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WIP – Just a few more waffer thin T-80s!

I had planned to move onto something different for a week or two just to give myself a break  from the micro armour so I don’t burn out. But having taken delivery of the large batch of T-64s et al I was quite taken with the camo pattern on a batch T-80Us so fancied basing them up and also doing another batch of D-30s. This time mounted correctly!

The base models came nicely packaged and neatly painted with a sand based camo with darker brown and black patterns:


I did my usual Vallejo Sepia Wash but using the brush to lift as much as possible off the main areas so as not to darken the model too much. Then Pale Sand highlight, gel pen for markings and a mid brown for mud etc.  Usual basing.

T-80Us – new

I used the BTR-80 command vehicle to go with the tenth model for the HQ:

T-80U HQ

And here is the lot along with the D30s:

T-80Us and D-30s

The D-30s form another battery and this lot are mounted on the stands correctly. I do understand that the 120 degree mount allows all round firing but in a deployed position I think they would always choose the optimum setup:


I quite enjoyed doing these – suppose I’m getting used to them! Next up are some 15mm Roman-British for Dux.


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WIP – Even more Soviets!

You can never have too many!

Finally finished off the basing of my T-80s and BMP-2s along with the support carriers and HQ bases for the latter, and the final HQ for the T-80s using a spare model from the recent mass of lead acquired!

BMP-2s and T-80s with HQs
The three BMP-2 battalions with HQs
Three battalions of T-80s. Three different models. Front row H&R. Rest are Scotia
T-80 HQ
T-80 HQ
T-80 HQ but with a BMP-2 so it could double up
All the BMP-2s are Heroics and Ros. Nice little models
The lovely little H&R T-80 ERA
You can’t beat a lot of Russian tanks!

I’m quite pleased to get this lot done. It means I can finally fill in some more red boxes on the Painting Master Plan. I still have the infantry to do for these and more artillery assets. And the T-64s. And the various river crossing units… But I think I may paint something different next as I feel I need a change to avoid burnout!



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WIP – More Soviets – a few reinforcements…

Do I have enough Russian yet? To be honest, yes. But that doesn’t stop me getting more! A few posts on TMP about my recent updates led to the idea of getting of getting a few T-64BVs. T-64s of any kind are lacking in my current forces. I’d ordered a few of the Heroics and Ros model which is rather nice, then I was offered some Scotia by one slugbalancer on TMP. Who with evil intent also sent me a list of other models he was looking to part with. So I ended up getting a few more! 🙂

POL trailer 2
URAL 375 Tanker 1
MDK 2M rotary excavator 2
Bridge – MT-55 2
MT-55 2
MT-55 with bridge 2
PMP deployed 1
PMP Lorries – centre sections 2
PMP Lorries – ramp sections 2
TMM bridges 4
TMM bridging lorries 4
GAZ 66b Airportable 4
T-55 with dozer 4
T-55 with KMT 4
T-62M 14
T-80 11
T-64BV 21
BMP-3 10
BTR-80 command 1
BTR-80A 10
T-80U 10


Here’s the main batch of AFVs:

The main lot!

I have to admit I am particularly impressed with the Scotia T-64BV. I’d seen a pic on the 6mm Wargaming site and the casting looked a little rough but these look to be early castings when the mould was maybe better? Either way, very neat!

Scotia T64BVs – a lovely little model

At the last minute I caved in and added some BMP-3s, BTR-80s and T-80Us to my purchase. This does push the time frame for my Russians a little later but I’m glad I got those. Nice little models with a nice camo scheme. May use them for an elite little strike force!


One of the plans for my forces is to add to the support/engineering elements and this was a chance to get more bridging/ferry equipment:

Bridging assets
Bridging assets

With what I already have this should give me plenty! I may try and sort these over the next week as Skytrex still have a 20% off sale so it would make sense to buy any extras from them now.

Apart from the late kit they are all painted in a nice dark green. I think I’ll be able to get away without adding a wash and just a heavy dry brush with my usual Russian Green followed by lighter coats and highlights. The full camo kit will maybe get a thin sepia wash and a pale sand highlight.

I have to say that these arrived VERY well packaged. The turrets on most were loose and had been packaged separately to protect the barrels and MGs. This worked VERY well and of the whole package I only had one damaged barrel. Which was one of the attached ones.

Very well packaged turrets!

I have to admit, I am really pleased with this lot and look forward to basing them up and adding them to my forces!


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WIP – More Soviets – 2

And so we have more! Spent a little time over the last few nights finishing off the extras I needed for the three BTR-70 battalions. Did another full unit plus the extras for all to carry the support elements. And the HQs

Three battalions of BTR-70s

I’ve been quite pleased with these. A nice model from Heroics and Ros that paints up well.


Needed to do the three HQ stands as well. Basically just went for another BTR and some sort of command/support vehicle and a couple of figures.


I have a load of infantry and other support elements waiting to be done but started on a mortar stand.


And here are the HQs.

First battalion HQ
Second battalion HQ
Third battalion HQ

Back in the last post I had done a single base of 122mms with the transport on a 40x40mm bases. Have now completed the other two stands. I may still do some sort of artillery ‘HQ’ as well.

