May 232016
An unexpected birthday present!

As part of the various purchases and trades that took place at Partizan betwixt myself, Essex Boy and Goat Major, I acquired all their surplus/leftover 10mm Pendraken League of Augsburg figures. This is a lovely range with some very nice sculpts and are amongst the ranges I’ve always fancied trying. Recent chat with EB about a Read more…

Whitley Bay 3D Gamers Evening

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Feb 172016
Whitley Bay 3D Gamers Evening

Although failing in a lot of my New Year aims I did want to try and make it to the Tuesday WB3D Gamers sessions once a month and so far I’ve managed that! Last night was a session with a VERY good turn out. Eight games on and 26 attendees. Games ranged from Bolt Action, Read more…