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Wor Lard!


I’ve played a few little games using various Lardie rules. Sharp Practice, Chain of Command and I Ain’t Been Shot Mum. There was a Lard based gathering in Durham last year which ‘real life’ prevented me attending. Luckily, this year, Jim Catchpole dropped me an email to see if I was interested in attending this years event and fortunately ‘real life’ allowed it! So this morning I set off for the Durham Wargames Group venue at the Vane Tempest Hall in Durham. It was a lot further from the train station than I thought and that last uphill stretch up Gilesgate was a little ‘warm’!

The Durham Grouphave an excellent venue. Several rooms, lots of storage for LOTS of terrain, kitchen, wargames library. Excellent space! And they laid on a fine range of munchies. None of which I could eat as I’m vegan and on a diet! 🙂

There were a number of games on in the morning. A Sharp Practice Beau Geste, a Danzig Sharp Practice, a naval game and a proper game of Kriegspiel with three tables. As I was so intent on my own game (the Beau Geste one) I only managed a few pics of the others so apologies for the lack of detail:

20160402_101025 20160402_105231 20160402_105238 20160402_110459 20160402_110529 20160402_110552In the PM I was playing Chain of Command so only manage quick pics of the games in my room. A Kiss Me Hardy game and what I assume was an IABSM SF variant.

20160402_151905 20160402_151925

In the other room there was at least one other game on with Richard Clarke (for the man himself was there!) running the Beau Geste game using the upcoming Sharp Practice 2. I failed entirely to even pop into the room which is credit to being absorbed in my own game! As I took pictures Rich commented on the prevalence of wargamers taking photos now (which he was doing as well) and of wargamers taking photos of wargamers taking photo of wargames!

So, back to my game. I will (as ever) apologise in advance for being crap with names. Even of I was told them at the time they’ve gone now! But my Taureg side consisted of myself, Barry and Jim versus Jay(?) and ? 🙂 The game was run by Nigel and most entertaining it was too. The scenario saw myself (the Emir Mustafaleek! Credit to Nigel for having an excellent range of silly names for the Big Men! Fakir Orf anyone!) with my Fakir, supported by two Shariffs each with their own Fakirs. We each has 3 mounted units and 3-4 foot. Out bonus was a field gun. But with only three rounds! The aim was primarily to secure the oasis but with options on the town, the fort and the archaeological dig. A French columns was heading for the Fort and the action opened with an ambush on said column. This was not quite the devastating attic we hoped but did force the French to split their force. A Thirst card was successful in slowing the columns’ advance on the fort but their own cavalry, some legionaires and support from the Fort was to see the ambushing force gradually reduced and ineffective.

Meanwhile, the sentries in the town spotted the massed tribesmen rushing towards them and Barry was to spend much time forcing his way into the town, taking quite a few casualties, before finally breaking down the doors of the buildings to allow a final assault on the few French troops on the roof.

Despite taking damage on his ambushing force, Jim was able to bring up his gun, secure the oasis and with two good shots blow open the gates to the fort! As he rushed men forward a unit of French cavalry sauntered out and were promptly sent back in after losing half their number in melee! Despite persistent and damaging firepower from the three groups manning the walls this was to allow Jim to push his men forward and finally gain a foothold inside the Fort!

My Emir pushed down the right. My foot taking damage from the walls before finally joining the rush towards the open gate. My main man and his camel mounted troops headed straight down the flank to finally catch the archaeologists and guards in the open as they failed to move rapidly across the open ground. Many were cut down before retiring back to their camp.

It was at this point that Nigel called time and with troops closing in on the defenders in the town, the Fort breached, the stranded supply train about to be charged by fresh camelry and the archaologists trapped in their camp, it was declared a resounding victory! Here a good few pics from the game. Hopefully you can follow what is going on!

Afternoon game was Chain of Command. Some rather nice 15mm Brits (me) advancing to secure the church/town to their front. I had three sections, recce car, two Churchills, mortar and piat. Facing… Germans! I’ve only played CoC one before and to be honest it showed. I was able to get a good patrol phase and get a section on a hill to the left with overwatch on the town and approaches. Another section went up the right and foolishly got themselves targeted by enemy in the building. They took a lot of casualties and were eventually thrown back (two men left!) to play no further part in the game. To their rear I placed the mortar with the sergeant. This was to spend the game dropping quite persistent and accurate smoke along the entrance to the town.