D30 batteries
D30 batteries

Next up are the BMP-2s. I have the three battalions done but with basing needing finishing but needed the support carriers and the HQs. These are ready to go next.

HQ and Support BMPs

And this is the pile of support kit I still need to do!

Still not done…

I also took the chance to finish off some trees I’d based up a while back. All are from Timecast. They were soaked in thinned PVA first, then drill and superglue in the hole. Usual basing method followed. I still have about another 40+ trees to do. You can never have too many!

More trees…

All in all, not bad progress. I have managed to acquire a load of T-64BVs which will form the tank battalions for the BMPs and BTRs. I also managed to get a load more bridging/ferry kit so I think that will be on the table soon once I decide how I’m going to base them!



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Going off the rails… well, on them actually!

After a chance conversation with Jason from the North Shields club about railways for 1/300th games he said he had picked up a pack of the Hornby Track Planning Symbols for use in a planned game. I’ve not really had chance to talk to him properly since so I don’t know how far he has progressed but I liked the idea and grabbed a pack on eBay. They are 1/4 OO/HO scale so as close to 1/300th as you are likely to get! You get a reasonable selection of straights (enough for 3-4ft) but you also get LOTS of curves and points. And as this is for model railway planning, you  get curves for doing twin tracks and fancy crossovers.

On a visit to Timecast I was talking to Mark and Barry about any plans for doing track rather than using actual model railway track which is a tad too big. The issue is always how much you do. You need straights, points and curves. But if you do curves, what radius? And do you allow for double track? And curved points? So this Hornby stuff seemed a good idea. They also said they had looked at this as well for some models but had found it really difficult to glue…to anything. Something about the type of plastic being glue resistant!

Now I bought the pack months ago and as with many projects it has sat on the side waiting. However, at SMOGGYCON last weekend Martin at Warbases has a little bargain box so I picked up a pack of 132mm lengths of MDF which I thought would be ideal for the track. And today I found a little time to make a section up.

I just lathered on UHU glue and let it dry fully, trimmed the ends, and then used Vallejo White Pumice to texture the rest of the base. Sprayed with mid brown an then painted and dry brushed the lot.

You can get an idea of what the basic track looks like below. The only slight issue is that some/most pieces have a code number on them. I may try and trim some of these off but on the test piece I left them on and then painted that bit black. I also used one of the very short track sections in the middle and that makes it look a little uneven.

Overall, assuming the glue thing doesn’t kick in, I’m quite happy with it. Future one’s I’ll texture to make the raised track bed more prominent. And I want to move to some double track, maybe mostly curved. Martin at Warbases has said he can cut curved bases to size so if I can work up some templates that should be good to go. The lots of interesting points etc. will allow some nice rail yards to be made up, I hope.

Still, as with all projects, lots more to do!

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Syrians and basing woes…

Have finally finished another Syrian unit and couple of HQ units. Have still to finalise a proper list to work to and add to the Painting Master Plan.

So, here are the chaps so far:

I finally finished off the Skytrex T-55s  by adding the HQ stand.


Next up was some GHQ BTR80PBs. These are lovely crisp little models and were a joy to paint. I went with the same basic sand on green pattern as above but will be doing some with the grey later.

The infantry are GHQ Soviets. They’ve come out a little dark and I may do the next lot differently. And the basing went wrong – see below.

 HQ stand, again with GHQ Soviet Infantry

I fear my basing mojo has deserted me. I knew I wanted to use the sand with crushed shells mix as is to speed up basing. I had done this with a few M48s (below) and was happy with it. However, when I came to do the T-55s I had forgotten that on the M48s I’d painted the base mid-brown first. So on the T-55s the various dark patches from the painting process showed through and made the whole lot darker. When I came to do the infantry I knew I had to paint the figure bases and I chose Vallejo Desert Yellow as I thought this would blend with the sand. As I knew I had to paint the bases anyway I just used this for the whole base as well. It was lighter than the mid-brown I use and consequently when the sand was applied that came out very light as well! It was a noticeable difference so I applied a thinned Sepia Wash to it and that has gone too dark. Not horrendously so but enough to be annoying!

The plus point is that the light colour will work really well for my WW2 Western Desert! I also decided that I like the dark brown edges from the MDF laser cutting. So I’m going to leave them as is. And I found that Vallejo German Camo. Black Brown is a good match when applied to existing bases!

All a bit frustrating really as I like to have a uniform look to them all but I suppose the ground colour is different in different parts of the Golan!

I’ve just acquired a few GHQ Italians at roughly half price on eBay so now have a good size force for my Western Desert project for next year.

Next up is some support weapon types, some AA assets and then some T-62s. And a CO stand. Then I should have enough for a wee game!

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October Update 4 – Size matters….

This post is mostly about the first few Syrians I’ve finished, a few issues re basing and my quandary over using GHQ or not!

