Sep 292016
Yep! Still rebasing!!

Been rather busy of late so not much progress but I thought another update was due. I actually completed some more basing a few weeks ago but haven’t got round to posting it. Some more generic Union and at the back some Berdan’s Sharpshooters.  There are still a lot to finish painting the bases on Read more…

Sep 072016

What a long and tedious job re-basing is… I can’t base the last few infantry stands as the new bases I have are ever so slightly too big. This is being corrected. But I have finally got everything off old bases and onto new. And the ballast/PVA mix applied. I’ve gone for three crew for Read more…

I hate re-basing!

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Aug 312016
I hate re-basing!

I continually agonise over basing. Partly because I get some sort of perverse pleasure out of it and partly because I HATE re-basing! And for some reason I can’t cope with a basing convention that doesn’t let me have my troops marching down a road! As I’ve been dabbling in Fire and Fury again I’ve Read more…

Fire and Fury in the attic – Part 1

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Jul 232016
Fire and Fury in the attic - Part 1

First a little background. I’ve wanted to set up a game at home for quite a long time but getting my game top clear has proved a problem. As well as deciding WHAT to play. Usually the delay in the latter results in the former getting cluttered again and then months pass by. Again… This Read more…