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Yet another slight diversion…

Having completed the Shiny Toy soldier game and coming away enthused to buy more, and with a large 15mm AWI game planned for next Ayton, and with the Vikings to start for my Dark Age project…it seemed sensible to dive in and paint some 15mm Macedonian Pikemen! Now, to be fair, I’ve had this little batch sat in my workbench for about three years. I got a little box of Old Glory figures from Iain Burt (Essex Boy) probably a year before that. The little batch of 16 figures with lovely little pikes fitted and Dremel’d by Iain have been frequently dusted but never work on in all that time. Someone over on the LAW forum mentioned pikemen (possibly in response to a comment about the large pile I have sat in a box from the second Forged in Battle Kickstarter!) and that clearly planted the seed… So on my return from Fram that was what was dusted off and started.

I also took delivery of a little lightbox from China (recommended by Jeremy on LAW) and for just over £5 delivered it was worth a look…

It’s a little basic with a strip of LEDs on the top front edge. I’m not sure if that edge is meant to fold in more to focus the light on the interior but it seems bright enough. It just plugs in to the USB port on my PC. So I thought I’d give it a go.

It seems OK. Pictures cropped to cut out the back corners of the box. And it’s clearly not big enough for a whole unit of 28mm figures! But for small stuff and odd figures it does the job. It also comes with a black backdrop which I’ve yet to try. 

So there we have the first little block of pike. I got another lot of the same figure and then it will be time to move onto the Forged in Battle stuff. But I need Iain to do me some more of the nice pikes!

Oh… and he’s already christened them Smurfs! Git…


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15mm Odds and Ends

I’ve spent the last week re-vamping the eBay cavalry I bought and finishing a couple of odds and ends following the Newark game. When I re-did the Carthaginian command stands I took the two generals off their Cav(O) stands and added some standing figures to mount them on round bases. This left four Carthaginian cavalry so luckily I had a couple of matching unpainted figures so have painted those up to give me two cavalry stands. I tried to match the style (my 90’s style!) but you can spot the new ones if you look carefully!


At Newark I picked up a few Minifigs ACW standard bearers that Iain (Essex Boy) and skillfully replaced the poles on. These were to add another command stand to my ‘Iron Brigade’ type figures. Flags are by GMB.

20161124_233352 20161124_233409

Last week I took delivery of some nice Minifigs Union Cavalry. Tidy ‘wargames standard’ paint job and a good price for 40 cavalry. 

20161116_215601 20161116_215541 20161116_215522

So, off the bases they came after a good soak. Odd chips were touched up and the peaks on the kepis painted black (the originals had obviously had a heavy blue dry brush!). And as they were lacking command I tried to paint a couple of command stands to add to them and match as close as I could. And based in my usual style.

20161124_233458 20161124_233509_001 20161124_233529 20161124_233545

I’ve also recently bought some snake fencing off eBay and the guy was happy to not paint and flock the bases so I could paint and flock to match my own bases. So sample one done:


They are sold as for 15mm but I think are more suited to the ‘new’ 15mm/18mm rather than my old little Minifigs! They’ll do though…

The final eBay unit was I assume meant to be Rush’s Lancers. So these have been re-based and pennons added.

20161124_234151 20161124_234201

The figures ‘seems’ to be the same as the unit above with the carbines replaced by lances. It’s a really nice figure but I’m not sure on the original Minifigs code. Would be nice to get a few more…

Here’s some close ups of the new command stands:

20161124_234334 20161124_234344

And this is the final little brigade!


Quite pleased with them really. I now have some dismounted versions to do as to be honest they will likely see more use on table!

And Saturday is the Battleground Wargames Show which I am rather looking forward to. Nothing desperate to buy but looking forwards to a good natter!


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Preparing for To The Strongest

Next weekend myself, Essex Boy, World2Dave and Goat Major will be gathering at the Foundry venue in Newark to play a big game of To The Strongest. Myself and Dave have quite big 15mm Punic War forces, Simon has a good few as well and Iain…well…Iain has a few Greeks…a very few Greeks…

Dave and Simon (W2D and GM) have collated all our forces and worked out lists etc. and basically there is nothing for me to do but turn up with all my stuff and play. But that is far too easy… So… I’m repainting shields and rebasing a legion, rebasing cavalry and rebasing command stands. And painting a few odd figures for the latter!

