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WIP – Savage Swans: the Return…

Well today I took a flexi day. Had wanted a day off since the Christmas/New Year ‘break’ after which I was totally knackered! There was meant to be a big system upgrade at work this weekend so I’d decided that this and next week were out. However, it’s just been put back ’til 18th Feb so I thought I’d grab it now. It’s dropped my flexi to about -16 hours but I should be able to pull it back over the next few week… 🙂

So, what was the plan for the day? After dropping kids at school I spent a bit of time tidying up the attic. It still doesn’t look like it but a lot of stuff is now in drawers and I have some space on my desk/painting table. May will see the next Ayton game for which I have great plans (see the Painting Master Plan to the right). I’d hoped to start before Christmas to try and avoid the rush to finish in May but there was too much on and I only managed to spray undercoat a good batch of figures. So today I thought I’d at least make a start.

First up are two small batches to add to what I already have. We have the next contingent of ‘Native’ warriors from the Colonies, under the command of JaegerMeister Hans Gretal of the Altefritzenburg Jaeger Korp. After their outstanding performance in last years game I have high hopes for this larger force. Along side them are the second squadron of the Legion Uhlans. The initial squadron was just not meaty enough to deal with Old School size units so I’m doubling it to 12 figures and will include an office and standard bearer.


All figures are RSM. I’m hoping to get these done by the weekend and then start on the first of the Ottomans. I want at least one unit done, then will start the artillery for the Legion, then return to the Ottoman cavalry.

I’m not sure yet if the painting is up to the last lot. I’d painted a good few 28mm before I got to the Uhlans so my ‘eye’ was in. These are the first 28mm I’ve painted since last May so we’ll just have to see.

And most worryingly, the mystery Ral Partha green paint is getting close to unusable so I’ll need to prioritise units that will use it.

Anyway, nice to be back painting.

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FUBAR – VonDon Corp. – complete

Well, after a few grabbed sessions over the last few days I’ve finally finished (for now) my VonDon Corp. contingent for FUBAR. This gives me enough for a viable little game so all I need now is some opposition, of which more anon. On to the Swans in Space…

The whole contingent looks like this:

I’ve added the Command Team with (from right cockwise), Cpt Lamm, medic, ATGW team, Lt. Schneider:

The contingent can still call on the heavy weapons if needed:

The Recon Team, with their Combat Walkers and prototype power armour:

There are 4 teams, each with their own IFV. Yellow Team:

White Team:

Red Team:

Blue Team are the rapid response team, either in their ARV (Airmobile Recon Vehicle):

Which enables team to deploy with support from the ARV HMG:

Or with their standard IFV:

Any of the Teams can be deployed further afield with the OSTV (Orbit-Surface Transport Vessel):


And yes, it is Starbug!

So there we are. Enought to be going on with. I have a small EarthGov monitoring team nearly done and have planned out the colonists and a rival corporation. And I have some Dark Realm Miniatures coming as well.

That will do for now…


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Von Don Corp. – new recruits

Finally added a few more troops to the Sikarra contingent of the Savage Swans. The full contingent now looks like this:

I’ve added the Scout Squad with their HPW – Heavy Personnel Walker.

In my original C18th forces the scouts were Native Americans so I’ve tried to retain this link by adding ‘warpaint’ to their helmets.

I’ve also added a heavy support AFV:

And an ARV – Airmobile Recon Vehicle:

And for all of them I’ve added a little static grass to the bases to give a little contrast, including the original batch of figures:

I’ve got a few more to do and then on to some opposition.

In the meantime I’ve finished of the other M48s for the IDF. I’m still waiting on some matching sand so I can base to fit in with what I have. I’ve got about five little pots of sand and none of them match!

More to follow…

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Swans in Space! – VonDon Corp.

As I haven’t got enough projects on the (what I laughably like to call) go at the moment I thought I would add one more! My Syrians are on hold until I can grab some GHQ/CinC stuff (maybe at Derby) and I still have a lot of Russians to finish off but I’ve been following with interest Michael at Angel Barracks and his foray into 6mm SF skirmish. He’s using the FUBAR one page rules (available here) and has even set up a forum to chronicle the project and entice others to start similar (which a few have).

So it was inevitable I would succumb!

I’ve had a few Ground Zero Games Dirtside models for a while that I picked up at Gateshead Gaming. I’d originally thought I’d use them for Future War Commander but I can’t really face doing full armies. I could try FWC skirmish (and may at some point) but FUBAR look interesting (and maybe even Tomorrow’s War when it arrives) and it keeps the project to a manageable scale. I’d also picked up some Adler SF at Derby last year and the figures are really nice. Not sure how they will scale with other ranges yet that I might try.

Anyway, here is the start:

VonDon Corp. – Security Arm

The security arm of VonDon Corp. have a long and valiant history stretching back to the 18th Century where as Von Donovan’s Legion, the ‘Savage Swans’  theY fought throughout the Colonies and Old Europe and set the foundation of the commercial empire that was to become VonDon Corporation.

Now, as the Security Arm of the Corporation they protect investments and workers on far off planets and help secure the future both of VonDon Corp. and EarthGov. Fully equipped with the latest weapons technology they have begun their next mission to bring stability to the sand planet Sikarra. Resource rich and home to the latest experiments in terraforming, Sikarra has been facing terrorist attacks, believed to be from hard line elements of the original colonists who do not want to see the planet terraformed and stripped of resources.

