a bad night as the detail wasn’t too accurate. Overall I was OK with them so I added the flag. Then I started having second thoughts and decided to try a different approach. I took a strip and gave them a white undercoat and a wash with a Games Workshop black wash. And rather than paint the flesh direct on the black I did the area with Red Leather first.

This resulted in a lighter figure and I think the flesh works better and adds contrast. The downside of the white undercoat is still having to cover everywhere so I think I’m going to stick with the black but do the flesh the new way. As long as I’m adding the highlight to the colours then that compensates for the black undercoat.

And finally, the 1mm 60x60mm MDF arrived from and I added this to the 2 bases I’ve done already.

Given that the MDF they use normally is a bit thinner than that I use from East Riding Miniatures (comparison to the right) it’s not such a big difference and when painted will give a good solid base.

Next plan is to paint the rest of the 10th Regiment and then some Landwehr to finish off the first brigade. All good stuff and made easier by the excellent Baccus figures.

I do have plans to pick up some of the Adler command packs so I can do Blucher etc. and I may see how the mounted officers fit in as Regiment commanders on the base.

Anyway, progress. Slow, but progress…

Oh…and I’ve started adding some static pages below the header. First up will be my Napoleonic reference library, to be added to as and when. Then I’ll do the AWI and Byzantine stuff. The big find was which makes setting up a nice list very easy! I wish I’d had that when I was doing my Masters!

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