Meanwhile the armoured car shot up the road, narrowly missed getting torch by a ‘schreck and parked up for the remained of the game! I slowly moved up the section in the centre eventually getting to the building and eventually these were to rush forward into the smoke on the road into the town. They felt quite safe in the smoke but were a little isolated and I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them next. Both Churchills advanced, with the one narrowly avoiding the ‘schreck three times! Before finally going up in smoke! The other finally got into the smoke in support of the centre section but again, what to do next.

My excellently positioned section on the left eventually came under fire with the big man getting hit and them slowly taking shock before dropping behind the hill and not really having may options. My opponent (name?) had played before and clearly knew what he was doing and I think I got off quite lightly really. But by this point, despite reaching the edge of the town, my centre force was quite isolated and unsupported and the enemy (still with a section off table!) were in a good position to hammer them when the smoke eventually went. My force morale was also not looking good so it seemed clear the British assault had failed. To be honest I wasn’t really clear on the best way to use the tanks. Should maybe have kept them right back on overwatch. And there was talk of the best way of handling an advance and moving jump off points forward. None of which I really knew was possible. Live and learn.

It was good fun anyway and cheers to my opponent and the young chap who ran the game. I really should be better with names! Some pics: 

It was an excellent day and thanks to Jim and the Durham guys for organising.

After the C18th Sharp Practice game last year with Simon, Dave and Iain I do really want to try the rules again and once Ayton is out of the way I will continue the move to convert my C19th ImagiNation forces to the rules.


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Rampant Plastic Normans!

As the great annual Ayton game looms at the start of May and I prepare my painting plan based in the army list I supplied for the big C18th campaign it it only logical that my limited painting and modelling time be firmly focussed on… Modern Microarmour, 15mm ACW and 28mm Normans! 🙂 I’ve posted some pics of the Modern Brits before but here are the vehicles for the FV432 and Saxon units. And some SPGs. Needless to say I’m still painting the infantry!

IMAG5092 IMAG5093 IMAG5094 IMAG5095

A while back (pre- Christmas?) I bought some rather nice painted 15mm ACW Confederate from Iain Burt (Essex Boy) at a rather bargain price. These are I think Peter Pig and very nicely painted. They came mounted 4-5 on a base on unfinished steel bases so they needed to come off those and go on the standard Fire & Fury bases all my other stuff is on. That gave me two 10 stand units (usable for Longstreet as well) and a couple of spare command stands. Very nicely done figures by Mr Burt!

IMAG5096 IMAG5099 IMAG5100

Finally we come to the plastic Normans. Now I have always been a heft man! I was happy to concede the great opportunities the advent of hard plastic figures offered and have seen many people paint them beautifully. And they look great on the table. But for me the illusion was ruined as soon as you picked them up! 🙂 I had tried some of the Perry Napoleonics a long time ago and gave up sticking them together. Too many bits and too fiddly for me. So in theory that was me done with plastics. Forever…

Then Tim Hall generously passed his small C18th force to me to do service with Altefritzenburg. This force contained the famed Braunschweig Kuirassiers! These were Perry French cuirassiers with tricorn head swaps. A lovely unit and a great conversion.


So I finally owned some plastics but had yet to paint any. Move forward to the Ayton weekend last year where we discussed the plans for 2016 and 2017. Having just done a C19th Colonial bash tradition holds that the following year we return to our C18th ImagiNation games. But for 2017 it was proposed to try something different and Lion Rampant got the vote. We had a trial run of the rules at the Lion Rampant weekend at Foundry late last year organised by Simon Tonkiss (Goat Major – go look at his excellent new blog: Göaterdämmerung) and I had great plans to paint something for that weekend but it didn’t pan out. I had decided I wanted a Norman/1st Crusade type force with maybe a few Arab types thrown in. This would nicely reflect my C18th and C19th ImagiNation forces. As this was in theory just for a one off game I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I looked at the Conquest Games Norman plastics and thought, What the Hell! I’d give plastics another go. So I bought some infantry. And cavalry. And a few metal Perry miniatures for crossbows and command. And some of the archers. And then for the Arabs I bought Gripping Beast Heavy Arab Cavalry and Infantry. Then got sent some Dark Age Warriors by mistake. Which I bought anyway. And also got given another pack of the Arab infantry… So I now have a plastic pile to join my lead and MDF ones! And that excludes the Games Workshop Orcs I acquired (don’t ask!). And I won’t even mention the PSC 1/72nd US infantry and Shermans…

