Dux Britanniarum

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Jul 302012
Dux Britanniarum

My Inbox this morning was graced with the PDF copy of the new Dux Britanniarum rules. Click the image above to link to all the options available but basically this is another excellent production from the Too Fat Lardies stable. I’ve been following the playtesting of this via the TFL Yahoo group and it has Read more…

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Sep 152008

More on the rules. The quick reference sheet is available for download but I’ll gradually reproduce and comment on them in posts here. Training 1stClass Grenadiers, Light Infantry, Guards 2ndClass Regulars, Hessians, Continentals, Rangers, Jagers, British Legion foot, Queen’s Rangers 3rdClass Raw Regulars, Veteran Militia, Loyalists, Mountain Men 4thClass Militia, Inexperienced Loyalists, European-led Indians 5thClass Read more…