Finding the enemy in the vast desert wastes will not be easy and the first patrols are being prepared:

The MBT and advanced Scout Walker with command APC in the background:

Red Section with APC and Walker:

Four of the five man team move out, Sergeant Lamm pointing the way:

I wanted to keep the same rough colour scheme I used for my C18th chaps so have stuck with green and buff. The section have a red mark on one side of the helmet to match the red mark on the APC. Higher ranking officers etc. may be shown by differing helmet colours. Not sure yet as early days. I’ve got about another 15-20 vehicles and assorted figures so that will do me for the Swans. I then need to put together some opposition for them.

I went for a desert type theme for this as I need to put together some scenery for my Arab Israeli War stuff and I figure I could re-use a lot of this! I’ve got assorted SF buildings as well which I can use. I do like the Adler models as well and although the vehicles are BIG I think they may work for use in desert.

I also tried a slightly different painting approach. Rather then black undercoat I went for white, base colours, then sepia wash, and a light sand drybrush.

Anyway, more to come as and when…

NB. First pic not 6mm 🙂


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Having a gander at the swan…

OK. Just because a few people mentioned this at the Ayton Weekend game, here’s how I did the swan mascot, Ganymede.

After trawling the web and childrens toy suppliers I found that no one, anywhere, seems to do swans in 28mm. I could possibly have got some nice sedate floating on water ones but that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted an attack swan!

So after posting on TMP, Nic Robson at Eureka came to my rescue and sent me several of his 40mm geese from the And One for All range. So this is what I started with:

I figured that chap on the right had the right sort of dynamic pose I was looking for, so first was a bit of careful filing on the head to make it less goose-like. Then I cut the neck at roughly the mid point and used a pin drill to drill a hole in the centre of each side. Having failed to find some suitable wire I ended up with a straightened paperclip to extend the neck to what I judged to be the right length. A bit of green stuff wrapped round the wire and shaped, and a little over the back where the wings attached gave me this:

And finally a paint job and handler (a spare RSM Austrian artillery officer) gave me the finished product.


I was quite pleased with it and he did great service as the Legion mascot in the great victory over Granprix! And thanks again to Nic for providing the figures.

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Cry “Havoc!” And let slip the swans of war!

Just about to depart for the big WD3 ImagiNation game in Ayton. Managed to grab some quick pics of the force I’m taking. Will fill in details later as my lift is due any moment!

Die Alte Giezerer Altefritzenburg:


The Legion Dismounted Dragoons:


The valiant Legion Uhlan Squadron:


Captain Georg Heinrich Ewald and his loyal native war party:


The Legion Grenadier Company and battalion gun:


The Legion Musketeers – the core of the Savage Swans:


Lead by Count Vladimir Belisarius and his trusty dog, Justinian:

The Legion standard:

All ably lead by Oberstgeneral  Seamus Gunter von Donovan (center):

And his trusty Aide de Camp, Major ‘Huff’ Huffington-Mainwaring, late of His Majesty’s Britannic Army:

The finally, the Legion mascot, Ganymede the Swan, with his handler, Sargeant Hans Veppers:


And all of the above in the service of the Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg under Otto Fritz von Hesseburg:

Will try and post pics over the weekend….

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Eine Schar von Schwänen – 7 Roll out the rest!

Really needed to get these done so as I was on the home run having finished the officers etc. I just wanted to push on. As ever, those last little details seem to take forever and it’s been three long sessions to get them all done. They still need varnishing and basing but that is forty figures done! Quite pleased really as even if I paint no more I’ve at least got a unit for the game! 🙂

Some pics…


I’ll add the details later re paints etc. but it’s late, I’m tired and I want to go to bed!

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Eine Schar von Schwänen – 6 Bits and Pieces and roll out the officers

Well, I started tonight with good intentions of working steadily through the Forty with a Zen like determination. Having done bits of musket and scabbard I bottled it and pulled out the drummers, officers, ensigns and the NCO and finished them off. As ever it took longer than planned!

  • Musket: Vallejo Leather Brown with Flat Earth highlight
  • Scabbard: Red Leather

On the officers etc.

  • Hair: Vallejo Leather Brown with Flat Earth Highlight
  • Drum: Gold/Black mix then Gold on top, Flat Red, White
  • Cockade etc. the same greens as the smalls

Heres the main batch for completeness sake:


And here are the completed officers etc.


I’m not 100% happy with the faces but overall they’ll do. With a bit of luck and a good push I should finish the main lot tomorrow night and then look the base some/all of them.

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Eine Schar von Schwänen – 5 Straps and stuff

After a couple of rough nights with the kids it was a struggle to get going tonight. Wasn’t helped by having been to a friends 40th in the afternoon and having a few beers! Either way, cracked on and finished the straps, touched up all the black areas that needed it, and highlighted the leggings:

  • straps: Vallejo Sky Grey with white main coat
  • leggings: highlight with Vallejo Dark Sea Grey

Here’s the pics:


I’m now in a bit of a dilemma. Although there are quite a few fiddly bits left to do the officers, drummers and ensigns are pretty close to done. I even highlighted the tricorns on these while I had the dark grey out. Now I’m tempted to pull these seven figures out and finish them off entirely before moving on to the main batch. But I’m worried this will break the flow of finishing The Forty! 🙂

And I still don’t know for sure how I’m going to base the officers etc.!

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Eine Schar von Schwänen – 4 Small Clothes

These took a lot longer than planned 🙂 Been quite tired at night and not managing the long sessions I hoped for. Anyway, finished them last night and managed a couple of quick pics this afternoon.
base coat – Vallejo Bronze Green
main coat – the mystery ancient Ral Partha green!
highlight – Vallejo Light Green
I didn’t use as much of the Ral Partha green as I thought so I should have enough to do the rest of the unit. Here’s the pics:

Once I get the straps and the highlights on the leggings I’ll feel I’m on the home run.

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