So we come to the Conquest Normans. I thought I would attempt a unit of 12 infantry to start. I actually stuck these together last year and even primed one but did nothing until a couple of weeks ago. They come as body, head and arms so you can vary the poses quite a bit. The bodies have a variety of armour and you can arm with sword or spear and even a few with round shields. I went for a mix of types but stuck to the kite shields. They stick together quite well. As the heads attach to a flat surface you have to be careful to get them central (some of mine are a little out) and some of the armoured heads seem a little long in the neck. One slight jarring effect is that all come with a sword IN the scabbard. So if you arm them with swords then they appear to have two! I know you could cut/file off the handle but I didn’t think it was worth the effort and the potential damage!

Figures were mounted on 25mm washers and primed black using  the Vallejo Primer (brushed on). I haven’t painted this period in 28mm since the late 70s/early 80s and having been in a mojo slump for quite a while I was unsure how to tackle them. I’d been reading good things about the latest GW washes (replacements for Devlan Mud and Badab Black) so I picked up a couple of the new larger bottles (how much!!!!!?!?!?!?!). So for these figures most was done with a base coat followed by one or the other washes and then a highlight with the base or slightly lighter. As these are still sort of linked to my ImagiNation theme I went for the green and red of Altefritzenburg for the shields. Needless to say my Swans will be making an appearance as well, later!

IMAG5101 IMAG5102 IMAG5103 IMAG5104

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how they come out. The faces were a different approach to normal and I may vary that for the next batch as I’m not sure it fully works.

Not sure what to paint next. I REALLY should line up the stuff for Ayton in May. Not a lot to paint but it will take time. Maybe as the mojo seems to be returning it would be good to get them out of the way. I also need to clear the decks a little as I want to try and have a game at home with my 7 year old. Might look at the One Hour Wargames ACW rules. And I need to sort out my Punic War stuff for the big To The Strongest Game in November. And get to the Whitley Bay Club so I can keep to my once a month plan!

Onwards and upwards!


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Whitley Bay 3D Gamers Evening

Although failing in a lot of my New Year aims I did want to try and make it to the Tuesday WB3D Gamers sessions once a month and so far I’ve managed that! Last night was a session with a VERY good turn out. Eight games on and 26 attendees. Games ranged from Bolt Action, Quar Wars, Warhammer and X-Wing through to my game, which was a Falklands I Ain’t Been Shot Mum game. First off some pics of the other games. For some reason my phone doesn’t like the light in the hall so even after some generic colour adjustment the pics are still a little off…

IMAG5041 IMAG5043 IMAG5044 IMAG5045 IMAG5046 IMAG5047 IMAG5048 IMAG5049 IMAG5050 IMAG5060 IMAG5061 IMAG5062 IMAG5064 IMAG5065 IMAG5071 IMAG5072 IMAG5073 IMAG5074 IMAG5075 IMAG5076 IMAG5077

And finally a view of the whole hall. Ignore the weird Omen like photographic weirdness 🙂 :


And now on to my game. Dougie offered up a 10mm Falklands game using the Lardie’s I Ain’t Been Shot Mum rules. Myself, Dougie and Alex took the valiant Brits advancing at night to clear out Nick’s evil Argies in the run up to Goose Green. I’ve not played IABSM before but I have played CoC and Sharp Practice so the mechanisms were familiar. With this being at night it made it difficult for the Argentinian platoon to spot the advancing British company. The games started with all blinds:

falk01 falk02 falk03

The Brits were really going for a straight on attack and the two dummy blinds were in the foreground feinting around the flank. Poor movement dice overall meant that the 1st Platoon approached the dug in Argentinians unsupported and was soon spotted and subjected to withering fire!

