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‘Twas the night before Ayton…

And for once I am NOT painting and basing!!!

I had fairly modest plans for adding to the forces for this years C18th ImagiNation game that Henry Hyde is running for us (see Henry’s Wargaming Journal for the campaign build up) . Henry had placed some restrictions on the size of our forces to curb the Ayton Arms Race. This was also going to be a more traditional Horse and Musket game so less ‘exotic’ units – my Indians will be there but the Altefrtitzenburg Anti-Elephant Battery are in barracks breeding more pigs!

To make up a suitable force in terms of number of units I decided to field my ‘half’ regiments – splitting my 48 figures units and adding an extra command stand. This gave me a 5 stand unit under Henry’s Shot, Steel and Stone rules which is a little fragile. So I decided to add battalion guns to each unit to give something like:


I also needed to do the second command stand for my ‘split’ Braunschweig regiment. The original flags were done for me by Tim Hall – seen here:


But I wanted to do the new ones myself. I had the required Minden command figures (French I think) and spent some time with the GIMP and a template from Not By Appointment to come up with my plan for Braunschweig standards that fitted in with what Tim had already done. Each regiment carries a national flag with the central emblem with the national blue colour. The second standard, regimental, carries a I or II for the battalion (when split) on a background of the facing colour. Tim had reversed the colours of the cross which I think I wish I had done too – and may still do! Anyway, here they are:

20160428_185719 20160428_185739 20160428_185804

Way back last year as part of the excellent AMG game at Partizan I added a unit of Kuirassier to my Altefritzenburg forces. This was only 12 figures plus an officer. I had hoped to do a full 24 figures unit but time, work and family…


For Ayton I really wanted to finish this unit. It’s only 12 cavalry I thought! Plus a couple of officers. And a two figure command stand! And cavalry take AGES to paint!!! Lots of little bits and when you think you are nearly done there is still the horse to paint! 🙂 But I got them done. The original squadron had red shoulder straps, hair bow and red cockade. I wanted to differentiate the other unit so again, if I split them and do another command stand, they will be a little different. So instead of red the new squadron is green. Quite enjoyed doing the flag as well! Big is good!

20160428_185411 20160428_185436 20160428_185449 20160428_185518

Annoyingly I forgot to add the main officer figure (seen with the original unit above) in these pictures…

And finally, the first action of this year’s campaign was a brisk cavalry action  which Henry has written up on his blog – Ambush at Ubbynedre and fought as a real action with figures and all! As part of this Henry created a commander for my cavalry – Brigadier Weisswurst – who performed rather well. So as a last minute thing I decided I needed a figure for him. I wanted someone dashing so used the Fife and Drum Tarleton figure. And I may use the uniform for my next unit of cavalry!

20160428_185905 20160428_185844 20160428_185855

And now the troops sit in their mobile barracks as I await doing battle with sleet, rain and snow to get there tomorrow!


It promises to be yet another excellent weekend and I’m really looking forward to it.

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SYW at WB3D!

Last night I managed to arrange a game at the recently formed Whitley Bay 3D Gamers club in, unsurprisingly, Whitley Bay! The club has been running for a good few months now but being on a Tuesday night it’s hard for me to rearrange picking up of kids etc. But last night worked out so I managed to arrange to take part in a 15mm SYW. Figures and terrain supplied by Ian. Rules supplied by Neil. The rules, Battle Factor, are in development and last night was one of several recent playtests. We had 6 players, 3 a side, Austrians v. Prussians. I took the mixed cavalry and infantry division on the Austrian left, Ken (CinC) took the infantry center, and Ian the right flank. As usual, I’m crap with names but the Prussian opposition was Lawrence (facing me),  Karl(?) facing Ian and I think Darrel as Prussian CinC.

Command and control works from Army, then to Division, then Brigade commanders. As orders are issued, units can carry out several actions but the enemy can respond to each one (within restrictions) so you can get quite a lot of activity in a short space of time.

The table at start with my two cavalry brigades either side of the woods just before the Prussians deployed. Deployment can be as close as 30cm so action can start pretty quickly!

2015-06-23 19.34.57My left hand brigade went forward, charged and was counter charged. And just defeated… 2015-06-23 19.51.10Falling back through the rear regiment, these in turn charged. Breaking the already worn down enemy.2015-06-23 20.13.25

My two central cuirassier regiments then moved forward. Successfully engaging the first regiment, driving them off and following through to do the same to the second. Now blown (their Battle Factor was negative) they retired to allow the second regiment to advance.