First up, Syrians. I’ll be expanding the Syrian part of my updated Painting Master Plan soon but to start I went for a batch of T-55s. These are Skytrex models and I’ll be discussing the choice more below but here they are anyway:


I did a little Googling around camouflage and as far as I can see pretty well anything goes! Vehicles supplied in original Russian Green and then painted by each unit. Although the light sand and light grey patterns were preferred a unit could just have sand stripes, blotches, big stripes and with the grey sometimes added as well. And some vehicles stayed in the Russian Green! So plenty of variety possible. These are painted White, then Russian Green, then Pale Sand patches applied, then Sepia Wash, then Pale Sand highlight – all Vallejo Model Color. I then added a three letter arabic number and white stripe and a couple of coloured markings on the front. Just enough to give a little contrast.

As my IDF were bought based with ‘real’ sand I quite liked the look so decided to stick with it. And also because I don’t want to re-base the IDF! I’d done some sample IDF of my own to compare with an M3 AA:

But I’d forgotten that for these I’d painted the bases light brown first. The edges were left a plain MDF and sanded a little to smarten up. When I did the Syrians I forgot that the sand would not cover the green and brown splodges all over the base from the painting process – I stick them to their base to paint. This meant that the sand came out a little darker and also the splodges showed through a little even with two layers of sand. Not a disaster but annoying. I also left the new bases with their laser cut burnt brown edges.

I don’t want to have to sand all the edges off but I’m not sure whether to leave them like that, do the IDF a similar colour, or paint ALL the bases a consistent mid/light brown? We shall see.

Now, on to the GHQ quandary. I’ve touched on this before but to recap, pretty well all the IDF I bought are GHQ and very nice models they are too. Now my experience with the few GHQ I’ve had for my other Moderns is that they are noticeably bigger than other 1/300th ranges (as you would expect 1/285th to be) but when I compare the GHQ T-55 with the Skytrex ones there was negligible difference and for the difference in price the Skytrex model is simple but quite nice.

I’ve compare other models. The GHQ T-62A versus the Skytrex T-62:


My understanding is that the GHQ models is considered too long anyway but there is not a lot of difference. I also compared a GHQ BTR-60PB and an Heroics and Ros BTR-70:

Now I have compare a GHQ T-80 ERA with an H&R similar and the GHQ is way bigger. So, is it all down to which models you compare? Is there a variation in the accuracy of the scale of some GHQ models?

Having finally taken the plunge for some GHQ I am very impressed with the quality of the sculpts and the casting. Excellent detail. No flash. But are they worth the extra? In a lot of ways I think yes. But where I’m going to need a LOT of T-55s and T-62s I will be going the Skytrex route!

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1/300 Terrain WIP

Over the last few weeks (months?) I’ve been slowly trying to build up my terrain for my modern (and soon to be WW2) micro armour games. I’ve yet to tackle buildings but have made up some roads, hedges, woods and pylons. Felt it was time to get a few pics up while I work on the rest of the woods and pylons.


The cloth is a Games Workshop Battlemat. The roads are from magnetic backed foam and details of the hedges can be found here. The woods are mostly from Timecast (bar the tall ones which are some German model railway make!) are just on brown felt which as a bit of flock PVA’d to it. The piece of MDF at the front is just meant to represent very low hills The pylons are from Najewitz Modellbau and made from a sort of very thin MDF laser cut. They are a little fiddly to make up and if you look close you will see that, but from normal table distance once painted they look good. I’ve got about another ten to make so lets see those bloody Apache helicopters negotiate my battlefields at low level!


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Desert Basing – Syrians…

Since I picked up the 6mm Israeli force a few weeks ago I’ve been looking at putting together some opposition. I’d originally thought to do Egyptians but after some initial reading I’ve decided to go for Syrians. The initial plan was to go for GHQ/CinC to match the ‘scale’ of the IDF I have but the cost of the models, and given I need a reasonable amount of them really precludes this.

Next option is to use all the left over Soviet kit I have but most of that is 80s rather than early 70s. I did pick up a batch of stuff off eBay a few weeks ago which had some T54/T55s and what I thought were BTR-60s. I decided to paint a few of these for Syrian use and only as I based them did I realise they were BTR-70s! So I’ve based one up anyway to try out some colours:

Start with PVA and a mix of Woodland Scenic fine and medium ballast. I try and use DecoArt Acrylic paints for basing as I can get big tubes quite cheaply so these were done with Country Maple base. Dry brush with Tan, then highlight with Antique White. I tried painting a few of the larger ballast pieces to show rocks bu I think I need some of the Coarse ballast in to make them stand out. And then add a few tufts…
The Israelis have just been done with plain sand. No painting or grass. I can’t decide whether to follow that or eventually rebase…lot of work though.
Anyway, one sample done. May try others as I’ve been trawling the web/blogs for other styles. And I may just have to order some suitable models anyway 🙂
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I’ll name that tank in… Episode 2 – ANSWERED

Well I think so! Thanks to comments here and over on the Cold War Commander forums I think I’m going to go with the Israeli Tiran 6 – a modified T-62 likely captured from Syria.


Although I’ll likely paint these up for my IDF they are unlikely to see action as really should be post Yom Kippur and mainly reserve brigades.

I’ll post a couple of relevent pics later as I’m at work at the moment and the google image location site is block!!!

[Pictures Added 13th June 2011]

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