falk04 falk05 falk06

As the Argentinians revealed themselves (single platoon supported by a .50cal) the first British platoon suffered heavy losses:

falk07 falk08 falk09

The rest of the British force continued their advance, closing in on the Argentinian flanks:


The first Argentinian platoon finally succumbed to British return fire:


And the British began to close in despite the threat of the .50cal:

falk12 falk13 falk14 falk15 falk16

The other British platoons finally came into play (the dummies causing the defenders to waste some actions). The .50cal was taken out of play the superior British fire discipline began to tell:

falk18 falk19 falk20 falk21

With fire coming from front and rear the defenders were soon pinned and the British closed in for the kill:

falk22 falk23

At this point it was clear the Argentinians would have surrendered. They had done well fighting off the first platoon but in a static position it was only a matter of time before the superior discipline of the Brits seized the day (or night!). The rules worked pretty well and it shows what you can do with quite a small number of figures. The photos do not do justice to the lovely paint jobs on the 10mm figures and the bespoke terrain. Good game and thank to Dougie for putting it on and Alex and Nick for partaking as well.

Overall, a good night. Good turnout. Good fun. Hopefully I can make a game in March!


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First Dragon Rampant Game

Tuesday night saw a trip to the Whitley Bay 3D Gamers Club in, well, Whitley Bay. I’m going to do my best to make it down there once a month this year! This visit was to try Dragon Rampant. I played Lion Rampant last year at Simon’s Newark bash (see this post) and really enjoyed it and it is to be the theme for Ayton 2017. But having eyed my lads model dragon for a couple of weeks with thoughts of working it into some medieval games I thought grabbing Dragon Rampant and giving it a go was worthwhile. So Karl L offered to run the game and supply myself and Alex R with some splendid orc types and undead respectively, while Callum arrived with some rat themed army and Andy K a werewolf themed one. I’m not too big on the old fantasy races etc. so feel free to correct! We worked out basic 24pt armies. My orcs were based around the sample in the DR book so I had two lots of Light Foot with short range missile weapons, two lots of bellicose foot with Shiny Armour and a leader and hangers on as Heavy Foot with offensive option. So quite hard hitting if I get in first! We basically bunged a bit of scenery down and set up in opposite corners and went at it!


I was closest to Alex’s undead horde so sent my Light Foot forward to await their arrival.


The orcs I was using were a rather eclectic and colourful lot borrowed from Karl. IMAG4995

They had a lot of things shambling towards them!IMAG4996

Callum’s rather impressive rat things took quite a pummelling from the were-chaps. This was partly because for the first few turns we just went clockwise round the table for initiative and the were-chaps just kept hitting with no chance to get a strike back or avoid.IMAG4997

Despite their reputation my orcs formed orderly lines and waited!IMAG5003

After some rather impressive early activations (9/10 on turn 1!) the undead horde seemed to shuffle to a halt. I got a couple of shots at one unit and found that they were rather brittle with armour of 1.IMAG5004

I eventually moved the Light Foot aside and sent in the first of the heavy chaps who proceeded to hack their way through three units before grinding to a halt, exhausted and then dispersing. The next few turns saw the undead gradually whittled down (though not without loss) until only the leader remained…

IMAG5005 IMAG5006 IMAG5008 IMAG5009 IMAG5010

A final bash between his heavies and mine saw the orcs victorious…IMAG5011

However, over the other side of the table the rat-chaps had been wiped out and the were-chaps were heading my way!IMAG5012

I lined up some Light Foot to face the first lot and against the odds they saw off three attacks but were a tad depleted at the end!IMAG5013

It then came down to a battle between my leader and, well, three of his units!IMAG5014

Despite a valiant defence they eventually cracked and ran away. Not helped by my previously decent dice starting to let me down.IMAG5015

The field was left to the creatures of the moon!IMAG5016

It was good fun! Half way through we started rolling initiative every turn which made things more interesting although by that time the damage had been done to Callum’s force. The rules work pretty well. We kept it pretty basic and for a first try didn’t make too many mistakes. Working out the actual casualties with reduced model units was sometimes a pain but I think once you have your list sorted and get used to it it will be fine. The undead were very brittle and I think need a little magic to help them out. There are some nice variations on Lion Rampant and I’m sure you could mix and match stuff with little problem.