2015-06-23 20.29.142015-06-23 19.35.11However, the threat from Prussian infantry produced a stand off.2015-06-23 20.37.422015-06-23 20.58.07My carabiniers returned to the fray after my dragoons had done serious damage on the left again.2015-06-23 20.29.022015-06-23 20.28.54Having finally driven off both regiments they fell back to re-group along with the dragoons.2015-06-23 21.52.49Although the result was a stand off with my cuirassiers, with time I planned to bring back the regiments and then roll up the flank.

Meanwhile, on the rest of the table, stuff happened! 🙂2015-06-23 21.53.12 2015-06-23 21.53.04 2015-06-23 20.58.18 2015-06-23 19.50.56 2015-06-23 19.50.47 I have to admit to being rather lucky with the dice.2015-06-23 20.26.23As casualties (reduced battle factors) were based on dice rolls divided by 6 rolls like this served me well! There was some discussion during the game about how the command rolls worked. All the action on my flank happened in two turns. Lots of orders and reactions. The idea of the flexible time scale and the to and fro is a nice idea. I look forward to trying them again.

It was good to get a game in, good to see Ian, Ken and Lawrence (and NDL later!) and good to try new rules. I should make it down the club again in August!


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Where did three weeks go?

Well, despite my good intentions brought about by the bright new shiny year I’ve struggled to get painting again. I’ve done a lot of prep and undercoating and have some 6mm SF, 10mm Sudan, 20mm WSS, 28mm C18th and 28mm C19th on the workbench. I’ve splashed a bit of paint on all of them but not in any productive way. So tonight I finally had an hour to work on a test figure for some cuirassiers I’ve got lined up.


Figure is RSM. Horse is Foremost. Might add some piping to the turnbacks for a bit of contrast. Looking OK overall though.

And this coming weekend is the York show which I always enjoy. Not much on the buy list so looking forward to a good natter!

Now time for an early night!

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WIP – 6mm ImagiNation – test figures

Following on from the completion of the first of my 6mm ImagiNation troops I’ve been looking at what to do next. As I’ve tried in the past, my main aim is to paint the bulk myself but get a few units of ‘opposition’ painted for me. Although I have yet to work up the background I envisage the SYW themed opposition for my Altefritzenburg troops would be ‘French’ based and enable me to use the Baccus SYW French with no turnbacks etc. to keep painting simple and faster!

I’ve just done a test strip to see what they’ll look like. Although my Swans have no hat lace I think these need it to add a little contrast to the figures. Possibly yellow would be better…

Sorry for slightly blurry image but I couldn’t get my phone to focus properly I think these will look of. Drummers will be in reverse colours and with a sashes etc. on the officers they should look OK I was concerned that with only the cuffs showing a different colour there would not be enough difference in the units? Suppose I could always do the breeches and gaiters in a brighter colour as well?

I sense another test strip coming on…

…and here it is!

Side by side by side shot. The new chaps were done with a white undercoat and to be honest once the black wash was applied it didn’t make a lot of difference.

I think the red leggings and yellow hat lace does more to brighten up the figures.


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A Seven Years War diversion

I recently acquired a rather large SYW French and Reichsarmee 15mm collection from Richard at the club. He has been working on a set of SYW rules and from the game I played and those I’ve seen they are rather good. However, I’m a stickler for the cosmetics of the game and as I have plans for Imagi-Nation type stuff in the future I want all my troops in a uniform basing style.

Now there are a lot of figures here (c.60 x 16fig battalions plus cavalry etc.)so rebasing will be a long and slow process. I also want to keep the bulk of the army available for playing the rules at the club so I started with the smaller Reichsarmee contingent figuring some could double for Hessians and some for French in my AWI games! Now I also wanted to ‘alter’ the painting style to fit more with my own. They are very neatly but basically painted and given the numbers I didn’t want to spend too much time on them so I applied a Games Workshop Flesh wash to the skin areas and then used Future/Klear with a little black over the rest of the figure. I think they’ve come out OK. This is my first attempt with Klear and the mix has been a little inconsistent so some look better than others.

Here are some comparison shots:

Cronegk – before and after

Kur-trier – before and after

Rear view


The finished brigade

Still a lot to do but I think the approach has promise and when done they overall effect will be worth the effort.

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