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New appointments in the American Command

Finally managed to get the two extra brigade commanders I need for the Americans done. So here are the American staff. I had done the CinC figure in red facings but decided that buff was more apt so updated him. So….

Here’s the lot…

The main man…

The two new brigade commanders…

and Light Horse Harry Lee…

For some reason I didn’t take a detail of the militia commander on the right. For the two new brigade figures I used a darker blue for the uniforms than I’ve used before and generally I think I’ll use this for any other continentals I do in blue. Annoyingly there seems to be some paint chipped on the reins of one. Have touched it up but don’t have time to do another photo.

Should have another game lined up for next Saturday. Looking forward to it. We’ll be making a few adjustments from last time to unit sizes. The BIG 36-40 figure units just throw out too much firepower and skew the results e.g. 40 figs rolling average will do more damage than 2×20 on the same roll. We’ll see how it goes. I should have the camera with me again so hopefully a full report will appear here.

Now all I have to do is decide what to paint next. I’m tempted by either another Continental unit in an ‘interesting’ uniform or breaking my large New York 1st in their finest uniforms into two units with a bit more variety of look. Or finally paint up my Guards! Who know….



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More New Troops added to the lists…

At the York show I picked up a few figures from Mark (LOSH on General de Brigade) who was selling some of his AWI collection. They are very nicely done. I would have liked to buy more but current funds and my need for big units didn’t permit it. I finally got round to basing them all up ready for Saturdays game. I wanted troops I could use in varying size units so I went for the combined Grenadiers and Lights and a small unit of Delanceys to go with the one I’m going to be painting soon (honest!). I also needed a few 17th Dragoons.

Anyway, here they are…

First the converged Lights. A mix of Polly Oliver and mostly Essex.

And a unit of converged Grenadiers. These are all Polly Oliver advancing figures. I have a few of the marching pose as well which I intend to paint myself as I like the figure. I may end up with too many Grenadiers but they’ll come in handy when I do Brandywine and Germantown at 1:5!

I have figures prepped for my own unit of Delanceys. These are done with blue facings but I may do my own with green and have them with a Union flag to fight side by side with these.

And finally the 17th Dragoons. There were seven figures and the spare will do for the 17th officer who commanded some of the British Legion. Can’t put my hands on the details at the moment but I’m sure he would have retained his uniform. Nicely done figures, regardless, even if a little smart for the Southern Campaign!

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A Seven Years War diversion

I recently acquired a rather large SYW French and Reichsarmee 15mm collection from Richard at the club. He has been working on a set of SYW rules and from the game I played and those I’ve seen they are rather good. However, I’m a stickler for the cosmetics of the game and as I have plans for Imagi-Nation type stuff in the future I want all my troops in a uniform basing style.

Now there are a lot of figures here (c.60 x 16fig battalions plus cavalry etc.)so rebasing will be a long and slow process. I also want to keep the bulk of the army available for playing the rules at the club so I started with the smaller Reichsarmee contingent figuring some could double for Hessians and some for French in my AWI games! Now I also wanted to ‘alter’ the painting style to fit more with my own. They are very neatly but basically painted and given the numbers I didn’t want to spend too much time on them so I applied a Games Workshop Flesh wash to the skin areas and then used Future/Klear with a little black over the rest of the figure. I think they’ve come out OK. This is my first attempt with Klear and the mix has been a little inconsistent so some look better than others.

Here are some comparison shots:

Cronegk – before and after

Kur-trier – before and after

Rear view


The finished brigade

Still a lot to do but I think the approach has promise and when done they overall effect will be worth the effort.

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Preparing for battle

Seeing as I’ve been trying to reorganise the attic to create some space I thought I’d set up a small table and finally take the shrink off some of the Purbeck blocks I have. It’s only 4×4 but there is room when the underlying table is fully out to take it to 6×4 which for 15mm battles will do me. I also wanted to see what the troops I have to date actually look like en masse. Still having problems with the camera so no doubt if you zoom in then they’ll be out of focus!

So first an overall view as multiple lines of Rebels prepare to defend the hills:

And then views of the Rebel and British lines:

I want to do some mods to the Purbeck to add some texture and variety and maybe some fields. Or maybe just do them on card at sizes my fences will fit around! And I need roads. And I’ve got a few buildings to paint up as well.

There is just sooo little time….

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