On the night I picked up some old GW LOTR Orcs and Gondor types from Lawrence. I think these should paint up pretty quick (if I ever get chance) and I hope to use them for some little ‘imagination’ themed games late in the year.

All in all, a good night and thanks to Karl for pulling it all together and the chaps for a fun game. Looking forward to trying the rules again.


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A Weekend of Rampant CoC! – Part 2

And now we come to the CoC part.

After the excellent day of Lion Rampant, Sunday was spent round at Simon’s house for a game of Chain of Command with LT (Levied Troop, John F). Simon has an excellent little games room where we played some excellent Sharp Practice earlier in the year. I’ve owned CoC since it came out but not had chance to try them yet, despite seeing several demo games at shows and reading many good things about them.

Yet again, Simon had set up an excellent table, with all the nice little touches that really make it look the part.


Now, as this was well over a week ago my memory is getting a little hazy! But, I took the Germans with 3 teams (rifle section, MG42, junior leader with panzerfaust), panzerschreck section, sniper section, unarmed halftrack, senior leader. I was defending a target location which I placed at the far left of the table between the two buildings. Facing me were 4 British teams (rifle, bren and junior officer), mortar section, two senior leaders, a bren carrier (I hate them!) and a Churchill tank.

The patrol phase was a proper cat and mouse affair as I pushed forward taking control of the central buildings and the hedge line north of them (I’m assuming up is north!). This gave me a very forward defence but I hoped to catch the Brits in the open ground and then fall back on the western buildings for a last stand! This was the view from behind my lines.


First chance I brought on a full team in the central (grey) building and set up on the first floor. And as the Brits began to cross the fields and open ground my MG42 and rifle teams started to take their toll.

IMAG4868 IMAG4869

I finally managed to bring another team into play to the north to cover a flanking move across the open ground. The hedges did not block line of site and only provided soft cover.

IMAG4871 IMAG4872

The team crossing to their front was to take terrible losses as they failed to cross the open ground quickly enough!


Despite running from back to front of the building several times my main team in the centre allowed the enemy to cross the ground and take up position in their blind spot.


With support this allowed them to bring fire on my other team holding the road/hedge forcing them to retire


Meanwhile the Brits brought the mortar team into play to lay smoke.

IMAG4876 IMAG4880

As the British carrier and Churchill arrived on table my central strongpoint came under threat I tried to drive off the infantry threatening them.

IMAG4883 IMAG4882 IMAG4877 IMAG4878

As the tank brought the building under fire my team was forced to withdraw as well and despite my best efforts withdrawing back to the last line of defence just wasn’t happening! It was now that the bren carrier made a dash for the victory location!

IMAG4885 IMAG4884 IMAG4888 IMAG4892

I had three junior leaders with sight along the road and two MG42s and NOTHING I did hit or stopped the carrier! I even used my CoC dice to bring the ‘schreck team on and they missed as well!

It eventually got close to the victory location and an MG42 forced one minor pull back but it pushed forward again!


Things were getting desperate. With no troops able to get near I brought on the half track and rammed the thing!


But it was not enough. The carrier team dismounted and victory was theirs!


It was an excellent game and great fun playing LT. The writeup may seem a little vague in CoC terms but the flow felt right. You had to plan properly and time things. I left my troops too vulnerable at the time they needed to pull back and the fast and low carrier was just way too hard to hit!

I really enjoyed it and thanks to Simon for putting on such a great little game and to LT for being a fine opponent.

