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Post Derby Update

Well, the various comments over on TMP re the ‘Derby’ show have been interesting. I hope the organisers don’t take it too much to heart as I think most critisisms were pretty valid and meant constructively. Price of food, noise and atmosphere are, I suppose, very subjective.

Still feeling tired from the excesses of the weekend and with my wife away last night and today in Manchester (and so the added stress of sorting our sometimes less than cooperative kids!) and being full of cold, I decided to take a flexi day and spend some time at home. I had great plans of doing lots of things in the attic but in the end managed the following:

Watched S02E02 of Homeland – getting interesting!

Watched Expendables 2 – very silly…

Confirmed the extras I had ordered from Baccus enable to finish off the units I wanted. I know have enough to do five more battalions, which will be all Altefritzenburgers, once I decide on uniform colours. And standards… I have one units on bottle tops waiting to go though.

While at Derby I picked up a sample sabot base from Martin at Warbases. I had had some steel 15mm discs done by Precision Wargames Supplies to use as bases for my 15mm Splintered Light minis for the TFL Dux Brittanniarum rules. I’ve only got a few painted but will be putting the two starter armies together slowly. The bases are very thin and light so normal depth MDF sabots are just too deep. Martin spent a little time investigating the options and came up with the following:

The actual base is 1.4mm mount board under the normal 2mm MDF with an insert in each round hole to raise it to the level to make the thin steel bases flush. The 3mm hole in the middle is for adding a small magnet to hold the figure in place. The steel bases do not give enough weight to really steady the figure. The magnet will help.

So this gave me the chance to base up what I had painted so far.

I only have one unit of warriors, my leader and four archers. The archers and leaders will be on 20mm bases. I’ve yet to decide if they need a sabot as well.

The main unit is the 6th Century incarnation of my Savage Swans!

The plan is to have nice regular bases for the shieldwall (though I still think they are a little too far apart) and the ‘random’ bases for loose groups and Saxons. When I get round to painting them!

Next up will be more 6mm Imagi units. And hopefully I’ll sort the colour schemes so Ian can paint the other ‘French’ units.


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WIP – 15mm TFL Dux – how to base?

I have finally painted up some of the Splintered Light Miniatures 15mm Romano-British (bought in 2009 for a Dark Age project that never happened!)  for us with the new Toofatlardies Dux Britanniarium. They are nicely detailed figures. Only slightly annoying is sticking the shields on. I did glue them on first to get that metal to metal bond rather than paint to paint, which seems to have made them pretty solid.

So anyway, this post is more a basing related one – as basing is such a traumatic process for me! 🙂

A good few people seem to be basing their 28mm on 2p pieces and using the Warbases sabots. The bases are also done for 1p pieces which I assumed were for 15mm? So after raiding the kids piggy banks (it’s been a tight month!) I laid out a few coins with the figures to see how they looked:

Dux on pennies
Dux on pennies

They just look too bifg to me. The figures too spaced out? The rules group figures into sixes (or eights) and if in neat ranks are in a shieldwall formation. To me this just doesn’t look right. I know it’s only a ‘representation’ but I feel they should at least look closer together? The only other things I had lying around were some 15mm tiddlywinks I use for my 6mm FUBAR:

Dux on tiddlywinks
Dux on tiddlywinks

Which I think looks much better:

Dux on tiddlywinks
Dux on tiddlywinks

For my FUBAR I added some steel paper to the bases to give a little ‘weight’ which helped for 6mm. I think it might need something more for 15mm. And I’m not sure ALL 15mm ranges will have bases that will fit.

Anyway, open to comments and thoughts…


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