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Eine Schar von Schwänen – 3 Jackets

I decided to take the day off work today to try and have a bit of a blitz. As ever with these things, the ‘blitz’ also involved getting three loads of the kids clothes washed, hung out and dried! So, I made reasonable progress but not as much as I’ve have liked.

The jackets are probably the largest areas to paint:

  • base coat: Vallejo Model Color Khaki Grey
  • main coat: Vallejo Model Color Buff
  • higlight: Vallejo Pale Sand

I decide to do the drummers in the standard coats rather than reverse colours. Partly because it’s a fantasy unit so I can do what I want, but mostly because I painted them before I realised! 🙂


Next up is the small clothes. I’m hoping these will go quite quickly. It’s going to be all the little bits that take the time though!

Also, I can’t decide whether to do a closeup show of a single figure during the rest of the stages?

More soon…

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Eine Schar von Schwänen – 2 Flesh

The flesh went on surprisingly quickly. Base coat of Vallejo Flat Flesh. Heavy’ish wash of Games Workshop Ogryn Flesh. Then highlight with the Flat Flesh again. Moustaches will go on at the end when I do the hair.


I started the base coat of the jackets tonight and it is going really slow. I’ve also got a bad neck at the moment which is not helping sitting painting for an hour plus. I’m contemplating taking a day off work this week or maybe early next and have an eight hour session to really break the back of them (or me!).

And soon I need to start thinking about flags!

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Eine Schar von Schwänen – 1

Ok, I’ve got a lot to paint so I’m going to try and do regular updates here as I crack on with the Savage Swans! I still have three musketeers and an NCO I need for the main unit but these are en route from the States. So here is the main batch all primed and ready to go:

Forty figures including 12 Grenadiers. I have the 12 grenzers primed as well but I’m not sure yet on the colours for these so priority has got to be the main unit.

As I do them I shall try and note what I’ve done at each stage and what colours were used. I just hope my Ral Partha green lasts!

And I must apologise to the two or three people who’s comments hadn’t been published. They had been categorised as SPAM and I’d only just noticed!

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Die Erste Kompanie, Die wilder Schwäne

Ok, It’s taken me longer to finish the first part of the unit than planned and does make getting the rest of them done in the next four weeks rather tight! However, here is the first of four Kompanies of the Savage Swans:

I’ve still got two more companies of 12 of musketeers, 12 grenadiers ,12 grenzers and 6 dragoons. And, if they arrive in time, a 3lb gun and crew and something suitable from the Colonies 🙂

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ein wilder Schwan

For the upcoming WD3 Imagi-Nation game I am painting up my ‘Savage Swans’ (see earlier posts). Although I’ve got twelve figures ready to go I had a chance to escape the kids for an hour this afternoon and decided to just finish one figure to see if I was happy with the look. The figure is an RSM Austrian Musketeer:

Overall I’m quite happy with it. Main revelation for me was that I’ve decided I just cannot paint eyes! Although I managed them on some WW2 28mm I did a while back, the casting is much more prominent on Black Tree Design, the RSM being more in proportion. I tried. But my eyes just can’t cope with their eyes!

I’ve gone with green for the turnbacks, smalls and trousers. I MAY vary each company for one of those but I’m not sure yet. All paints are Vallejo, bar the main green. This is an old Ral Partha green from their AD&D range. I have about a third of a pot left. It is my favourite green! I haven’t found one to match it yet and I’m just hoping there’s enough to do all the Swans!

Anyway, a start has been made!

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‘Savage Swans’ return from the Colonies!

After four years in the Colonies in the service of a foreign king the valiant soldiers of Von Donovan’s Legion begin their return to the the service of the Burgrave. Called back with their brave leader Seamus Gunter von Donovan to prepare for the coming campaigns in the Spring they must now adapt to the traditional rules and regulations of the troops of the Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg. While in the Colonies they adapted their uniforms and tactics to cope with fighting a Rebel army that did not adhere to the Rules of War. Now, back home they must return to the traditional ways.

The first stage will be a new uniform, cut in the traditional styles. The Burgrave, wanting his troops to excel in the coming campaigns has commissioned several styles from the local suppliers but has yet to make a final decision. There are four styles in the traditional colours of the Legion:


As the first battalion of the Legion and it’s accompanying squadron of Dragoons are now in barracks, the decision must be made soon so that the uniforms are ready for the campaign season. The Oberstgeneral and the Burgraviate will be consulting their advisors over the next few days to aid in the decision process.

From left to right:

  • Green jackets and buff waistcoat with black facings and white turnbacks – the traditional uniform of the legion
  • Buff jackets and waistcoat, green facings and white turnbacks – rumoured to be the favoured choice of the Burgrave
  • White jackets and waistcoat, green facings and green turnbacks – opposed by Council leaders as too ‘Gallic’
  • Green jacket and buff waistcoat, red facings and white turnbacks – the introduction of red as an acknowledgement of the troops they had served alongside in the Colonies.

The decision is to be made by the next Council meeting in five days time.

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Savage Swans…

This is the first post as I start to prepare the units for the WD3 Imagi-Nation game next April. As a starting point I plan to do a unit loosely modeled on the AWI British Legion but under the command of Oberstleutnant Seamus Gunter von Donovan, an Irish type adventurer in service with a Germanic type State. Generally known as Donovan’s Legion they have cultivated the sobriquet ‘The Savage Swans’. The plan being eventually to have a combined force of infantry, cavalry, artillery and skirmishers. 

However to start I have the following miniatures from RSM:


Which given my current painting rate will be plenty to get done by April! Apart from the trauma of adapting my painting style to 28/30mm I first need to decide on the uniform. Using templates from the Not by Appointment blog I’ve come up with some initial ideas.

This first is close to the British Legion in colour (I’ll not be going for Tarleton helmet). Trousers and waistcoat probably variations on buff, brown and white to give some variety.

The second option is more French/Austrian in origin with a white/offwhite coat and green facings etc. The white option possibly being more in keeping withe the ‘Savage Swans’?

And finally a buff and green, again influenced by the AWI and Lee’s Legion.
I don’t really want to paint up samples with the RSM as I have no spares. I suppose I could try and few on spare 15mm figures as I have no shortage of them! Anyway, there we have a start. Comments gratefully received.
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