Now, will CoC work in 6mm…. 🙂


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A Weekend of Rampant CoC! – Part 1

I have just returned from a most excellent weekend of gaming in Newark. Organised by Simon (Goat Major) in celebration of his hitting 50 last month it saw a gathering of ten LAW forum members (Goat Major, Paul, Count Belisarius, Purps, GaryP, Levied Troop,  Buff Orpington, World2Dave, Essex Boy and Norman D Landings) along with Simon’s son George and his friend Louis at the Foundry venue just outside Newark. The plan was for three games of Lion Rampant in the morning each earning glory/points for either the supporters or usurpers of the King! My first game was the tax collector scenario from the Lion Rampant book. Myself and World2Dave sought to grab the taxes before the royal tax collectors (Essex Boy and Buff) got to them first! We each had a 24 point retinue (mine a Normal/Early Crusade one borrowed from Paul) and the setup was this with my retinue bottom right facing Buff.


Dave was facing a sly Essex Boy (is there any other kind?) and would spend most of the day trying to get EB to commit his troops to some (any!) kind of action. But for now, W2D sat and watched his troops advance.IMAG4802

While EB’s valiant troops sought the biggest buildings to hide behind….IMAG4803

And the Church patiently awaited being justly relieved of their wealth….IMAG4804

I sent my first group of sergeants forward with my archers in support.IMAG4805

As did Dave.IMAG4808

Grabbing the first lot of ‘tax’ my sergeants rushed to secure the central high ground.IMAG4809

With Dave rushing to collect tax from the Church.

Having secured the tax we formed schiltron to prepare to receive Buff’s top man who with his men-at-arms rushed to the attack! IMAG4811 IMAG4812

Unfortunately, none of Buff’s other troops were quite so enthusiastic!

My own chaps and Dave’s then spent several turns bouncing off the little group but gradually whittling them down!IMAG4814 IMAG4815

Until finally (and still unsupported!) Buff himself stood there alone and defiant! And in true 300 Spartan style he was deprived a hero’s death as Dave’s archers turned him into a metal clad porcupine!IMAG4816

Meanwhile, on the left EB’s troops shuffled forward doing their best not to get too close to the enemy….IMAG4817

Spurred on by the death of their leader Buff’s other troops finally pushed forward. Apart from his super heavy knights who sat patiently on the baseline. Observing….

My own mounted troops finally rushed forward to charge Buff’s troops on the hill. I had been gradually whittling them down with my archers but finally the dice Gods were favourable and my first unit charged home, scattering the enemy before them.


As Buff’s one archer unit cowered in the stone enclosure with what tax they had captured my victorious unit then rode down his other archer unit and both units then charged up to the walls as the enemy tried to retreat.IMAG4819

Facing no threat from EB’s troops (who had yet to come into contact with, well, anyone…) my own troops began to withdraw.IMAG4820 IMAG4821

There was a brief moment when we thought EB’s troops would make a fight of it but in the end they just grabbed the money and ran (well, shuffled backwards ‘slyly’…) IMAG4822

While Dave’s troops, unable to make any headway against EB’s archers, slowly withdrew, their glorious leader never drawing his sword…IMAG4823

And finally the archer unit was driven from the field and my chaps grabbed even more money! Victory on my side of the table now assured….IMAG4824

And hugely helped by the fact that Buff’s super heavy knights had never budged from the baseline!IMAG4825

We totted up the scores and after some creative accounting EB came out the winner, despite never contacting any enemy and only firing a few arrows. Very sly… 🙂

After a rather pleasant lunch we combined the three tables for a big standoff between the forces of the crown and the just usurpers fighting to bring freedom to the oppressed masses. Six players aside with positions drawn randomly I again found myself with Dave on my left but this time I faced the sly and untrustworthy oppressor of the masses, EB! This was the table at start.


