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Iberian Progress…

Well, been spending time getting the remainder of the Spanish ‘washed’ and rebased. The washing has gone OK. Some figures have worked better than others as I think I’ve not yet mastered the correct mix. The cavalry have come out well though and it’s made a huge difference to the horses. All the figures now have a darker look but I’m not worried about that as it makes them look well seasoned!

I’ve also painted the 12 figures I needed to make up the 3 command stands for the Scutarii and one other stand to bring them up to 3 BGs of 8 stands. These were Corvus Belli figures and are rather nice. Gluing the shields on was a bit of a faff but it was late when I did them so I think tiredness contributed to the superglued fingers!

I’d decided to paint them in the same style as the others and that meant a white undercoat. I’ve not used that for a long, long time and it is very unforgiving and doesn’t really suite my style. Ian, who did the other figures, uses Humbrol paints so putting aside most of my Vallejos I dug out some old pots of Humbrol and luckily had the flesh, red, blue and green used on the other figures. Once the wash was applied though they’ve come out nice and the unforgiving nature of the white undercoat has been placated…

Basing is mostly done so pics will follow…

And to fill in the other gaps in the army I’ve ordered:

10 Celtiberians from Donnington to make my other Celtiberians up to strength – only to find I actually had 16 bases of 3 not the 18 I’d calculated it on! Celtiberians in FoG are Heavy Foot 4 to a base and mine were done as LMI for DBM years ago. So six figures short I rummaged through the spares box and found 6 Donningtons – 2 Celtiberians, 1 Carthaginian, 2 Scutarii and a naked Gaul! They’ll fit in though!

6 Spanish Cavalry from Donnington – I had 2 stands of these for my DBM army so they need making up to 4.

From Essex: 3 packs of Spanish Cavalry for another 4 stand BG, 2 packs and command of Carthaginian veterans to make an 8 stand BG.

I also have the Corvus Belli to make up a couple of Command elements as well.

Gauls: I’ve always need the Gauls for my Cathaginians. I have 6 stands of cavalry and Ian traded me 6 packs of Gallic foot. I also spotted what look like 6 stands of Gallic cavalry on eBay and they arrive tomorrow. And as I need command stands for the foot I have ordered the relevant packs from Corvus Belli direct. More painting…. 🙂

So that is the current state of play. Pics of the finished Spanish should be up by the weekend.

That’s all for now.

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An Iberian Diversion…

As mentioned in the update below, Ian Logan at the Tyneside Club offered me his 15mm Ancient Spanish. Originally a very generous offer of ‘just take them’ we finally agreed a small cash/lead trade and I acquired the following box…

Bar a few odds and ends (generals and some more cavalry) and combined with the Spanish I have as part of my Punic armies this gives me a good standalone Spanish army for FoG.

However the painting style and basing aren’t going to git in with what I have. They’re neatly done but with no shading/highlighting…

So, as per my SYW Frenchies out came the Klear and the washing began! I tried a couple of the new Games Workshop washes first – Devlan Mud and Ogryn Flesh but the contrast wasn’t enough. I also tried the Coat d’Arms black wash but as before, I think because the figures are varnished the wash is repelled and just doesn’t take at all. So on with the Klear

Not too bad a result and seeing as it was a first attempt with these, late at night, and I was tired and rushed, I’m quite happy. A few more to do though… 🙂

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15mm Republican Romans (Punic War)

When I first got back into wargaming back in 1993 after two years travelling DBM had just taken off and I’d always had an interest in the Punic Wars so it seemed the best choice. I played a few DBM tournaments but the silly competitiveness of some players drove me away. I had just started painting my second legion when I stopped gaming again so my return to the era starts with getting them finished. The Hastati were already done as were some of the Principes so I ended up finishing the latter and doing the Velites. the Triarii are on thw workbench as we speak. I’ve tried to match the painting style I used back then, at least for this unit as they really need to all fit in.

So here’s a few pictures…

I’m also changing my basing style. You’ll see the old style at some point but I’ve just discovered MDF bases and starting with the Romans I’m going to re-base the lot!

More Punic stuff to follow when I get the chance to take the pictures!

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