My Romans are the first 15mm I painted when I got back into wargaming in 1993 after my travels. I painted the first legion in traditional red. And while agonising over shield designs I read somewhere that they often had a plain cover over the shields so I decided to paint them a mid-brown colour. And then for some bizarre reason I then painted the metal boss and top and bottom metal edges! These would logically be UNDER the cover! This has bugged me for several decades but I’ve never got round to re-painting the sheilds. So now seemed a good time to start.


I went for white and then decided to do the plumes as well…


The whole lot will be rebased as well in my current style. I also decide that the command stands should be on round bases and not the old DBM CAV 40x30s… I’ve put the CinC on 50mm and the sub-commanders on 40mm. Plenty of time to finish them by Friday…

I also had six stands of Carthaginian cavalry that I bought painted years ago. I never got round to re-doing the bases and they were also an almost gloss varnish. So I’ve stripped them off the bases and matted them ready for re-basing.


Again, the Carthaginian commands are DBM style so I’m painting up four foot figures to make two sub-commanders and at some point will do a proper CinC.

A lot of the figures are still based in my old style. These broadly blend in but I think as I add to the forces I’ll re-base the rest as I go. So hopefully I’ll get these done before Friday! Pics if I do else you’ll have to wait for the full game report.

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Carthaginian Spearmen…

Having finished off  the Gauls a week or so ago, and being slightly in deficit on my Neutral credits 🙂 I decided to have a little re-basing frenzy to catch up before cracking on with the Swans. As I’ve been doing odds and ends of my Punic War stuff I’ve been slowly re-basing units to reflect my current basing style. I’d only ever done eight stands of regular Carthaginian spear and four of veteran when I did my DBM armies in the 90’s but last year I spotted a few deals on eBay from abugan (ex-Falcon minis in the Philipines) and through various deals and trades I acquired enough figures to finish off my current veteran BG and do another regular one. All have now been re-based so here they are, two veteran units on the hill and two regular in front. All Essex miniatures:

 This is the first regular BG and I painted these back in 1993 when I lived in Birmingham. For some reason I went for plain bronze shields with designs on only some:

 These were my veterans. I picked up four more stands (inc. command) and just repainted the shields to match what I had. The painting styles are a pretty close match:

 This lot are regulars and all from abugan. Only slight issues is one stand have a slightly different style shield as the figures came off two command elements which were obviously done at a different time or by different painter. And I painted up the standard bearer myself to make up a full command element:

 This was the unit of veterans I bought. I wasn’t sure about the shield designs and was tempted to re-paint them but in the end left them as is:

 The command stands:


 I know there is some debate at the moment in Slingshot on whether the ‘Roman equipment’ veteran spear in Hannibal’s army actually fought in the Roman style rather than as hoplites. Apart from the various literary interpretations put forward to support this there is the suggestion that the scutum is not suitable for traditional hoplite combat. However, the triarii were spear armed and they seemed to manage it OK?

I had contemplated double-basing some/all of these but in the end decided to stick with the standard bases. Partly because there is no variation in base depth for this troop type and partly because I have no casualty figures at the moment to tart up a bigger base!

I’ve got some cavalry to do next and will also likely re-do my command stands as I have a few figures left over to make them interesting.

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15mm Gauls for FoG and DBMM

Finally finished off the Gauls I’ve been basing up. First unit was done a few weeks ago and detailed here as I decided how I was going to base them. I still needed a few more figures to get the 24 stands of 4 rather than of the original 3 planned. And as you can see I went for 40×40 for most with 2 4x20mm in each unit. If I need more singles I’ll just use markers!

As before, the majority are painted by Conflict in Colour with about 20 done by me (inc. casualties) to make up the numbers. So here we have the three battle groups:

And each of the groups in turn:


And some detail shots:


It’s taken a wee while to get these together but they will give a good core to my Carthaginians and enable me to use my Spanish and Celtiberians as either allies or opponents. I have some Gallic cavalry but still need some skirmish types.

Next up is likely to be my 28mm RSM figures interwoven with a bit of re-basing.

Roll on Sunday! York! 🙂

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