Players were using retinues from a wide variety of eras so we had Wars of the Roses, Vikings, Normans, Moors, Saxons and even Brettonians! IMAG4827 IMAG4828 IMAG4829

It was an excellent looking table and although individual retinues were relatively small the table seemed to brim with figures! At the end the brimming was less obvious…IMAG4830 IMAG4831

As I was only concentrating on my epic battle with EB there will be random shots from elsewhere in the table where I will have no idea what is going on, apart from Buff’s knights in blue who fully made up for their hesitancy in the morning game!IMAG4832 IMAG4833 IMAG4834

So…on to the tale of my valiant troops! My sergeants advanced forcefully towards the central building which was one of the point scoring locations you needed to control. Dave also moved towards this but was threatened by Louis’s forces. All that opposed me was the cowering archers of EB who, too scared to close, just picked off my valiant men!IMAG4835 IMAG4836 IMAG4837

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the table. Pretty things in white…IMAG4838 IMAG4839 IMAG4840 IMAG4841

With EB’s cowardly archers holding back my valiant soldiers I finally pushed forward with my mounted troops, heading straight for the great man himself. Who was accompanied by EB…IMAG4842

My first unit charged home only to be repulsed… No doubt by some cowardly trickery!IMAG4843

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the table, Buff’s Knight’s lack of hesitancy had taken it’s toll!IMAG4844

Dark Age types….IMAG4845 IMAG4846

More of GaryP’s excellent War of the Roses figures which severla people had borrowed.IMAG4847 IMAG4848 IMAG4849 It was at this point that my valiant leader (having boasted of such) challenged the King’s lackey to a duel! And did slay him with such a mighty blow his head was removed!IMAG4850

And the bloodied body trampled by my mighty warhorse! Victory was near but despite the death of their Lord his troops stood firm!IMAG4851

My own archers now advanced to give support…IMAG4852

…while the battle raged across the table. Though fewer figures now seemed to be in evidence…IMAG4853 IMAG4854 IMAG4855

As his men stood firm my mounted troops charged again and again, forcing back the enemy though outnumbered.IMAG4856

And as another unit looked set to break my Lord, his eyesight failing due to the blood of his enemies covering him head to toe, chose to retire from the field to clean his sword and removed bits of the enemy from his armour.IMAG4857

And his valiant troops, feeling no threat from the enemy, chose to retire as well with the archers covering them.IMAG4858

But again, threatened and assaulted from distance they were finally forced to retire too…IMAG4859

And as the objective fell to Louis’s troops…IMAG4860

…my valiant troops left the field, glorying in the death of the enemy Lord, their own Lord’s martial prowess in slaying him, and assured in themselves that EB’s men were too scared again to cross swords with them!IMAG4861

Now it would appear that with the field empty of my troops and EB’s cowardly horde looking on that the enemey had been victorious? Some rumours spread by the enemy might imply that my mounted sergeants and their Lord lost courage (rolled double one) and fled the field, and that my troops witnessing this, ran as well (double one, three and three) but this would be a viscious and cruel rumour spread by the enemy to cover their own cowardice! And that my archers, rather than valiantly covering a withdrawal, actually ran as well (rolled 1,2). This too would be a vile rumour. I trust the reader will take as gospel the more reasonable tale of courage and victory recounted here! History is written by the victor. Or failing that the one with a camera and a blog!

It was an excellent day. Simon is to be congratulated on a great event played out in a most pleasant venue (thanks to Foundry for the facilities) and with a most excellent bunch of chaps! And here are the motley crew!


From the left, EB, Louis, Buff, Simon, NDL, Purps, LT (John), George, Paul, (no Ringo I’m afraid),  Dave, Count B and Gary. As ever with the LAW/Ayton crew the whole weekend was played out in the best spirit and was great fun. Most of us ventured out for a curry on the Saturday night and then a few beers. And on Sunday, LT and myself headed over to Simon’s house for another game. This time Chain of Command. But more on that game soon…


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6mm DPM Tester

I’ve been wanting to paint some infantry to go with the pile of British armour I’m gradually painting/basing but have put it off and off as I couldn’t decide how to paint them. Various people have suggested just painting them green as they would likely be in NBC suits. Others have said that at the scale and distance they would just look green anyway! Various suggestions of a green base coat and dry brushing sand and brown. However I wanted to see how a bit more effort came out. I had a strip of figures painted a plain green and tried stippling sand, brown and black with an old brush but I wasn’t happy with the result.  So, taking a page out of Dave Hall’s book (seek out his excellent 6mm Franco-Prussian armies on his Medetian Wars blog) I took a toothpick and used that to apply the colours. First the figures were primed white, then painted Vallejo Flat Green. Then dabbed Dark Sand on arms legs and helmet, followed by Flat Earth and then a few spots of black at the junction of the sand and brown. Dark grey for gun and olive green for equipment. And Flat Flesh. The Flat Green over the white is quite bright so I applied a Vallejo Umber wash over the lot to tone it down.

dpm01 dpm02 dpm03

Hard to really see with the pictures (poor light and phone camera) but I think they look OK. I rush the dabbing a little but will take more care on the rest to avoid large dabs!

EDIT: And as I forgot to mention and some have asked, they are Heroics and Ros Modern British, New Helmet as my Cold War stuff is aimed at mid-late eighties.


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More Belgians…

A slow month but some progress in filling the gaps in my developing Belgian force. Still quite a few more bits to do but getting there… So these are the new additions:

IMAG4546GepardsIMAG4551Jagdpanzer KanoneIMAG4550M109s with HQ stand. The latter having a rough attempt at a M108 VBCL. It’s OK but was a bit rushed and the added boxes need to be more clearly defined.IMAG4548 IMAG4549And some more M75s to finish off the Reserve battalion and provide transport for engineers along with the HQ stand.IMAG4547And finally, the rear view showing the little Belgian flags they all have! 🙂IMAG4552

More to come…


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A little something to be going on with…

…or something little…

I’ve been trying to sort out my masses of microarmour and actually FINISH some! I have a LOT of British waiting to be based but no infantry. I had done a few Challenger 1s ages ago but the colour scheme is very dark with not much difference in the camo but on the table does it REALLY matter? So I finished basing them and added a command stand from a different batch (hence slightly different colours…)

IMAG4253 IMAG4254Now I have the bases I need I’ll be doing more Brits but I also wanted to get the Belgians finished so… having a LOT of infantry from a trade ages ago that looked like this:

IMAG4252I rebased them all and painted up 10x M75s so I can use these as a reserve unit. I have a few more M75s on order and still need to do some HQs but they are coming out OK:

IMAG4256 IMAG4258 IMAG4257 IMAG4259Still lots to do but good to have started!


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Post Derby Update

Well, the various comments over on TMP re the ‘Derby’ show have been interesting. I hope the organisers don’t take it too much to heart as I think most critisisms were pretty valid and meant constructively. Price of food, noise and atmosphere are, I suppose, very subjective.

Still feeling tired from the excesses of the weekend and with my wife away last night and today in Manchester (and so the added stress of sorting our sometimes less than cooperative kids!) and being full of cold, I decided to take a flexi day and spend some time at home. I had great plans of doing lots of things in the attic but in the end managed the following:

Watched S02E02 of Homeland – getting interesting!

Watched Expendables 2 – very silly…

Confirmed the extras I had ordered from Baccus enable to finish off the units I wanted. I know have enough to do five more battalions, which will be all Altefritzenburgers, once I decide on uniform colours. And standards… I have one units on bottle tops waiting to go though.

While at Derby I picked up a sample sabot base from Martin at Warbases. I had had some steel 15mm discs done by Precision Wargames Supplies to use as bases for my 15mm Splintered Light minis for the TFL Dux Brittanniarum rules. I’ve only got a few painted but will be putting the two starter armies together slowly. The bases are very thin and light so normal depth MDF sabots are just too deep. Martin spent a little time investigating the options and came up with the following:

The actual base is 1.4mm mount board under the normal 2mm MDF with an insert in each round hole to raise it to the level to make the thin steel bases flush. The 3mm hole in the middle is for adding a small magnet to hold the figure in place. The steel bases do not give enough weight to really steady the figure. The magnet will help.

So this gave me the chance to base up what I had painted so far.

I only have one unit of warriors, my leader and four archers. The archers and leaders will be on 20mm bases. I’ve yet to decide if they need a sabot as well.

The main unit is the 6th Century incarnation of my Savage Swans!

The plan is to have nice regular bases for the shieldwall (though I still think they are a little too far apart) and the ‘random’ bases for loose groups and Saxons. When I get round to painting them!

Next up will be more 6mm Imagi units. And hopefully I’ll sort the colour schemes so Ian can paint the other ‘French’ units.


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